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VINE VOICEon 25 February 2004
I love this album. This album really is a breath of fresh air with some seriously good songs in here. 'Shinobi...' is 3 minutes of metal genius with a guitar loop that makes you want to punch your fist into the air as you headbang and is the highlight of the album with many others including 'The Fake Sound of Progress', 'And She Told Me To Leave' and 'Kobrakai' falling a very close second. Ian Watkins' voice sounds rather strange the first listen through, but has a piercing quality that rises above the frantic action in the background, and the harmonising is brilliant. This is an album which will surprise at first, and possibly make you question its place in your collection; but i promise that by the second listen through it will have found a comfortable niche in your musical heart.
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on 9 March 2002
Whoever said that LOSTPROPHETS were just another nu-metal band, trying to keep up with their American counterparts was a fool. This album stands to prove that. There is so much variety of music in this CD, ranging from screaming rage to mellow, 'kick-back and relax' beats. LOSTPROPHETS released 'Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja' as their debut single, they could've chosen any other on the album. The track 'fiveisafourletterword' stands out as one of the best songs i've heard in the last 10 years. It contains a mixture of heavy guitar riffs, calm singing and manic screaming. All the ingredients needed to make your heart beat a bit faster. It's also lyrically one of the best songs i've heard. One other song to rival this on the album is 'kobrakai'. This starts with a gentle guitar in the background, then grinds out one of the best intros u'll ever hear. Scratching and overdriven guitars never sounded so good. Again, the song manages to mix screaming and singing superbly, making it an awesome track.
Of course there are 9 other tracks, but there's not enough space to talk about them 2! Basically, the album is brilliant, all the songs are brilliant and you should go and buy it now.....GO ON!!!
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on 31 May 2004
this is, without doubt, the single best album ever, ever produced. stunning.
first things first - the vocals. some say ian watkins' singing improved from FSOP to Start Something. if you ask me, the vocals on FSOP are so much better. they're full of raw emotion, powerful. yes, it is possible to get more raw emotion than in 'start something'. just plain awesome. and when DJ/backing vocalist jamie oliver (not the chef) comes in, it moves on to a whole different level again. if you like deep, meaningful lyrics, then you may not like this. but others among you will learn to love the beautiful obscurity of every word.
in fact, the entire musical line up is incredible. lee gaze on lead guitar is up along side the best guitarists ever (except hendrix himself). mike lewis on rhythm guitar gives the raw background sound to it all. stu richardson on bass has faster fingers than john wayne in a gunfight, and knows how to use them. mike chiplin is simply a drumming machine. and jamie olivers DJ work is mighty slick, as is his background singing.
so, the songs. 'shinobi vs dragonninja' is 2 minutes and 47 seconds of metal history. 'ode to summer' is wonderfully uplifting and immense. 'the handsom life of swing' is stunning blend of rollicking couruses, gentle verses and a sweet, melodic outro. 'a thousand apologies' contains one of the greatest guitar riffs ever. 'awkward' is a song built on foundations of pure fury. 'still laughing' is an excelent 'builder' of a song, growing in power and intensity ever secong. and the title track is a wonderful shot at those nasty corporate record company types. and then there's the rest.
if you're one of those people who liked 'last train home', and liked some songs on 'start something' but couldnt handle the heavier stuff, do not buy this. its not your cup of tea, trust me. but if you love every second of 'start something', or youre just into rock, buy it. you will like it, so long as you keep an open mind and ignore everything the media's lies about lostprophets being pop sell-outs. it is, quite simply, awesome.
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on 29 February 2004
Yes many of us have been roped in by the band lostprophets in this last year but not many people have heard their debut album Fake Sound Of Progress. The lp of 'Fake Sound' followed along quite soon after the CD became a hit among the alternative and underground scene.
You may well have bought their new album 'Start Something' which is similar. If you have enjoyed their latest album im sure you will turn to like 'Fake Sound' just as much.
With its raw edge sound in 'Shinobi VS Dragon Ninja' which is continued in 'Kobrakai' but made heavier and more punky summer tune 'For Sure', all their varied componants which made them so popular in the first place along with its simiple cover and clear LP, it makes this defenitly worth the money and a great collectors item for both fans and general collectors!
