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on 12 April 2002
What can I say?This game is higly addictive and brilliant.A choice of 8 different racers(Mario,Luigi,Yoshi,Peach,Toad,Donkey Kong,Bowser and Wario)who all race differently give plenty of Character choice.There are 16 tracks you can play when you first get the game.Then you unlock 4 more and then anther 4 and another and another and another and finally 4 more.Basically,there are 40 tracks in total and you have to unlock 24 of them!Also 20 of those 24 secret tracks are the exact same 20 tracks from the old SNES game.With 3 different engine types,3 different game modes,40 different tracks and 8 different characters,this game takes a while.Also the graphics are good and I think it is the most colourful game ever on the GBA.I think this should be everyones 1st GBA game.
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on 31 January 2016
Works great apart from the fact it doesn't save? Maybe the internal battery needs replacing...
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on 18 November 2015
Great game
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on 26 June 2017
Good game to pass some time.
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on 7 August 2004
if there is one racing game you are going to buy for the gba, make sure it is this one. Addictive, fast flowing and a game you will still be playing six months after youv'e bought the game. Trust me. I still am. You won't rest till you have set an unbeatable time on rainbow road. About the game... where do you start. You can play as 8 classic nintendo characters ( mario, luigi, peach, toad, yoshi, wario, bowser and dk) and race them around brand new tracks or classic snes tracks. All the old pickups are here including the unbeatable blue shell. You will have hours of fun in single player mode but where the game really comes to life is in multiplayer mode. Get a mate round and the days will fly by. Its even got the rare ability of a single pack link. And now... cause its been out for such a a long time you can get it really cheap. Buy now!!!!!
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on 27 January 2002
When I played it on the snes, I thought it was amazing. When I played on the N64 I could not believe how they managed to make an excellent game better. Now they have made it even better!
Mario Kart Advance allows you to play one of the best racing games anywhere. You can play as all the characters from the N64 version, each one having there own special abilities, and the graphics are just like that of its N64 counter part (even thought the console is only 32 bit). The controls are very easy and comfortable, A is accelerate, B is brake, L is to fire weapon and R is to jump. The makers have also manage to encorpurate all the weapons from the orignal (fast mushrum, invincible star, homing red shell etc) which all add together to give this game some really good action and game play. Plus the best feature of the game must be the inclusion of all the original race courses from the Super Nintendo version. Infact, the only thing that would have been better would have been the inclusion of the levels from the N64 version.
Apart from this, Mario Kart Super Circuit is one of the best games on the Gameboy Advance and demands attention from every GBA owner, even the ones who are not big racing fans. I do not hesitate in giving this game 5 Stars.
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on 15 October 2006
Another Mario game. This time a remake of a 64 and NES classic. This is really good game . To start with you have three modes, quick run a quick race on a ny track to warm up, Time Trial to break indignented records, and GP which is going into the cups and competing with the other racers.The racers are Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, toad, Peach, Donkey, Kong, and Wario.Obviously they all havce different abilities like faster accellaration, to weight to bash cars out of the way. Also you get item boxes with different weapons like bananas, classic blue shells, red shells, green shells lightning and Boo. on the game there are unlockable bonus tracks as well if you collect 100 coins on star cup to get to the bonus ones. There are also different types of speed 50cc,100cc and 150cc. Overall this is just a remake of a classic spruced up with better graphics and portablity. So get this its really cool and good say for long journeys in the car, ferry, or train. This has also been made out on the DS in another Remake that is very good too and better.
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on 27 April 2004
This game is spot on. This was my favourite game years ago on the snes andwas the reason why I bought a GBA and a gamecube.
This version has the same feel of the original it's all there includingthe time trial mode (which is good to play when you and your mates havegot back from the pub and are waiting for the takeaway to arrive!)
The graphics are clear and movement is smooth, there is no pop up as allthe backgrounds are kept close to the original. The sound is all therewith little bits of speech from the characters when your racing.
I feel the gamecube version has lost the grin factor which you still geton the GBA, so much infact I've flogged my cube.
Give it a go, its the mutts nuts!
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on 10 March 2002
It seems no matter how many spin off games are made nothing can quite comare to the real thing. Mario Kart super Circuit takes the best from both the original Super Mario Kart and the ever popular Mario Kart 64 and combines it all into a gaming delight.
All of your fave characters are there, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad, Wario, DK and the ever popular Bowser. The format for the game is nothing new, but the brand new tracks in familiar settings make for an exciting new challenge. Super Circuit is an easy game to get the hang of and as such it doesn't matter if your an experienced Mario Kart Guru such as myself ^_^ or a first time player. Either way you will thouroghly enjoy this title.
The only downside that i could possibly find in this game is one that is impossible to avoid. Repeditiveness (is that even a word? you all know what i mean.) in that i mean that after a while, one player just don't cut it no more. and thats where Super Circuit's amazing Multiplayer option comes in.
Multiplayer allows four players to play off a mere one game pak, thats right one. however this mode is extremely limited where all players are renegaded to the pitful position of Yoshi (Just not one of my favorites) and you can only choose from four tracks. but when you throw another game pak or two or three into the equasion, things get really fun. When there's you and three of your friends, driving as any kart you choose on any track of your choice, even the best driver of the four can end up looking like a complete Jack-Ass. When you've had enough of driving around a circuit, with the same person winning all the time(uncommon but it happens) Battle mode comes into play. Anyone who has played battle mode on Mario Kart 64 will know this scene all too well. four Karts, one arena, all fun. it's the same ol' same ol'. Grab an item hurl at at your friends Kart, watch the look of aggrivation as one of their three fragile ballons floats away. And when you've lost all your baloons, it doesn't end there. If you are one of the first two to drop out, you become a Bomb-Kart, you have the privelege of baisically deciding who wins and who loses, it's obvious how, and unlike Mario Kart 64, you don't only get one crack at your "friends", once you blow up. your grow up again making you one of the most powerful racers on the track (I know people who lose just to become one of these bad boys)
In conclusion this game is great for experts, and beginners, and like any game, throw in some mates and it's even better. This game represents everything Mario Kart stands for, but before you play remember three things, think fast, hit fast, and most of all, drive fast!!
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on 17 November 2001
Mario Kart: Super Circuit is an amazing game that will appeal to everyone. The graphics are subtle and they are very good considering it is on a portable machine. They are much better than the SNES game. The game however plays the same. Every gamer will like it. It is not an easy game though, you must slow down at the corners and the enemies fire weapons at you as much as you fire weapons at them. It is a challenge and will last for a long time. The learning curve is good and simple. In other words, it is easier to catch on to than other games such as 'Konami Krazy Racers.' There are 20 original tracks and 20 hidden ones from the original SNES version. In all that is 40 tracks for every difficulty. The courses are colourful and musical. Even if you do not like Mario games or racing games, I can assure you that you will love this. If you love racers and Mario games than you will not need to think twice about buying this game. It is (so far) the best game on the Game Boy Advance. There are eight players to choose from. They all have certain advantages and disadvantages. For example: Toad is fast but not very strong, so he can be bashed around a lot, but Bowser is very strong but he takes a long time to get up to speed. Characters such as Mario and Luigi are average. The most exciting part of the game is the multiplayer mode. Although the N64 versions multiplayer was better, this is still good - especially with four players. It is just like the SNES multiplayer version. Furthermore, you do not need to have four copies of the game to play multiplayer but this unlocks more options and you can trade ghosts. On the whole this game is perfect. It is the best Mario Kart game in single player but in multiplayer, the N64 is better. I strongly advise anyone with a Game Boy Advance to get this game.
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