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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 14 July 2016
At long last, then, Jaws 2 gets a Blu Ray release. I’ve always had a soft spot for this film: partly because I think it’s great, but also because it had the unenviable task of following the first, iconic, utterly wonderful first film. How do you follow that…?? Apparently it was one of the very first sequels made – in those days, such things were rare – and paved the way for the mega-franchises we see (or endure) to this day.

Without spoiling it, the plot basically involves another shark wreaking havoc on some of the inhabitants of Amity Island. However, this film is perhaps slightly more expansive (geographically speaking), eventually following a group of kids sailing out to sea, where our fishy friend can do his/her worst. Some themes from the first film are still in evidence, e.g. tourist dollars versus public safety, business versus authority, family tensions, personal demons and, of course, the notion of “be careful out there”….

The Blu-Ray quality is terrific, considering this is nearly 40 years old. The film is strong on action shots, the director really made these work; they are pretty spectacular (e.g. following the fish from above/POV, the water-skiing, helicopter etc.), and Blu Ray enhances them considerably. I also think there are a couple of genuinely terrifying, proper “horror” moments – possibly even better than any such scenes in the first film (or at least on a par with Quint’s bloody departure). The special effects, and the ways in which they were created, still impress, again when you consider the film is from 1978.

The acting is, once again, first-rate. Roy Scheider, despite his initial reluctance to play Chief Brody again, is great: haunted by the events of the first film and wary of what’s to come, whilst having to tolerate small-minded islanders and money-men – the latter personified superbly by Joseph Mascolo, playing the sleazy Len Peterson. Lorraine Gary provides strong support, as does Murray Hamilton as the Mayor (who tries to be more supportive of Brody this time round). It’s also nice to see Jeffrey Kramer’s nice character, Hendricks, get more screen time here. I also find the kids’ performances impressive – they’ve all got quite distinctive, endearing personalities rather than being just a bunch of bland “screamers”. Indeed, unlike with other horror films, you don’t find yourself rooting for the bad guy after a while!

John Williams is also on hand again to provide a similar, but even grander-sounding, score. It’s wonderful; the opening scene in particular is perfection. I just can’t imagine Jaws without Williams. The only disappointment with this release is that the soundtrack is in 2.0 rather than 5.1; listening through headphones is fine but surround sound would’ve been the icing on the cake.

There are some nice extras on the disc:- a couple of “making of” features with some interesting stories from the director, producers etc. (the story about Murray Hamilton and his wife is heartbreaking); and some deleted scenes, the most interesting being an extra few shots from the “helicopter” scene.

All in all, regardless of the first film, Jaws 2 is a fine film which can even be enjoyed as a stand-alone effort – yes, it continues an over-arching storyline but familiarity with the original isn’t essential (though I doubt you’d actually watch this before the first one, obviously….). Anyway, as I’ve tried to outline above, the interesting plot, terrific action sequences, moments of terror and fine acting all go to make Jaws 2 a solid sequel but, on its own, a highly absorbing and entertaining film.
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on 30 May 2016
The four stars are for A at last on BLU RAY outing on this movie, but i have to say i am sad to say that the sound track is not the full 7.1 DTS surround that the first jaws movie got for its BLU RAY outing not even a 5.1 track, no just a rubbish 2.1 DTS on this one and that's a great loss and a shame as the john williams music in this one is outstanding, the picture is 2.35.1 full wide screen and there is a little film grain unlike the first jaws BLU RAY but over all not to bad its a lot sharper and brighter than the old DVD, as for extras well nothing new there just the same as the jaws 2 DVD which is a crying shame, so 4 stars for the picture and just the 2 for the sound mix.
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on 21 July 2016
One of the few film sequels that was just as good as the first and this had to be down to the . really enjoyable
Roy scheiders acting was a class at why its good. Jaws 3 and jaws 4 are garbage jaw's. The revenge !! What moron thought that one up
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VINE VOICEon 1 August 2013
In the wake of Steven Spielberg's original game-changer there came many, many imitators, most of which were so lazy that they were just named after whatever leviathan might be eating people on that occasion (Orca,Piranha,Great White,Alligator) and they were all absolute garbage (although Orca does have some decent melancholic pathos). Jaws 2 seems to have been degraded by the flurry of imitators, but that doesn't mean it's a bad film. It's actually quite good.

Three years after Martin Brody destroyed the original shark another (with a rather cool Phantom of the Opera burn across its 'face') has come to Amity Island and is gobbling-up the locals. No one wants to listen to Brody's suspicions, leaving him to deal with it all on his own. His two sons, meanwhile, go out sailing with a bunch of friends and are terrorized by the shark when it paralyzes their flotilla.

