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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Think Pink
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£38.75+ £4.03 shipping

on 12 March 2016
If you were a hippy, or are a hippy, or you're thinking about becoming a hippy - BUY THIS. It is essential.
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on 18 February 2015
An interesting album but very surreal. A typical slice of good old British psychedelia.
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on 27 October 2015
Good CD album due to expectation and ptoper delivery (dAb) +>
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on 11 June 2012
This did slip into my vinyl collection by accident. I knew Twink was part of the anarchic rockers Pink Fairies but living in remote New Zealand in 1971 did know of this solo release. So at the only then decent record store in Auckland-Taste this was nestled in the bargain bin. And bargain it has been, with the CD turning up in early JBL (Australia's)shelves in Brisbane (go figure)-and when they had an interesting range of music not found elsewhere. 40 plus years later, it is still playable. As other reviewers have noted there are two stand out tracks "Ten thousand words in a cardboard box" and "Tiptoe on the highest hill". They are classics deserving more air time than crap by the Eagles, Doobies et al. "Think Pink" show cases a number of Fairies associates abely providing back-up and their own unique licks such as the inclusion of the very good Canadian guitarist Paul Rudolph. So it is psychadelia era but closer to prog rock, with some well constructed songs and sufficient mayhem of interest and a good companion to the Pink Fairies "Never Never Land". Only "Three little piggies" has not stood time's test-well even on first listening, it quickly wore thin.But at 3.15 minutes who can complain. But overall worth a five star rating, a great unknown classic.
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on 18 October 2011
Of all the many psych albums in my collection, this one comes closest to being my desert island choice. Quite a late release for a psych album (1970 I believe), this one outdoes many others as far as interesting arrangements, effects, lyrics and general craziness goes. Some psych bands use sitars, some use backwards guitars, but Twink outdid them all by using backwards sitars! I've listened to this many times over but never get sick of it. Strongly recommended for a taste of real psych. After listening to this, most other psych bands sound pretty tame by comparison.
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on 13 July 2014
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on 26 September 2007
Originally released in 1970, as this was the Pink Fairie's main stay's first solo effort. Nothing short of true brilliance here. The first five cuts that include "Ten Thousand Words In A Cardboard Box", "Dawn Of Magic", "Fluid" plus two more certainly get the brain cells a-frying. Rest of the CD shows you just how diverse Twink can get. On tracks like "Mexican Grass War" or "The Sparrow Is A Sign", one might honestly believe they came off a different album altogether. Fellow musicians that gave Twink a helping hand to create 'Think Pink' include the Pretty Things rhythm guitarist John Povey, Paul Rudolph, Deviants bassist Honk, Tomorrow's John Wood and T.Rex's Steve Peregrine Took. A must-have underground psych classic from the 1968-1972 era.
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on 9 June 2015
Arrived on time. Not the missing Prog/Fairies album I was hoping for but I took a punt.
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on 10 October 2005
Think Pink is a titan psychedelic acid rock beauty fit for all fans of the genre - it is a real crime that this is not better known, with the truly, purely lysergic `Ten Thousand Words In A Cardboard Box' (A previous, and inferior, version can be found on the Tomorrow album, as well as on several compilations). Here we also have the eerily beautiful, and equally acid-effects laden `Tiptoe On The Highest Hill' - a song that may make even the hardest man weep. This is an album of songs, fine tunes, and trippy experimentation-type musical passages.

The music kicks off with an incredibly trippy `The Coming Of The One', with essentially spoken lyrics, replete with effects, animal-type noises in the background, electric `bagpipe' effects (probably fuzz guitar), and all to a purposely Neanderthal, varying slow-tempo beat. Perhaps this is what insanity is like? Maybe we have just snatched a glimpse into the times and dimensions of Neolithic life? Some witchcraft, or Druid ritual - who knows? Do I look bothered though? No.

