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on 3 November 2014
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on 6 October 2013
A Christmas Present, thank you
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on 20 December 2012
Just as I remembered it. Just what a Dr Who geek would want.
Pity that film set in America - never quite the same as the old quarries in UK
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on 5 October 2014
Loved this, never having seen it the first time round!
it is superbly produced, and has plenty of extras included, such as out-takes, 'making of', interviews
Excellent value
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on 15 December 2005
The doctors back and not a moment to soon? This 1996 made for television doctor who movie is a glimpse into what might have been if the planned series had continued as planned. Picking up seven years after the original series was cancelled, Sylvester McCoy returns as the doctor at the end of his seventh life while escorting the remains of his arch nemeses the master back to their home planet of Gallifrey when all goes horribly for the doctor. The TARDIS is forced off its course and has to crash land in San Francisco during the middle of a gun fight, after been critically wounded the only way for the doctor to save himself is to regenerate. While the remains of the master looks for a new body. What follows next is a very unusual doctor who tail in which for half of the film he has no memory of who he is or where he came from, while the master plans on stealing the doctors remaining lives for his own. This DVD is a must for any doctor who fan because its interesting to see where the character would of gone on from this movie with Paul McGann as the time lord, which when he gets his memory back has that eccentricity about him that would have made him perfect in an ongoing television series. But the star of the show is the TARDIS itself, if they got one thing right when making this movie was the inertia to the TARDIS, set out like an old country manor with the doctor having a large arm chair to enjoy his ride with along with a cupper tea, because shouldn’t the doctor be able to change the inside to his taste of luxury and comfort because after all he has been travelling in it for hundreds of years, which also gives it a gothic feel. The acting is not the best in the world but hey for a doctor who adventure the craziness needs to be cranked dup to 11, which is what Eric Roberts does as playing the arch enemy The Master, Daphne Ashbrook makes a welcomed but brief stint as the doctor’s assistance Grace.
The problem that this story suffers from is that it is too short, it opens up with a great prologue re-introducing the main characters and setting the story but then it spends far to much time on the doctor recovering his memory on the effects that the regeneration had on him and too little time spent on the last 10 minutes making the whole thing seemed rushed and pointless with all this time spent on the doctor the story suffers. This could have been avoided had this been a 2 hour story instead of an 85 minute TV pilot, which at the end of the day this is all it will ever be, but it is still quite an enjoyable if brief return for the doctor.
The DVD has some enjoyable extras with cast and crew interviews taken at the time of filming along with some behind the scenes features that are aimed more towards the American audience in 1996 that might not have been familiar with the original television series, the audio commentary provided by the director Geoffrey Sax is ok but there is frequent breaks of silence while he thinks of what to say, picture quality is fairly good while the audio is presented in plain stereo which would have benefited from a 5.1 remix.
This is far from the best doctor who adventure but pleasurable viewing is still to be had, with McGann providing a unique incarnation of the doctor.
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on 7 January 2006
First and foremost, let's get one thing absolutely clear: this story is definitely and infinitely better than what we nearly had: some rubbish involving "spider Daleks", the Doctor looking for his dad Ulysses and running from his bro', the Master (believe it or not, but it's true!) Thank God we actually have something resembling the original TV series.
Continuing in this positive vein, let's get the good stuff in first.The title sequence is fantastic, the TARDIS set is faultless,and the Master-Snake is the scariest Dr.Who monster in years.The pace is consistent, and the direction is tight and flows very well.Mr. Roberts is magnificent as the Master: hammy, camp and utterly pretentious (why hasn't the Master been like this before?) But the unquestioned star, of course, is Paul McGann as the Doctor - he truly shines as this excitable Byronic hero; you can genuinely see bits of all the other Doctors in him, and he is instantly likable and utterly convincing - all in all, a fantastic bit of casting.
But on the downside, we have a continuity-obsessed, incoherent plot; a contemptably weak ending; a pointless chase in the middle and the remix of the title music is just dire: where's the trademark spookiness gone? Daphne Ashbrook is arguably the Least Likable Assistant in Dr.Who history; honestly, she deserves a huge slap for being so utterly vile.Aside from the odd ingenius moment ("Please give me the keys before I shoot myself."), the dialogue is clumsy and sometimes makes your toes curl.The most part of the whole film has to be THAT KISS - why, God, why???
Special features? Well, we have a commentary by members of the cast and crew (health warning: Geoffrey Sax has the most boring voice ever) and some pretty cool deleted scenes (never before seen in Britain! Aren't we lucky?).On-scren production notes are fairly interesting, but the photo gallery is nothing you haven't seen before. You can't help but wonder, what happened to that pre-film trailer, explaining all of the previous 7 Doctors and their tenures - it was interseting and enjoyable (as trailers go); but where is it?
But, should you buy it? Well, maybe - perhaps rent it first, then we'll see.It's definitely not awful, but not everyone's cup of tea.But no matter what you think of this film, you can't help but wonder: what would Dr.Who be like now it this film had spawned a new series? But most of all: when are the BBC going to give McGann another chance at being the Doc? He is so splendid; and I do hate seeing regenerations going to waste...
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on 31 December 2014
Good thanks
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on 21 December 2014
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on 25 July 2008
Doctor Who - The Movie [1996] [1963] This is perhaps one of the most underated DVD's in the whole Doctor Who series both new and classic. The main problem is the bad guy or more specifically the actor who portrays him, Eric Roberts is a great bad guy in lots of B'Movies but just wasn't right for this film (his choice was forced on the writers/director due to pressure from the american backers). On the whole though the film is a great little jaunt, the interior of the TARDIS is fantastic and McGann plays the role fantastically. idea for the future (McCoy, McGann, Eccleston and Tennant) The Four Doctors
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on 8 January 2010
There are a number of problems with this Who movie, that's true. The Master being American just wasn't quite right; the insanely spur-of-the-moment romance between Grace and the Doctor also didn't seem to work especially well, though that's just my opinion, and the two characters played off one another very well anyway. Perhaps the biggest issue of all was the Doctor's confession of apparently being half-human - it doesn't make sense in context with the rest of the series!

Despite these issues, Paul McGann plays a brilliant and likeable Doctor, Daphne Ashbrook makes a great companion (excepting her hasty affections for the Doctor), and as long as you don't mind overlooking the problems this movie presents, it's still very entertaining! I recommend it strongly.
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