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on 15 November 2001
This game attempts to combine a puzzle-game with the Harry Potter storyline, but it doesn't do the job too well.
The gameplay is a little like the classic 'Socoban' (push crates around) with a few added moves (levitate objects, knock-back enemies, fall down holes...). But despite this potential complexity, the puzzles never really get any harder: the whole thing is mostly just too easy. (Worse, where it is not easy, it can be frustrating.)
Depth and replay value are supposed to be provided by 'Pumpkin Pasties' (cumulative health power-up) and 'Witches and Wizards' cards (collect them all for a better ending). But since some of the doors to these items only unlock at arbitrary points during the game, searching for them is just not fun.
In the game's favour, the graphics and sound are all excellent, there are plenty of different 'Every-flavour' bean flavours, and the NPCs have plenty of interesting quips.
The Quidditch is also extremely enjoyable and impressive (so long as you use the 'Advanced' control option - 'Beginner' is just too hard!)
Overall: if you want a fun game, get the PSX version. If you want a game that is true to the book, get the GBC version. If you want a good puzzle game, look somewhere else. If you are huge Harry Potter Fan and want to see and hear the amazing things that the GBA is capable of, then get this game.
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on 6 July 2010
Whilst having a quiet browse of amazon the other day, this item appeared on my suggested buys list. Having already played it when it was first released a good few years ago I couldn't resist trying again, particularly at that bargain price.

The game is amazingly original, and a big leap forwards both in graphics and technical skills from most other gameboy advanced games I've played. It was fun from start to finish and I literally couldn't put it down, eventually completeing it within a few days. The games are beautifully balanced on content between the Harry potter films and the books which pleases the die hard fans, offering a game thats not just a shoddy film tie-in.
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As a 27 year old girl who is a fan of Harry Potter, but who easily tires of computer games I wasn't expecting this game to hold my attention for too long.
However, since receiving my copy from Amazon I've spent hours on end playing it - and I'm loving every minute!
The game is very true to the book, with Harry learning new spells in the various classes he takes throughout the game. You'll spend hours running around each floor at Hogwarts, searching for Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans in every bookcase & secret room you encounter.
There's plenty of nasty beasties to zap, including horrid little biting gnomes, the mosquito-like Doxies and the infuriatingly hard-to-kill troll (GRAAAAAAAGH!).
Some of the tasks have a puzzle-like quality to them, which taxes your brain a litle more than just killing everything in sight and made a very refreshing change. You'll need to use combinations of the different spells you learn in order to complete each challenge.
(I was pleasantly surprised to find that each character's face is based on the actor who played it in the film, and that Harry's voice comes courtesy of Daniel Radcliffe).
Anyway, enough review-writing... I've got to go & play it some more!
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on 22 November 2001
O.K. This is game is an interesting game. It's original and fun and the flying parts are awesome. However, it has several major problems:
1. Gameplay is very repetitive so once you've completed a few challenges it 's all the same.
2. There are some really tough levels at night where you have to sneak around unseen and if you're caught you start again.
3. It's too short. I finished the game in 2 days!
If you're looking for an interesting game this is good. But DON'T EXPECT ANY REPLAY VALUE.
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on 23 June 2004
When I ordered this game from Amazon, I thought it was going to be an okay average games. Too wrong I was: you begin the came by attending your first defence against the dark arts lesson and then once your spell is learnt you do a tricky challenge. Over 10 amazing challenges requiring alot of brainpower. Includes everything a gameboy game requires: skill, patience and determination. It took me a month to get past the prefects but well worth the wait! The hardest challenge is the last challenge, fighting Voldemort.
I won't reveal any more secrets but definitely a MUST PLAY game!
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on 28 December 2001
My daughter and I couldn't wait to recieve our pre-ordered copy of Harry Potter for the GameBoy Advance. We were both well impressed when we started the game, but it soon became obvious that the game is far from impressive. While the graphics aren't bad the gameplay leaves alot to be desired. The Harry Potter story provided the makers of this game with a brilliant opportunity to make a game that could have outshone the likes of Zelda, but it seems to me that the whole game was churned out in a hurry to make the film release date without a thought to play value.
Yes, the start of the game is quite impressive and the first few tasks are fun but then further tasks just seem to be longer repetitions of the first tasks. Some tasks require little skill but oodles of patience because the slightest mistake puts you right back to the start. There is little chance to 'roam' Hogwarts as you are always told where to go and what to do next. The flying sequences were fun but hard for younger players to control.
By my third day of play, when I thought that the game was just getting started, it finished.
A brilliant idea wasted - don't waste your money!
(I'm told that the PS1 version is alot better)
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on 2 March 2002
I wasn't expticing to much when I read some reviews for harry potter but I fancied it. Now I have got it I have found it amazing. It never gets boring it's always a puzzle or a race against time. you won't go rong with Harry potter on the G.B.A. magical
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In our opinion its the best game out, the graphics are briliant, and the audio quality wicked! It is quite difficult but- whats a game if you don't have a bit of a challenge? Its a magic adventure when you explore Hogwarts, meet Ron and Hermionie and, well you'll just have to play it yourself !!!!!
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on 20 May 2014
Whilst we purchased this as a presumably robust testbed for epilepsy treatments, none of the team could have predicted the carnage which ensued.

Test subject #3, George Parsons, spasmed through an inch and a half of tempered safety glass as soon as he attempted to cast one of the more potent spells.

In future we'll stick to car-and-track themed releases for predictability.

Clinical verdict? Wingardium Levi-no-Sir!
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on 30 September 2013
Both me and my partner are retro gamers and have no want or need for the "collectors" value.. I brought this with the intention of playing it!

Game works perfectly... Came well packaged and arrived in good time!

Nothing like a good throwback!
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