Many critics have compared Jaws to a teenage slasher movie, which I think is unfair. That particular sub-genre didn't really take-off until the release of Halloween, which came out 4 months later. Plus the teenagers in this movie are actually likable and have decent characterization. Even the stuck-up Mayor's son is good character. In a modern movie he'd die horribly as creating unlikable fodder is a common way for lazy writers to encourage blood-lust in the audience.

However, the movie is very, very short on blood, which is one of its biggest faults. These shark attacks are far too clean and sterile. The first movie had way more, why not this one? Jeannot Szwarc is no Steven Spielberg, and struggles to build tension and suspense. His effort is "not bad", especially during early scenes such as the dead whale, and body in the surf, but the poor editing of the action scenes suggests he couldn't capture much on camera and left it to the editors (Verna Fields did not touch this film) to put it together any way they could. Brody is somewhat demoted to a sideshow character in the second half as the teenagers shout and scream at the circling dorsal fin. A better balance of scenes could have been found here.

John Williams' score is a step-down from the first, though still a good score in its own right. It's just a pity that the movie has only ever been released in Mono as the music (recorded in stereo) could use a decent, spacious remastering.

I feel that if a different, more prominent and skilled 70s director had taken control of Jaws 2 (such as John Frankenheimer or William Friedkin) then we might have ended up with a tighter, more exciting film. As it is, Jaws 2 is merely a respectable sequel before the excruciating awfulness of the further two that followed.

The Blu-ray looks good in 2.35:1 1080p with DTS HD-MA 2.0 sound (which is actually Mono) and a bunch of decent extras.
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on 24 April 2003
A fairly decent film with some genuinely gripping action sequences. Had this not been a sequel then I feel it would have been much better received, but the crew were always going to suffer by being compared to the original. Some excellent suspense builders, notably the teenagers hanging out in the harbour and the desperate swim by Eddie for the safety of his dingy. As in the original,the soundtrack adds to the suspense. A worthy follow up.
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on 7 November 2015
It's about as good a sequel as they get. Plotline doesn't stray from its iconic forerunner...and why should it. Script is a bit clunky and Brodie needs another Shaw/Dreyfuss foil to banter with. I feel Lorraine Gary (very under-rated actress) should have had a more direct 'shark in yer face' role as she and Schneider work well together.
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on 28 March 2015
Not even close to the original, which is rightly hailed as a classic of cinema. Jaws 2 however, is the best sequel out of the 3 films that followed the original. Roy Scheider (and family) are again on screen, which gives the story some kind of continuation. An entertaining couple of hours.
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on 14 July 2016
Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Into The Water The Adds And Movie Poster Proclaimed For Jaws 2. Back In 1978 Universal Pictures released Jaws 2 A sequel To The Hugely popular Jaws which was still Thrilling movie audiences and Gave birth To The summer blockbuster. Roy Scheider returned as The ever popular Chief Brody along with Murray Hamilton as The Town's insufrable Mayor and Lorraine Gary as Brody's wife. The premise was still The same yet another Great White Shark stalks The Town of Amity. The Movie's opening evokes The original film with a Diver stumbling upon The wreck of The Orca only To well you know The rest. This Time The movie's producers of Zanuk & Brown showcased The Teenagers of Amity Island placing Them in Danger from The shark along with Brody's Two sons. A little mention should go To Anne Dusenberry of all The actors playing The Teenagers stands out my favourite scene in The movie with Anne as her running along The beach stumbling across The remains of a Dead whale a victim of The shark. what strikes you with Jaws 2 is some impressive shots They managed To get of The shark The History of The original Jaws is well Documented with problems They had with Their mechanical shark. They seem To have over come all That in This movie. Jaws 2 comes with an impressive set of extras Deleted scenes and when you view Them you wonder why They ended up on The cutting room floor. Two Trailers for The film and a making of Documentary I have To say This is one of The best Documentary's on The making of a movie you will ever see. The HD Transfer and sound as you would expect are really excellent a big improvement over The DVD release. Jaws 2 proved That a sequel could be as Good if not better Than The original if Handled properly. of course we should and would not Take anything away from The original. After Jaws 2 The producers would give us Two more movies but These Quickly sank at The box office faster Than The shark. for The moment with Jaws 2 We are in safe hands as we return To Amity Island.
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on 14 July 2016
Unlike Jaws 3...This is a superb quality blu ray. Picture is pristine & I must admit surprisingly grain free for the most part considering the age of this film. Audio is fine & a few nice extras too. I can't recommend this enough.

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on 21 April 2014
I am quite fussy about what my kids watch, but Jaws (as they're boys) is such a great film.
I was disappointed there was a bit of crass talk in it for a PG, but as I say I am very fussy, and I just edit those out as they watch it - most people probably wont care.
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