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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Format: PlayStation|Change
Price:£5.65+ £2.03 shipping

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on 19 September 2002
XG3 has to be the fastest racing game I've come across ever. I've finished GT3, and XG3 makes it feel like the cars are all 2-stroke lawnmowers!
When you start off, it'll feel pretty fast already, but once you get to the larger engine sizes you'll be going up to 3 times faster than that! The sensation of speed is phenomenal as the track blurs around you, and when you pass through the sound barrier, it suddenly gets all quiet and the music fades: a great effect! You need to put it in cockpit-view mode to get the best effect though.
There are a few reasons that I haven't given this game even 4 stars though. Firstly, it's hard to come first consistently: frustratingly hard. There's only one difficulty level, and whilst the lower classes are straightforward, as you progress it just gets too tricky even for experienced gamers. You always start off last and your opponents zoom far ahead of you. They then drop these pesky mines right in front of you. You're going at 800kph+, so it's near impossible to avoid them- leading to cursing and throwing of controllers when you are beaten across the line for the umpteenth time by half a second
Secondly, there's a rather limited number of tracks. They're all well designed, interesting and challenging, but we could have done with a few more. The rain effect is pretty nifty though.
Thirdly, the weapons play a fairly low role. They're heavily geared towards your opponents defending their position, rather than you attacking.
Fourthly, the 2-player mode isn't great- it splits the screen vertically, rather than horizontally, so it's hard to see what's going on. There's also a noticeable drop in frame rate.
Lastly, the reward for finishing the game is rather tame- another team to race with- a bit disappointing really. What about some FMV? Or options to tinker with the way your bike looks? Or good weapons? Or different outfits for your riders?
I'd like to give this game 3 1/2 stars, for being great fun while it lasts, but it was closer to 3 than 4. So that's what it's getting.
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on 6 September 2001
Wow! What with Gran Turismo and other racing sims out there it was about time something more "arcadey" like this came along. Ultra high speed is the name of the game here, with twisting, stomach churning tracks, you certainly can't play this game just after your lunch. The graphics are amazing especially the rain effect, and when you break the sound barrier - the best I've seen. But its not just "who goes the fastest wins" you have to make intelligent use of what little turbo boost is available, particularly as it doubles as your shield. Add all this to a pumping sound track from the Ministry Of Sound and you,ve got one hell of a "post-club" experience. I swapped my old PSOne for this game and I reckon it was well worth it. Looking forward to seeing how Wipeout Fusion will beat this. If you like going on "Oblivion" at Alton Towers 10 times, you'll love this game. BUY IT
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on 22 January 2003
This is an exiting game with some amazing sceanery. I think its a good idea to be able to buy new weapons i.e rockets and leeches. The multiplayer is good but 2 player co-operative can get very hard and frustrating. You will find yourself shouting and screaming at the other bikes as they swerve in front of you as they try desperatly to hang on to the lead. at the beginning you will think its too easy but dont be fooled, as you get further on the tracks get harder and so do the opposition. The sound track is good too, it fits in perfectly with the levels. any bike lovers should get this game straight away.
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on 3 September 2001
This was the first game I bought some 6 years ago. It is the only game I still play regularly and never get tired of it. In fact, I loved it so much I bought a spare copy in case the first gets damaged. I has all the qualities of a prefect game. You cannot blink or breathe out when you play this game. It is action all the way to the end. You need to win races to accumulate money to buy weapons, so there is a goal to achieve on each race. Winning races are hard. The last level is just near impossible. I spend 30 min every day to finish them. I was a nervous rack after that. I stared at the screen so much that when I closed my eyes I still could see the trak moving. With two players it is endless fun. It really satisfying sneaking behind your friend and blowing him/her to Hell.

To really enjoy this game you need to learn to ride, use the air-breaks, select the right weapons, aim and shoot properly. To get the most of the fuel available you need also to learn to feather the controls to make it last much longer and economise properly. If you don't master these you won't get the full trill of the game and you will never move to the next level. So you can't judge this fantastic game if you play it just a few time.

