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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 29 May 2001
With the infamous new figure and the love/hate cover version of It's Raining Men, the original princess of pop returns with a surprisingly cracking album. Scream if you wanna go faster is an up-beat, storming pop album. Geri plays to her strengths in her second solo albu, and if this is anything to go by, far from last. Opening with the 60s retro title track Scream if you wanna go faster, things take a slight dip with the next track, Shake your Bootie Cutie. Although it's not a bad song, her referances to sexy daddies and hot mammas are laughable. Things pick up with the belt-it-out ballad Calling, and reach further heights with the infuriatingly funky soon-to-be single Feels like Sex. Circles round the Moon is next, a delightfully summary song rumoured to be on the Harry Potter soundtrack. Things take a more mellow approach with Love is the only Light, which is very pleasant rather than cracking. However, it is made up with the GIRL POWERness of Strength of a woman, a mix between Emma Bunton and Ronan Keaton. Don't Call me Baby arrives next, a brilliant Motown-esque track, followed by the frankly annoying reggae attempt in Lovey Dovey stuff. It's Raining Men storms out of your sound system next, sounding better with every listen. Next, Heaven & Hell (Being Geri Halliwell) pops out of the blue, a punk rock/pop track full of humour and good messages. I was made that way floats nicely away and calls the end to an irrisistabley addictive album. For fans of Schizophonic, you will only grow with love for Miss Halliwell. For those of you who wanted to slap her whenever she popped up on TOTP, you will be eating an enormous slice of humble pie. Geri has finally found her level musically and lyrically, and has crafted a delightful pop album which you can simply not ignore. Bravo Miss Halliwell!
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on 29 April 2001
There's nothing like this album! It doesn't have "latino music" (like Mi Chico Latino on Schizophonic album) and no songs (like You're In A Bubble). The title-song, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, is better than Look At Me, but have a feeling of 60's beat..... Lovey Dovey Stuff is and R&B mixed with reggae, you can't stop movin'. It's Heaven & Hell (Being Geri Halliwell) is an autobiographyc song, the style of music changes everytimes like "flashes".
Shake Your Bootie Cutie is a very dancey track but the final is very strange! Nothing that Calling could do to better the sound, the next ballad to be a single, 'cos Geri put all her voice power in that one...
To be a perfect final track, the album got I Was Made That Way (that is in It's Raining Men as a b-side), perfectly to end the album. A beatiful ballad, you have to hear that after sleep, and it'll sound like: "Have a goodnight"...
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on 23 August 2004
I still think Schizophonic was better (slightly) but this is still astonking album. Geri enlisted the production skills of Gregg Alexander (New Radicals) for this album, that's why "Shake Your Bootie Cutie" and "Strength Of A Woman" sound similar to "You Get What You Give" (by the New Radicals) in places. This strengthens the album but also gives it an overall sound (each track on Schizophonic sounded different to the next). It's also sometimes very obvious where Geri gets her inspiration from, i.e. Lovey Dovey Stuff bears a striking resemblance to "Englishman In New York" by Sting (they both mention tea in the first line and you can sing one on top of the other). This doesn't stop it from being a great album though. It's a shame "Feels Like Sex" was never released as a single - top tune!
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on 16 May 2001
1 - Scream If You Wanna Go Faster - The title track and rumoured to be the next single. It's a rockier track than Geri is used to, obviously influenced by George Micheal. A high energy song, with a cathcy chorus. 8/10
2 - Shake Your Bootie Cutie - Alike to Bag It Up, this is probably the catchiest song on the album and is probably the one that will stand out at first. The whole song is tacky, the lyrics are awful 'Sexy daddy baby', but it all bodes together really well and one of the best on the album. 9/10
3. Calling - A big, Latino influenced ballad that shows Geri's voice at its best - her limited voice fares well in these slower songs. This song has been hailed by many as the best song on the album, not my personal favourite, but then again it isn't my type of song. I like it, just find it rather boring if not in the right mood. 7/10
4. Feels Like Sex - Geri's raunchiest song 'Ever felt too hot to go to bed, touched yourself instead?'. This was going to be the first song released, but then Raining Men came along and to coincide with Bidget Jones Diary she had to release that instead, so almost a definite bet for a single. Cool and funky, another great song. 8/10
5. Circles Round the Moon - Called the albums 'Lift Me Up', but for me pales when compared to it. It seems to lack any real emotion and is far too laid back, then again it is a nice song. This is rumoured to be put on the 'Harry Potter' films sound track as the song is influenced by the novels. Not my favourite, but still good. 7/10
6. Love is the Only Light - As sung on TOTP. Another ballad, a slow song that sticks to the same pop song routine and explores no new ground. Probably the best ballad on the album in my opinion. Simplistic and very natural sounding. 8/10
7. Strength of a Woman - My personal favourite on the album, it's very catchy and cheerful - the type of song that the Spice Girls would sing before they attempted R&B. A typical Geri song and another typical pop song. I don't really know why this song appeals to me so much, it is just so 'good!' 10/10
8 - Don't Call Me Baby - This is very alike to 'Stop', but sadly not as good. An obvious filler for the album, but still good. And no it is not a cover of 'Madison Avenue' 7/10
9 - Lovey Dovey Stuff - Geri doing reggae - *shock*. A nice laid back song that just drifts away, sadly it drifts away so much that it's instantly forgettable. The worst song on the album for me. 6/10
10. It's Raining Men - The critics call this the worst song on the album, but in my opinion it is great. I don't really need to explain it much as I'm sure most of you have heard it. Very catchy and well produced. 10/10
11. Heaven and Hell (Being Geri Halliwell) - Geri talks about the disadvantages of being famous, it is all really a big mickey take out of the media and herself. It is Geri just having fun, an obvious bonus track. Catchy albeit disjointed. 7/10
12 - I Was Made That Way - One of the bonus tracks to 'It's Raining Men' - a ballad. This is a half hearted, tired sounding song is actually good, but not great, it lacks something special that most of the other songs have. 6.5/10
Overall - This is far better than Schizophonic, Geri's lost the breathy diva style voice and just gone for attemtping pure pop songs that will appeal to her fans. It lacks any sense of depth, but that is why it is such a great pop album. It wont go down in history, but will be remembered by her fans as being a good pop album. If you like pop you will love this, Geri isn't trying to be something she is not, her voice suits these songs much better. But if you hated Raining Men, don't be discouraged as it has been hailed by far the worst track on the album, but if you loved Raining Men you will probably love this album. Geri at her best!
