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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2013
This is a film from the 80's that will always be in my mind, whilst several of my friends did highly criticise and despite this movie, I adore it. An incredibly surreal and stupid account of aliens that look like Klowns that have landed on this planet to harvest humans in a Candy Floss looking cell, is stupidly FUNNY....
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on 9 October 2014
Quite simply one of the most enjoyably stupid (and extremely clever!) sci fi comedies ever made. Packed full of outrageous ingenuity, this spoof of 50's B Movies works on almost every level, delivering the perfect movie for a night in with some friends and a few beers. This Steelbook edition is a must have, the Blu Ray quality is excellent for a low budget 80's movie and the extra features are fascinating. Artwork for the Steelbook is pretty cool too.
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on 22 August 2010
It's riddled with cliches that were old before the 50's ended. The comic relief characters and situations are excruciatingly unfunny. The acting is uniformly awful (this despite the presence of veteran character thesps John Vernon and Royal Dano). The special effects range from low budget to no budget...

...but for its sheer inventiveness and macabre sense of humour this 80's absurdity deserves its "so bad it's good" cult classic status. Back in the day it had me with its spoof Alien tagline "In space no one can eat ice cream".

If you're of a strong disposition I'd recommend pairing it up with 'Howard the Duck' for an 80's Creature Feature double bill that's as painful as a mullet, but not as public.
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on 17 March 2002
The type of film video was made for.The plot has "Killer Klowns" land in a small American town, where they proceed to cocoon the residents in candy floss and make imaginative use of their over sized footwear.
A great low budget, highly imaginative horror flick that sorely merits a DVD discovery.
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on 17 November 2013
When a small town is invaded by aliens who are capturing and killing the townspeople, no one takes them seriously.

The aliens all look like circus clowns, use weapons that look clown like, and all have painted on smiles.

Only a few of the young people in the town realise the danger and of course no one believes them.

Armed with an ice cream truck they try and rescue their friends.....

This is a foolproof movie. Like Snakes On A Plane, the title tells you exactly what to expect, so if you like movies where no name actors get offed in comical ways, and talk a load of old cobblers, and feature some very dodgy effects and narrative, this is for you.

It's the epitome of a campy cult classic, and it hits the spot very nearly.

Of course though it hasn't held up well in the passing years, but there is still a lot of fun to be had with the sheer novelty of the film, and the sinister streak the film has every now and again.

A human being used as a ventriloquist doll? It's here, and on display.

Not as great as you'd remember, but not as bad as you'd expect it to be....
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on 28 September 2008
Whoever you are? Whatever your favourite genre is. You have to add this movie to your collection. Hilarious antics involving klowns, candy floss, shadow puppets, balloon animals, pies and party blowers. This film is great for the whole family, minus a bit of bad language from animal house star John Vernon. If your kids have seen Stephen King's IT and are now afraid of klowns this is probably not the movie for them but honestly. This movie is a masterpiece and is certainly more watchable than pride and prejudice.
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on 1 January 2016
This film is not a new release by any stretch of the imagination. But it has a fantastic title. After having this sitting on the shelf for 12 months I decided it was time to give it a go and I would advise that you persevere through the first 20 minutes. After the klowns come out to play the production ramps up about 10 notches and becomes thoroughly enjoyable. From the word go this movie screams 1980s from the horrible opening theme to the appalling fashions and hairstyles. But the Klowns are unbelievably well done - fantastic makeup and undeniably creepy as only a clown can be. The story moves along at a good pace and is packed with cheesy clown stereotypes mixed with inventive death scenes. It's all great fun and walks the line between horror and comedy with great skill. In regard to the acting - there is some of the worst, wooden acting that you will ever see. It's possible that the director actually asked the actors to behave this way (I hope this is the case...). And for a 1980s production the Blu-ray picture quality is pretty good and the DTS MA HD 2.0 soundtrack is better than I would have thought.
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on 21 February 2015
Killer Klowns was a really goofy and cheesy sci/fi comedy horror film from the 80's. judging from the title, you will immediately know what to expect. You gotta admit that this is one unique B-movie film. The basic plot isn’t exactly original but throw in a circus of large, zany clowns with Toys’R’Us-like weapons and you have one wild and crazy ride of a “horror” film!

Viewers should not expect great-acting here with several no name actors. The clowns and cheesy SFX are the true stars of this B movie. Mike Tobacco & his girlfriend, Debbie Stone, are the first to understand the true nature of the alien clowns. They enlist the help of Dave Hanson, a young policeman, and Rich & Paul Terenzi, two twins that own an ice cream truck to try to get girls — what a ragtag team! The classic John Vernon is great as the rude and disbelieving Police Officer Curtis Mooney. Another B-movie star, Royal Dano, is perfect as the redneck farmer, Gene Green, with his dog.

The cinematography is very colorful and fun. This is a B-movie but it plays like an A in some respects. Sure it’s quirky and the acting leaves much to be desired, but it just doesn’t feel like other B-movies I’ve seen. The music was really good and compliments the bizare and dark atmosphere (although the film doesn't have any gore, some scenes were really well made and creepy) The song used when the clowns are first marching into town with their goofy looking weapons was also memorable. So, in case you have only the tiniest sense of morbid humor in you, I strongly recommend tracking down this "Killer Klowns from Outer Space". It will, without a doubt, be one the most bizarre film projects you ever laid eyes on.
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on 18 May 2013
I first watched this film when I was a child found it very amusing but obviously didn't understand it! Still good although not for those that need films to have good quality graphics! Delivered on time and in good condition.
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on 11 December 2003
As comedy-horror films go, this is one of my personal favourites. The film exudes pure tongue in cheek class. The film has everything from clown style killings, such as death by shadow puppet, victims being trapped in balloons to be stored later in candyfloss only to have their blood sucked out through incredibly long straws, and who could forget the infamous popcorn gun!!! So what are you waiting for, buy it now!!!!
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