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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 July 2005
Difficult as it may be to write a review for such a classic, I will do my best. By all means get this DVD, even if you are not a romantic comedies' fan (and just for the record, neither am I). Though some of it may seem cheesy and repetitive do bear in mind that this was among the first films in the genre and the source of many later film plots.
In my opinion this film is a masterpiece, for reasons that would exceed the amount of space at my disposal. Marvellous acting, original characters, plot that spans more than a decade and portrays how the characters change as they mature and come to terms with life and love, just to name a few. If you are among the very few people who still have not seen it do get the DVD, and if you have seen it than you know what I am talking about.
Additional features are not exquisite but still enable you to get a glimpse of this world that I had shelved. Though it is easy to see why the deleted scenes had been removed in the first place, they still give you additional insight into the world of Harry and Sally.
To sum up, good value for your hard earned pay, excellent film for when you are feeling blue. What are you waiting for?
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on 15 February 2006
This film is a gem in a world of special effects and mindless screenplays. The sharpness and wit of the writing zing you through the development of the relationship between the characters. The soundtrack is superb and gives the movie a timeless quality.
Too much is made of the scene in the cafe with Meg Ryan screaming her head off. Watching the characters develop from college, through the years where their personalities are changed by their life experiences is one of the joys of this movie. Billy Crystal's performance in his decline into a neurotic hypochondriac is excellent, as is Meg Ryan’s portrayal of a high-maintenance-woman.
If you're after a drama with excellent writing, humour and romance, then this is the movie for you.
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on 24 January 2007
This is where so much started -- not just most romcoms, but the best of modern TV classics like Friends and Sex and the City, which blend sharp dialogue and relationship angst against a loving depiction of New York. Meg Ryan is at her best here (I think she spent a lot of her career trying with limited success to recapture the edgy charm she nails in this film). Billy Crystal has some hilarious lines which he delivers with characteristic expertise. The chemistry the leads have is matched by the lovely performances turned in by Carrie Fisher and Bruno Kirby as their best friends. And the interspersed interviews with elderly married couples is a stroke of genius.

Yes it's schmaltzy and soppy and sentimental -- but why should that be a bad thing?
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on 28 March 2008
Some have called 'When Harry met Sally' the greatest chick flick of all time. I disagree; it is certainly better than any chick flick I have ever seen, but it is no chick flick. In fact the film combines all the best elements of books like High Fidelity and Birdget Jones' Diary which both men and women should enjoy.

Among the best scenes for me as a man are Harry talking to his best friend at a baseball match, but still going through the motions of the Mexican wave. It's something most women just don't get. And then there is the classic moment when Sally consoles Harry after a bad date by saying that it will probably be ages before either of them are ready to sleep with anyone again to which he replies: 'Oh I went to bed with her!'

It is a great love story and a great comedy, and the segments with old couples telling the story of how they met (based on the real life stories of the crew's families) are brilliant, and will have you look back on when you met your significant other.

The documentary that comes with it is a great look back at the film as well and is the perfect compliment to this timeless classic.

No, this is no chick flick, and yes, women should probably love it, but men should too. Maybe all men need to take a queue from arguably the most famous one liner of all time and 'have what she's having.'
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on 23 December 2007
"When Harry met Sally" is full of truths about life. It shows us why men and women can't live with each other, but it also shows how much they need each other.

The wisdoms of Harry (Billy Chrystal) have certainly influenced a whole generation. And Sally's (Meg Ryan) faked orgasm in a restaurant is a magic movie moment.

Though I still don't believe Billy's basic message (men and women can't be friends, the sex part always gets in the way), I deeply love this movie for all its unforgettable moments. At least part of this is very real. And that's the reason the film's happy end is so very moving...
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on 13 December 2007
Perhaps the last truly great romantic comedy, 'When Harry Met Sally' has truly stood the test of time.

Most movies made in 1989 are condemned (at least for now) to being little more than kitch memorabilia. The movie world owes Rob Reiner a favour for the fact that his fine film is truly timeless. Part of this is due to the fact that it is set over a fifteen year period. Part of it is due to the fine easy listening score. Most of it is due to a very refined director extracting two brilliant performances from a flawless script and a perfectly cast couple of actors.

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are the titular two, and neither have ever been better. The observation of their relationship is utterly convincing and completely engrossing. Beyond this, there are subtleties that neither actor has ever shown before or since. There are moments early in the film where we can see Sally is falling for Harry (for example, her response to Harrty telling her he is pleased she is going on a date with another man) but these moments are never overplayed. The credit for this is due as much to Reiner as it is to Ryan, as it is his pacing of the film that really allows the actors to embrace their characters.

I feel it is worth pointing out here that Reiner's other movies of the time have equally outlasted much of Hollywood's output. 'Satnd By Me', 'This Is Spinal Tap', 'The Princess Bride' and 'Misery' - films that could scarcely be more different in style and tone - all remain bonafide classics. One has to wonder what went wrong...

All things considered, it's hard to think of another film from this era of film-making as satisfying and consistently enjoyable as 'When Harry Met Sally'. The fact that this is a romantic comedy made at the tail end of the worst decade cinema has ever known, is all the more reason to commend it.
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For all of those who are keen supporters of this film and who have bought the previous DVD version of this disc, the only issue of vital importance will be whether the Blu-ray offers an improvement technically sufficient to justify the additional expense.

For this reviewer the answer is a clear affirmative. The upgrade offers a clear advance on both image and audio quality with the imaging being a marked improvement. The colours are firmer and there is an increase to the perceived depth of the imaging. The whole film simply becomes more 'real.'

The degree of improvement will also depend on the replay equipment used. In this case the audio could be described as markedly 'high-end' both in hardware terms and in connecting cabling. The television, a more important factor in this case, is of moderate dimensions being a 40 inch screen. It is a high performing 4K unit though which will also have had a positive effect. (Larger screens become increasingly compromised in delivering sharp DVD imaging unless larger viewing distances are available. Sharpness is achieved at much closer distances for Blu-ray discs).

Readers with alternative equipment will have to interpret this review bearing in mind their own equipment and its comparative advantages and disadvantages.

The disc offers purchasers with suitable replay equipment a significant improvement over the previous DVD version.
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on 26 February 2016
You may well find yourself singing along to 'Surrey with the Fringe on Top' - just as Harry does in front of Ira! This film is an absolute classic and contains some of the best one-liners ever! Witty, heart-warming and entertaining. I won't go into the plot, as it's been described so often. Suffice to say it will leave you wanting some of 'what she's having' ! Highly recommend..
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on 19 September 2007
I loved this film but dont tell the Mrs. It's kind of a girlie film but most men, if they're honest, enjoyed it as much (like Pretty Woman).

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan found that rare on screen chemistry and created a classic for the future. If you haven't seen, go for it.
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on 11 July 2001
This film is my all time favourite and although I know the script word for word it still makes me laugh and cry over and over again.
Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan play the role of Harry and Sally who meet through a mutual friend. They share a car ride and discover that they have a totally different outlook on most areas of life but in particular about platonic friendships between men and women!
They go their separate ways but destiny ensures that their paths meet after many years. This is a truly enchanting film which captures the timeless meaning of love, friendship and the role that destiny plays in our lives!!!
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