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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 31 March 2014
I didn't install the game from DVD, just added the game key to and downloaded the client. Online play still works over however if you're using WinVista, Win7 or Win8 please remember IPX/SPX not available for these OSs any more, this means no LAN party. Also game won't install on MacOS 10.7 Lion and any higher versions of it. Apple gave up supporting PowerPC applications and Starcraft is one of them. Also there's a chance you'll experience some colour problems; to fix it please follow this:

Go to the compatibility section and select the following settings:
- Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
- Run in 256 colors
- Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution
- disable desktop composition
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on 26 July 2001
StarCraft, and the BroodWar expansion is STILL the best RTS game around - it's getting hard to get hold of so don't hesitate if you see it.
The single-player missions are good "stand-alone" gaming, and many people are happy to keep playing the computer. But perhaps the real appeal is playing this game on Battle.Net against other players. Humans attack and defend in ways computer AI can't dream of - and StarCraft has a near perfect balance of forces and units that your success depends on your strategies. This game is the ultimate in strategy. And it's fast.
It has a loyal fanbase with dozens of sites on the web with strategy tips and replays of games. A classic.
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on 22 May 2001
StarCraft: BroodWar is easily the most polished of enhancements to an already fantastic game. Briefly the expansion provides: three new map types, six completely new and original units (seven if you include Protoss Dark-Templars that were not buildable in the original), an entire single player campaign spanning twenty-six missions, hundreds of multi-player skirmish maps and awe-inspiring cinematic sequences. The maps are fully detailed and look fantastic; they even have new critters. :) Each of the new units is totally unique and adds a whole new dimension to the strategy side of the game. There's nothing half-hearted about this expansion. Everything you'd expect to be present has been included, plus a lot you wouldn't have expected in an excellent value-for-money expansion.
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on 9 December 2013
This is possibly the best game ever on the PC. Although now dated it is still a wonderful game to play (I still play it on my Windows 7 PC). It has three balanced races, a wonderful storyline and great gaming experience. Personally I find the original game (and its expansion) much better than the sequel, the original has a better story, characters were better and a it had a much better atmosphere that the long awaited sequals failed to match.

This box set includes the original game and the superb expansion, which follows the story of three different races and dozens of characters over the events covered in the game. Although the age of the game will deter most gamers, if you don't mind retro games and have a PC that can run it (it will still run on my PC, although I needed a fix from the blizzard website to fix the colour problem with windows 7) and enjoy a good strategy game give this a try, you won't be disappointed.
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on 9 January 2005
7 years ago, brood war the expansion pack for Blizzard's Starcraft was released. Still today it is played all over the globe, some places for vast sums of money. South Korea it is the same as football is to us. Vast sum's of money have been made from this professional gaming, in some cases over 900,000$.
So much can be learnt from the game, nothing is ever the same online or offline. Build your base, choose from one in three races (protoss, terran, zerg) respectively 3 complteley different species with ground units, "air" and buildings. The storyline is just stunningly scripted and addictive from the start. The online arena expands it further with the ability to play with up to 8 players accross custom maps or maps made by blizzard.
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on 26 March 2013
I played the original Starcraft when it first came out, and it's still as addictive as ever! If you like there are absolutely loads of cheat codes to be found online which make it easier to beat. At the time I thought the graphics were really good, but obviously these days it is starting to look dated. It ran on my Windows 7 laptop without too much technical hassle, it does muck around with my graphics card settings a bit - you certainly don't want anything else running while you're playing this - but overall excellent considering the age of the game.
I haven't got round to playing the expansion pack yet, really looking forward to it though.
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on 2 January 2004
This is the most wonderful game I've ever played in my life I can say. The mission story is really well made and the graphic is good. Single game and Multi player game with the other gamers give you more fun of the game specially Battle Net is really good fun of it!!! You can play with the gamers over the world in your room for free!!!
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on 27 March 2008
you say:
"The thing that really ruins StarCraft is that there no strategy behind it : all you have to do is keep throwing expendable units at the enemy until they are overrun; unlike games like Command & Conquer where you could choose either to crack the enemy with brute force, wage covert war or use aerial support to soften the enemy. Unit control is very annoying as well, you can only control a maximum of 9 units which is far too low considering units in combat life can be counted in seconds, hence the need of constantly creating teams which is undesirable. "

Your statement is contradictory: You cannot moan about this game being all about brute force AND THEN complain about using only 9 units at a time! This is what makes a good player stand out, being able to use the right forces for the right reason at the right time. This IS strategy!!!

I'm sorry to further your contradiction by confirming that C&C, a game which you state is "not about brute force" actually allows you to carry out an attack with an unlimited number of units. This involves a LOT less strategy than an attack based on moving 9 units at a time!!!

You are right on the Starcraft not having the "wage convert" option, but do NOT say you cannot carry out air attacks! Apart from the array of attacking air units, have you ever tried a "drop"? This consists on using transport ships to carry your units to the heart of your enemy's base... Quite a lethal attack if carried out properly! In fact, this only works if done with the right units and very stealthily... again, it's all about strategy!

I just thought I'd put the perception of Starcraft back where it belongs: amongst the best strategy games out there! I still play this game online (it was released 10 years ago) and every now and then play the scenarios because they are AMAZING!! =)

Lets hope Starcraft 2 won't disappoint!
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Over the last 10 years that I first installed STARCRAFT I have replayed it countless of times. Every time a new overhyped game disappoints me, this is one of the games I pull out of my library to be reminded what a GREAT PC GAME LOOKS & PLAYS LIKE! (others include UNREAL, BALDUR's GATE, GRIM FANTANGO and SHOGUN:TOTAL WAR)

Everyone has his/her favorite RTS and no one can claim that STARCRAFT introduced the futuristic RTS genre (that would be DUNE). Nevertheless, the great, crisp and clear graphics, the balanced units and the strategic terrain all contributed to turning STARCRAFT into a true classic. This is a game that passed the test of time, not only because its aging graphics are still acceptable but also because it is one of those games that stays with you. Forever.

So, the next time some gaming industry MBA (who probably could not tell an RTS from an cRPG) tables the idea of LIMITED INSTALLATIONS, what he will have primarily accomplished is to have his game forgotten within a year.
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on 13 December 2003
1000 words is not enough. i bought a pc just for this. the game will last you well i have had it 4, 5 years and still play it often. choose from 3 races, tons of units,buildings and your defences or just mass your ranks and go bug hunting, the choices are unending. easy to play but can be hard to win.use multiple units of different firepower like marines joined with medics and ships to protect the skies above. lots of missions and lots of custom games to play as well as multiplayer.cannot rate this high enough and am left frustrated wanting a game to match the sheer quality of this one.
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