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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 2 October 2001
From the opening track "open your eyes" you know that you are in for a treat with this album. Although it does take a while for the music to grow on you, it really does so don't give up on it. After listening to this album a few times, slower songs such as "epiphany","outside" and "it's been awhile" make themselves recognised as perhaps some of the best acoustic music for decades whereas other songs like "for you" show a more melodic side to the band. Aaron Lewis' song writing talents should not go un-noticed and the lyrics are, at times, exeptional. All of the songs do, however, send out a rather negative tone but when you hear the emotion pouring out of the pre-mentioned songs, you really begin to appreciate this. Staind should not be associated with Limp Bizkit's music, they are completely different - but it is nice to see Fred Durst put on his sensitive cap to perform a live version of "Outside" with Lewis.
Overall a masterpiece of an album which has so far not received all of the credit due to it.

Buy it.
It is very, very good.
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on 2 September 2001
I bought this album, and when I played it, well, what can I blew me away. What a fusion of acoustic masterpieces and metal rock which are so beautifully combined in this wicked album. BUY IT NOW!!!! The 2 headlining tracks 'Its Been Awhile' and 'Outside' are excellent, and the rest of the album really compliments the mentioned songs. Hopefully, Staind will release more tracks off the album, such as 'Suffer' and 'Open Your Eyes'.
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on 17 June 2001
This stunning second big label release from the Springfield band, Staind, is stunning. The album combines the heavy rock with peacful angst lyrics from front man Aaron Lewis. The band linked heavily with Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst take very little from their friend with this album that sounds nothing like Limp Bizkits in your face rap rock. This is more of a touching soulful album that goes through all the hate and anger felt by the youths of today. The radio hit song Outside which stars Fred Durst is simply an amazing acoustic song slightly tainted by the pressence of Fred. All in all this is a stunning album from a band who actually thinks about what they r playing and has some amazing lyrics. A album for people who truly like music made by fellow fans.
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on 9 December 2003
To be honest....I didn't really like Staind when i first heard them, my sister introduced me to them a couple of years ago. But then i really listened to the lyrics and the sounds engulfed me. This single word comes to mind whenever i listen to any of Staind's music, whether it be from Dysfunction or Break The Cycle, or even from 14 Shades of Grey: Introspective. The overwhelming theme of looking inside oneself comes to me and i can relate on so many levels to Aaron Lewis' pain. Open your eyes isn't really appealing to me since it doesn't very radio just seems like he is listing what is wrong in society and nothing more. Pressure is very nice, giving a sense of hopelessness but ending it with a slight high note, portraying a sense of hope almost. Fade is what really hooked me on this CD, showing resentment and betrayal through whom you trusted most helped me through many dark days, as did the lyrics from Its Been A While. Outside also helped me deal with problems of being left out, it showed me that its ok to be looking in from the wayside, because even though u can't see them, there is always someone there beside you looking in too. I don't really have enough time to explain why I like the others except for Epiphany. It is my new favorite song, shows exactly what kind of person Aaron is, again the word introspective comes to mind. The idea of Aaron telling his audience he is "nothing more than a boy inside, that cries out for attention though I always try to hide" shows that he doesn't have anything to hide anymore, he has seen who he really is in the mirror and is going to accept it and keep going. Brought me outta the depths of depression more than once. I really owe it to Aaron Lewis, and I'm sure many other people share the same sentiments. Really an amazing album.
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on 5 December 2002
And if you've read my reviews before, you'll know I tell it like it is. Got a lot of anti-me votes on the Chili's By The Way review, but that's fair enough.
Anyway, Stain'd hit the mark. And I mean really hit the mark with this album. They open up with Open Your Eyes, which, as our man at Amazon points out, isn't much in the way of content. But does it matter? Not really, since the screaming riff is designed to build atmosphere and drag you into a real experience of an album. If you've ever seen these guys live, you will know what I mean.
Real stand out tracks on this album include 'Fade', which really hits the nail of modern life on the head - everyone too busy with their own disasters to help each other out - 'It's Been Awhile (as long as you didn't get sick of it playing on the radio for eight months solid) and 'Outside'. The real high point on this album, however, is the opening sequence of 'Suffer'. This might be a run off from seeing the live show, but the emotion and pain behid the whispered screaming sends shivers down the spine.
It has low points, granted - though I am struggling to actually think of any. They are not a band that is cut out for the Seattle scene's 'give me your problems and I'll sing about them and make them go away' philosophy. This is more about sharing the pain and frustration of how pointless all of our problems are. Where Creed's music was coated in misplaced optimism, Staind have found that the best way to get through life is to accept that bad stuff happens, but that makes the good stuff seem better.
If you have had a bad time of it lately, just buy this, slip it in the CD player and let the super-sweet melodies and deep message just wash all the pointless angst away.
Go on, you know you want to...
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on 15 May 2003
Since the fall of grunge, there's been an influx of bands who were, shall we say, ''pretenders to the thrown''. And many of the were that, minus the 'to the thrown' part, because not many at all could compare to the kings of yesterday. For every Nirvana, there's a Silverchair, for every Alice In Chains there's a Dust For Life...the list goes on. But Staind despite their fairly justified comparisons to angst-mongers Alice In Chains, were fairly fresh and sounding good.