Next comes a track that should be essential listening for anyone who wishes to be known as a lover of psychedelia in its purest form, the awesome `TEN THOUSAND WORDS IN A CARDBOARD BOX' with Twink's crisp clear voice (which in itself conjures up images of mind-altering chemicals!), pronouncing: "A thousand colourful shadows dancing round my head, rejoicing to the waking of the dead; dancing to the beat of a skinless drum, while the deaf men sing along with the dumb; ten tin soldiers they mime in tune, with 3 madmen waiting for a full moon; the hounds and the horsemen chased by the fox, 10,000 words in a cardboard box" - perfectly executed to the accompaniment of fuzzed out reverberated sliding scales on the electric guitar, a slow beat, and occasional choral addition typical of the era, though never overdone here. And the beauty of the wigged-out guitar is allowed space to breathe, and so time to give us that warm hallucinogenic feeling - way, way out! `Dawn Of Majic', is enough of an interlude (coming in at 1.44) to give us a regained feel for that earthy, witchcraft-like tune from the start, before dipping us (willingly) right back into the core of beauty, that is the heart of this album.

`TIPTOE ON THE HIGHEST HILL' is the second work of genius on this album, and, as the first, this should also be essential listening to all you psychedelic music-trippers out there. The guitar work is second to none, emotionally powerful, and evocative - at one point it sounds like a soaring seagull, and at other times, all we can do is allow ourselves to be transported by the musical waves that wash over us. Perhaps this is even THE BEST SONG OF ALL TIME - tall order, I know, but just possibly, this is it.

`Fluid' is a bit more of the proverbial animal we had a suggestion of right at the start, what with the female sounds of human ecstasy, and barely audible moans of... ahem. Not too embarrassing though, since for the most part, these noises are swamped by a layer of strange, undulating musical `cover'. Temperatures and pulse rates are allowed to drop once this is all over, and we travel into the land of the `Mexican Grass War'. Anyway, listening to the music, you may concur with my opinion; `war' is hardly an apt description of the goings on here! Picture the scene: A group of people get together, like wandering European cavemen, bashing a few drums, sitting-off with their mates, and acting all primitive - great! Subtle instrumentation and effects are found throughout, lurking in the electronically-charged, dark environment, ready to come to the fore, as and when the moment is right. Seriously, it's a bit of a freaky laugh-out, formulated and existing in another dimension! `Rock And Roll The Joint' - an acid-jazz foray which is also a little bit, dare I say it, funky? Never mind, that is the one and only time I will have cause to mention that word here! In any case, it's all groovy here my friend; everything done is done in style! `SUICIDE' is another of the great tracks that make this the great album it undoubtedly is. It is a catchy, trippy number, with sudden changes of tempo, from a poppy psychedelic tune to an almost full stop of lysergic lyrics and dreamy percussion with mellow synth (I think), followed -first time round- by more psychedelia, and later by a steady, slow build up of a folksy, round-the-campfire, acoustic guitar that takes us to the end. And what better to do next, whilst sat round the proverbial fire with friends, than provide the listener with a silly, drunken rendition of `Three Little Piggies'. You may either want to listen to the stupid fun, where one of the voices sounds uncannily like Syd Barrett, or you might otherwise want to shake your head and skip it. I do, however, earnestly suggest you hear this through at least once, with individual vocalists variably laughing, yawning, cheering, making daft noises (like `oink, oink' or `wee, wee'!), and even one sounding like a character from Monty Python's Flying Circus! It does end with a pleasant music-box sound, or glockenspiel, or tubes or something. The final track is here - `The Sparrow Is A Sign'. This is another very strange piece of triptastic music collage, with sinister undertones perhaps. Then , when the music is all gone, you are left feeling low, empty, devoid of the good good good groovy music. Sounds may still swirl in your mind, but what the heck - play it all over again! Just a pity it is so short, at around 40 minutes - but those are 40 mins to trip easily away when in such good company as Twink's Think Pink!


Also try Amazon for the following: Silver Apples (double album on Amazon), or Timothy Leary's stuff (LSD, or You Can Be...) Modern trippers may enjoy Porcupine Tree's Voyage 34, or KLF's Chill Out, or Trance Tripping ('closest thing to some chemically-induced trip', apparently), or The Beta Band's - The Three E.P.'s - All available here at Amazon!
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on 5 December 2014
whatever he's become, Pink produced a hell of a psychedelic classic in Think Pink. Brilliant.
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