I cannot believe why this game has not had sequels. With new bikes, weapons, tracks etc. I have to write to them about this.
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on 13 June 2008
As with many others here, i am a huge Wipeout fan, espescially Wip3out. Not owning a PS2, i figured i would go for the next best thing with Extreme G 2.

But Wip3out this game isnt. The worst thing about this game is that it is just far too hard. The learning curve from the start is much too steep. The extent of the game is really the lowest class, three tracks and one weapon for all but the most devoted. Wip3out is challenging, it requires practice and time - Extreme G is just too hard.

The graphics are nice but the design is, in my opinion, a little corny. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but this looks like a Wip3out rip off.

Overall, unless you have alot of spare time and truly legendary patience, i wouldnt recommend this. It is very difficult and not particularly rewarding. Dig out your PS1, and play Wip3out instead.
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on 12 September 2001
OK - we all know that this is a blatent rip-off of Wipeout, but so what? The WipeOut Fusion developers have taken so long (and haven't given a firm release date) so what are you going to do for your daily adrenaline rush? Extreme G3 is the answer - anyone who played the earlier versions or has played WipeOut will know what to expect - race (at a very fast pace) and shoot your weapons at the other racers. One thing that I especially like is the ability to have a 2-player race (as opponents or as a team), a major flaw in the WipeOut series.
If you like arcade-style racers this is the game to buy.
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on 25 December 2011
This is a great game from the last generation. I originally owned it for the PS2, but after trading that in for a PS3 I was unable to play it. I was happy to see it's just as good with gamecube controls and the graphics are great for it's age. Unfortunately the seller I bought this from didn't Include the case, which was slightly disappointing.
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on 26 October 2001
I had high expectations for this game, being a fan of Wipeout2097 and Rollcage stage 2. Graphically it is perfect, with nice landscapes and tracks, but what lets it down is the gameplay. The gameplay sucks, and really ruins what could of been a great game. I found the idea of the shields pointless, as the whole point of having weopons is to be able to use them with some effect on other riders, but your weopons are utterly useless until thier shield is finished, then it really doesn't matter what you hit them with, as they explode instantly. But, it takes almost a lap to do this, so you end up not using your weopons very much and just racing, and if i wanted to race, i would stick to GT3. The other quite annoying problem is the fact that when you start the one player story mode, you get a basic bike with standard machine guns. The only way you can get better weopons is to take part in races to win money, sounds simple, but the problem is when you do not finish 1st after three races, you loose all that you have gained during that group, which is a real pain when your starting out, and an even bigger pain later in the game. Add to this the fact that you cannot, once you have finished a group of three, go back and do them again, you are forced onto the next level, with the propect of knowing you will have to save the game after every single race in order to keep your money and improvements. Not quite as good as being able to just boot up and play each track to unlock the next, because in this game, you only use one bike at a time, if you want to use another bike you have to start again, and save under a separate name. It sort of reminds me of a Ferrari with a Relient Robin engine, looks great, but won't make it down the road!!!
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on 12 October 2003
When I put it in the Gamecube and saw the starting sequence I thought what a good buy this was and I played it for almost 5 hours straight. I already had played it on the ps2 and thought it was a great game.
it took a little bit to get used to it but I had cracked the controls and the technique. after that I really could feel the speed as you shoot past the other competators and then finished first. Unfortunatly that didn't last. when you move up it is still quite easy to catch up with the other racers but now they use these stupid weapons which are the little bobbling mines which go across the track and are impossible to dodge at several hundred miles per hour. there are several dents in the walls of my room from flying controls and fists from losing because of stupid mines.
As normal I got bored and stuck so i got some cheats thinking I would ripe the paint off the other bikes as I went past at the speed of sound ,which is one of the best effects I have ever seen, but I kept falling off the track and exploding which added more dents to the wall.
I would give it
7/10 graphics
6/10 gameplay
3/10 longetivity
5/10 sound
6/10 overall
Fun for a while but gets frustrating and boring after a bit. A better game to rent rather than buy because it gets to repetative after a while.
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on 5 September 2001
A part from all the impressive characteristics of this game, one outstanding is the quality of the soundtrack and the capability of having prologic sound. The racing experience is total when you can hear in your back the bike that is just behind you. Great game, great fun!!
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