Their first album was a turgid affair, that was very dirty indeed. The only vaguely 'sensitive' track on the album was the fearful 'Home' which could have fit in perfectly right here on Break The Cycle, because for Staind, their second album is pretty much all change. There's a lot more sensitive ballads and feeling and sense to it, and that will have attracted more of their audience as you can assume. The week I bought the album I was astounded to find the album at number 1 in the charts. This was due to the first single power-ballad 'It's Been Awhile' which is as good a slower grunge song, as you could have come across from the likes of AIC and Pearl Jam. And it also went to show that the people still love a good power-ballad, and 'It's Been Awhile' is one of the best in years for sure. And it's not on it's own, the album also contains the equally good 'Outside', and the disturbing 'Waste', which is dedicated to a dead fan, that just explodes in your face in all it's pained glory.
But don't get me wrong, this album is not one complete power ballad, which is a shame on a few of the songs. Second track 'Pressure' unfortunatly just doesn't seem to go anywhere, as does 'Warm Safe Place'....but there are some true crackers on here, such as the powerful opener 'Open Your Eyes', 'The weird but wonderful 'Fade', the pure rage of 'Can't Believe', the somber power of 'Epiphany', the chant-a-long 'Suffer', which contains a great chorus, and of course, the superb live acoustic version of 'Outside'.
When listening to this album, you have to just forget that Fred Durst signed these guys up, because it seems that none of the bands he's signed up, including the superb Cold, who you would also like if you like this, sound nothing like Limp Bizkit. There's no sign of any cringe-worthy rapping anywhere. And thank God because Staind are a genuine talent who don't need to be judged by that. They also don't need to be called sell-outs because they decided to write a few slower songs. There's never been anything wrong with trying new things, and although it is what they do best, I'm sure Staind will, with their brand new album 14 Shade Of Grey, prove to us all that they're just trying anything. Because this is a mixed album of hard, hard songs, and powerful ballads. And that's always been my cup of tea, and Staind are very easy to stomach if you care to try.
5 Stars.
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on 17 February 2004
Wow, the album "that gave me life".
Staind was just a link I followed from Limp Bizkit's album on Amazon. Had a bit of money so thought 'why not by this?' along with others as well. The album takes on a different stronger tone to its two ballad singles and becomes this enslaught of emotion played out in the tune of totally appropriate drums, guiters and other deep instrumentalisms.
Lyrics are well written, AAron's voice is the albums core. It penetrates the emotion wall inside and when you read his lyrics (because I can hardly make them out from his singing style - though I understand why he does) they are meaningful and strenghen the enjoyment of this arc. They are my favourite band and for now this is my favourite all time album.
Though saying all this, I honestly can't see happy people or people who look on the brighter side of life giving this album the time of day it deserves. Its probably purely for those going through the grind. Letting you know that you aren't the only one in the predicament you see yourself in however different the situation of your life is to the plight of others going through the same kind of emotions.
Well done Staind. Well Done.
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on 28 August 2001
WOW! I bought this CD having seen the video for 'Outside', which completely blew me away. I most definitely was not disappointed - to the contrary, it's been a while since any album made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up like this album did, from start to finish. It's one of those albums that makes you just stop everything you are doing and sit and really LISTEN to it. To all those doubters who only see Staind's link with Limp Bizkit: This album might be an example of what Fred Durst could have sounded like, if he hadn't been so angry all his life! I wouldn't be able to praise this album enough, even if i could give it 10 stars!
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on 17 March 2002
Staind's third album 'Break the cycle'(the follow up to 'dysfunction', the 1st album being 'tormented') is truly amazing (a must buy for heavy metal fans). The combination of brilliant riffs on lead (Mushok) in songs such as 'suffer' and 'for you' along with arron lewis's pain stricken, angst-filled lyrics and excellent voice give the music an unmistakeable quality. Song reviews: 1.Open your eyes- brilliant lyrics but initial sound is not too good 8/10. 2.Pressure- really powerful song excellent guitar skills 9/10 3.Fade- too slow, good vocals 6/10 4.It's been awhile- Sheer brilliance along with outside definitely the best song on the album 11/10 5.Change- Too much emphasis on the drums, still good 7/10 6.Can't believe- Excellent instrumental 8/10 7.Epiphany- Initially I didn't like it but it really is soul wrenching stuff 9/10 8.Suffer- Guitar riffs are magic 10/10 9.Warm safe place- Slow but strong 9.5/10 10.For You- Brilliant all round song 10/10 11. This is just too good 11/10 12.Waste- Dedication to a fan strong... 10/10 13.Take it- Heavy but musically great 10/10 Outside(live) what a finale... Definitely a must buy for grunge and heavy metal rock fans.
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on 30 March 2015
I bought this album about 15 years after it was released, i may have my timescale wrong, didn't like them at the time but a great album to listen to in the me its up there with pearl jams 10 as one of the best albums to have in the background
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