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on 23 May 2001
I loved her first album and thought it was great and her follow-up album is sure to please all fans. There are rocky pop tunes such as the dance rock of "Scream If You Wanna Go Faster" and the very Geri style of "Shake Your Bootie Cutie" and "Feels Like Sex" which are both funky and catchy in the style of "Bag It Up". There is also the huge UK #1 smash hit "It's Raining Men" which rocks and the fan favourite "Heaven And Hell [Being Geri Halliwell] which is a brillant pop/rock and it is sure to suprise everyone, there ain't many songs like this..a real treat! Plus my favourite would have to be the brillantly sung ballad "Cirlces Round The Moon" such a catchy peice of pop, this girl knows how to produce good pop music...This is a great follow-up album...So many great's all good!
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on 6 June 2001
Don't listen to them people who think it is crap. I am her no 1 fan and this is her best out of everything she has done ever! At first I thoght there were only 1 or 2 good ones on there but it really grows on ya! This is the best alumb ever! here is what i think
1. Scream If You Wanna Go Faster: YEAH! I would play this one driving in my car it really gets you going!!!! It's a catchy tune and you will be singing it for ages.
2. Shake Your Bootie Cutie: This one is a really party pop tune! Its no tacky it has really good vibes in it! You will play this one again and agian.
3. Calling: This could possible be the best song I have ever heard. I'm a loud person but I love Geri's slow songs. Walk away was really nice but this one is so much classier. It has such a nice rythem to it. I want it played at my funneral!
4. Feels Like Sex: This one has a really good middle bit. She sings really well. Every now and then I shout out "JUST BECAUSE IT FEELS LIKE SEX!!!!"
5. Circles Round The Moon: This isn't as good as the rest in quality but I love It!! The tune is so catchy and you'll find yourself singing it all the time.
6. Love Is The Only Light:Geri wrote this on about a girl who died and was really strong. It is very nice and theropitic.
7. Strength of a Woman: She wrote this one in the back of a taxi! I don;t think it is as good as some of the others but it has a good message.
8. Don't Call Me Baby: If you have broken up with your lover listen to this! It makes you laugh if you are upset. It is bittersweet and very cool
9. Lovey Dovey Stuff: This is a slow song but, not very popey very classey.
10. It's Raining Men: Geri couldn't have covered it better!
11. Heaven And Hell (Being Geri Halliwell): This one is very good! It is a cross between fast pop and slow melodey. One sceond the music is slow and peacful and then this happens FIFTEEN MINIUTES SHOW ME WHAT YOUR MADE OF, FIFTEEN MINIUTES WHAT ARE YOU AFRIAD OFF? It is very good and you can see what it is about.
12. I Was Made That Way:A nice slow one to end the alumb. I like it not as much as the rest but it is very nice and sweet.
It is so much better than her first if that is possible- BUY IT!!!!!!! Click that buttion go on CLICK CLICK CLICK!!!!!!!!!
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on 16 May 2001
Her first album, Schizophonic proved she could still produce chart-topping pop songs, but Scream If You Wanna Go Faster proves she can really sing. This is not just a pop-filled album, there are soulful ballads like Calling and Circles Round the Moon and a few 'pop-rock' tracks, with even a light reggae style song, Lovey Dovey Stuff. Geri proves that she has a voice, a talent for song-writing and is still a force to be reckoned with. It is evident that more work and more confidence have been put into this album and it's sure to surprise a few critics. A definite must-have album! PS Despite its bizarre title, "Heaven and Hell (being Geri Halliwell)" is one of the stand-out hits on the album!
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on 17 May 2001
Geri was always classified as the Spice Girl who couldn't sing, but now she is having the last laugh as this album is a dedication to the pure genius and talent which she displays. This is the next stage of her new look, to go with her beautiful new look she has matured musically. This album is fantastic with the dancing tones and lovely ballads which create a evocative experience which you won't forget. If you didin't like her first album then this album will please you. BUT if you liked her fist album, you must but this, it is excellent, brilliant. Songs to watch out for " Scream If You Wanna Go Faster" taken for the title of the album it is fantastic. "Calling " and "Love Is the Only Light" the ballads which make you feel good. She also explores sexual fantasy of all us , her listeners. with "feels Like SEX". Buy it you must!!!
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on 11 May 2013
Purchased this because I used to have it years ago, I don't have a problem admitting I like Geri Halliwell. anyway great new CD super fast delivery, for a brilliant price, could not want much more could you?
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on 28 April 2001
god! what is it? this CD it's just perfct. it just could came from geri halliwell. she is the best singer all over the world. we're proud to have a good singer who made part of spice girls. people who don't like her, should be careful about the coments. her voice it's very beautiful. and the new single it's raining men it's fantastic. let's go, buy this CD. I'm sure you won't be upset about it.
contact me by icq: 86242293
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