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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

on 2 November 2015
I absolutely adore this CD.
There is only one song I am not too keen on which is NYC Girls.
I have been a fan of Joey's since his New Kids days and he was always my favourite. To tell the truth, I missed most of the CDs he released until just recently and I managed to buy most of his songs on iTunes and other places.
Joey's voice has matured and he has a powerful voice, he can do fast songs as well as mid-tempo, and he shows an impressive range on this album.
However I believe his voice is strongest in a lovely ballad, hence my favourite on this album is Mrs Callahan. I knew this song related to Joey personally as I recognised the name Callahan from a couple of the old New Kids books. He took a risk and it paid off, it's a beautiful ballad and it's basically saying Parents listen to your children.
I also love If I Run Into You, it is very catchy and I think we can all relate to this at some point or other.
As I first listened to it, I did not like Rain, but now it is one of my favourites on the album.
The last two songs One Night and I Don't Know Why I Love You are also worthy of a mention, being quite up-tempo songs but I love his voice on both of them.
Easier is also worth a mention as it is a beautiful ballad that proves Joey has a voice to be reckoned with,
My only gripe is that none of his music was released in the UK. Why that is I do not know, so us UK fans have had to buy imports or get his songs from other sources. At least Jordan Knight brought some of his music over here.
Maybe Joey did not have the support network or was not sure how the UK would receive him as he did promote in other countries, especially with Stay The Same, but anyway, to hear Joey's beautiful voice, a little hard work is nothing if it gets his music to as many people as possible.
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on 3 August 2001
I got this album when it was first released in the States and I haven't stopped listening to it yet! Joe Mac is definately past his NKOTB days and is now writing all his own material with such a maturity and depth that you could hardly associate him, now, with the teenybopper image of the NK's in their day. I have been a fan of his since 1989 and totally love his new look and sound, it so much different than Stay the Same in 1999. "Rain", is a catchy guitar lead track that really makes you want to sing out the chorus full blast. From the heart, a song full of meaning, "Mrs Callahan" is a haunting song, definately one to sit back and think about. Another of my favourites is "Easier", where Joe shows the power of his voice, again not recognisable from back in the day. But I love so many of them, "Walking My Baby Back Home", "We Don't Want to Come Down", If I Run Into You!", I guess there isn't really a song I don't like, Each track has a different sound and all but one of the songs is written by the man himself, therefore taking you an emotional and fun filled journey and with so many fantastic tracks on this album its just so hard to really say what is "THE" song on there, its definately going to be a hit no matter what gets released as singles. Joe Mac is certainly one to sit up and take notice of right now and his material should be brought to the UK, because I am totally convinced that people who cringed at the mention of NKOTB, will be tapping their feet as soon as the CD starts spinning!
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on 9 February 2002
This album is now one of my most listened to CD's!! (I was a huuuge NKOTB fan and as I consider them as being a significan part of my pre-teens,I like to hear of what they are up to nowadays!!)
Meet Joe Mac comes from the heart and I think it portrays all sides of Joe's personality (from how he comes across as I don't know him personally...I wish!!) from the funny side right to the deep and sentimental side. These aspects really come out in the songs and I personally, tend to feel in the same way as the mood of the song I'm listening to which, for me, shows the greatness of a songwriter!!!
I really think that Joe has put his heart and soul into this album and that it has paid off which any old or new fan of his would agree with!!!
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on 29 May 2001
Having been a fan of Joey McIntyre since 1989 , back when he was a member of New Kids On The Block, I was eagerly anticipating the release of 'Meet Joe Mac ' his second solo album . This album has a more mature , polished sound than the first . It still has a slightly poppy feel , but it's more along the line's of a soft rock album . Favourite tracks include 'Rain' an impressive ballad , 'If I Run Into You' a funky upbeat tune which could easily be a Wheatus song , and 'Walking My Baby Back Home' , which rumour straight from Mr McIntyre himself , has it that it could well be the next single after 'Rain'. Although there are no boring moments on this album , so it's difficult to choose favourites. You get the impression that you're getting more of an insight into the real 'Joe Mac' on this album than the last . And the vocals are spot on , here's an artist who's truly grown , and is continuing to grow in the public eye . Overall a brilliant album , with at least 10 out of the 12 tracks being strong enough to become single material . My only wish is that he'd hurry up and release some of it in the UK.
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on 28 May 2001
Joey McIntyre's back with his sophmore followup to "Stay The Same". He calls the album "Meet Joe Mac", an attempt to reintroduce himself to a younger generation as a new artist. And that's what he does. Attempts to reinvent himself. Experimenting with all different sounds, guitar rifs, poppy ballads, and even a bit of rapping. It's unfair to say that none of it works. Perhaps it would have been a better effort if the lyrics were half good...It might help looking at each track individually:
1) "We Don't Wanna Come Down" - Simple lyrics, suprisingly good melody.
2) "Rain" - The first single, beautiful lyrics and sound. Nicely crafted, the pinacle of the album.
3) "Walkin' My Baby Back Home" - This kid can sing, don't get me wrong. It sounds excellent -- only he's 30 years old and singing: 'daddy says I havta have her back before dawn'...
4) "NYC Girls" - The absolute worst song on the album by far. Upbeat, he makes a half hearted attempt to rap -- and fails at it.
5) "Easier" - Solid ballad, in true pop format. Very nice, more "mature" if you will.
6) "Walk Away" - Another experiment -- different from the rest of the album, trys something different with his voice, sort of works.
7) "National Anthem Of Love" - This song would be good if there were no vocals. Enough said.
8) "If I Ran Into You" - Nice concept lyically, but vocally I'd rather hear nails scratching a chalkboard.
9) "Mrs. Callahan" - Beautiful ballad. Extremely senitmental that will make the strongest man or woman cry. Nice lyrical concept.
10) "Love Song" - Nice song. Follows basic pop formula.
11) "With A Girl Like You(One Night pt. 2)" - Excellent upbeat song. The only upbeat song on the album that truly succeeds.
12) "I Don't Know Why I Love You" - Another experiment. Not so great...
Overall I gave this album 4 stars, because when the album works, and there are some spots where it actually does -- it's good. His voice is strong, excellent actually...However, he needs to move towards adult contemporary, because that's where his voice belongs. Once he gets this under control, he'll be all set.
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on 13 June 2001
This is the first music i`ve heard of Joe`s since 1994...i missed "Stay The Same". I was overwhelmed by how much he had grown up, and how his voice had so much improved! The songs that stuck out the most are "Rain" totally brilliant and a great if not weird video too, "Walking My Baby Back Home" a lovely little ballad, "if I Run Into You" OMG how many times have i thought this when i think of people from the past, and "Mrs Callaghan", an intriguing blend of cool melodies and poignant lyrics. i think this appeals to Joe`s "old" fans...me...and would definately appeal to a whole new generation of fans too. Shame he`s not given the support from the people that count to make that work here!
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on 3 August 2001
This is excellent album. It proves that Joey McIntyre is one of the best singers and writers around at the moment. The CD is full of powerful songs full of emotion and feeling. Along with fun songs with strong rhythm and powerful vocals.
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