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on 10 March 2006
In my opinion, this is one of the best debut albums ever made. i don't agree at all with the other two reviews, this album doesn't have a bad song on it from start to end. Why they didn't stick to this formula il never know. This album was written/recorded in 2 weeks wihch makes it even better. The first two songs 'shinobi...' and 'thefake...' are the ones everyone knows but songs like 'kobrakai' and 'Andshetoldmetoleave' are incredible. They don't play many of these songs live because most people got into the band with their radio friendly follow up but its interesting to see that they are incorporating ideas from this album (fake sound) into the new album, due for release soon. A great album, far better than Start Something if you're into post hardcore, nu metal, even scremo, i fully recommend this album, and its soooo cheap now lol.
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on 24 August 2002
The fake sound of progress is an excellent eleven track debut from Welshmen Lost Prophets. Tracks such as the opener ShinobiVsDragonNinja make this album what it is and that is a gem. You would never guess that these guys are Welsh by listening to this album, they have an American sounding edge and in some ways are similar to the Deftones which in itself is not a bad thing. A great album to start off with hopefully the guys will get stronger from this. Well worth a listen, buy it now.
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This band are just amazing and they are gonna be huge! There music just makes you sit back and shut-up, once you buy this album you wont look back! I've been following this band for a year now and they are about to become huge! Trust me, buy this album and if you get a chance see them live, they will absolutely blow your mind! (I've seen them 10 times now and everyone just gets better and better) Have fun listening, you wont regret it!
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on 27 May 2012
2001 was a significant year for the Welsh rockers Lost Prophets, with the release of their debut album, The Fake Sound of Progress, and gathering acclaim with the critics too, hailing them at the time as being "on the edge of greatness". That is certainly the case with this album, as it is miles away from being near such a metaphorical edge of greatness, particularly in retrospect with some of the latter albums being more noteworthy of being great, such as 2004's excellent Start Something album.
Whilst the tracks on this album are enjoyable, like Five is a Four Letter Word, the title track, and A Thousand Apologies, being amongst the cream of the crop for memorable reasons, the album just doesn't live up to such expectations. The album just does not have any sign of a hook that makes it worth repeatable listens. Whilst that may not be a bad thing for a debut album, it certainly matters in retrospect when they were competing with albums from the likes of albums from the likes of Tool and System of a Down (Lateralus, and the Toxicity album respectively.)
Therefore, whilst The Fake Sound of Progress is not as great as you would believe it to be, it has enough moments for fans of the now-established band to add into their album collection. Just do not be surprised to find that you cannot remember half the tracks after listening to this album.
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on 11 July 2002
This is the Lost Prophets with their debut 11 track album 'The Fake Sound Of Progress' which blows you away. It contains all sorts of different tunes from the album titled song to 'Ode To Summer' and if you like repetitive albums this isn't for you.
The most standout tracks are 'Five Is A Four Letter Word', 'Kobrakai' and 'Handsome Life Of Swing'
I first really got into this band after their excellent set at Ozzfest 2002 where I crowd-surfed twice!
The next day I rushed out and brought the album and WOW!
For a start the singing by Ian Watkins and Jamie Oliver (no not the chef!)is great...
The DJ-ing,guitar riffs,drumming and Singing makes Lost Prophets what they are.
Here is my track by track view:
1)Shinobi VS. Dragon Ninja - the track is a great way to start a rocking album. This was their first single they released. Great!
2)Fake Sound Of Progress - the second single released by the band isn't as great as their first but still Jamie saves it with some head throbbing screams towards the end as it fades into a mellow tune.
3)Five Is A Four Letter Word - an excellent intro mixed by Jamie as the guitars kick in this is my 2nd favourite song on the album just behind 'Handsome Life Of Swing'
4)......She Told Me To Leave - this is one of LP's more mellow tracks but is once again excellent due to the riffs and Ian's soft vocals which rise in the chorus.
5)Kobrakai - One of the most catchy tunes with a great fade-in intro this is fantatstic and should be the next single. The vocalists' excellent singing in the chorus makes it extremely moshable!
6)The Handsome Life Of Swing - Labelled 'The Mosh Song' by me and friends by Jamie's excellent intro screaming this is my favourite song on the album and one of heaviest songs on this mind-blowing album.
I'm gonna cut short about the rest.
7)A Thousand Apologies - An intro which reminds you of Inme but another perfect song on the album.
8)For Sure - Another song which many people believe is the best more mellow than usual.
The rest of the album is just as good as the other tracks however I really can't be arsed to continue all I can say is the album is original and is the one in my CD player right now!
This album has had alot of mixed opinions which the bands gets as well but I think everyone should give it a listen.
Everyone has their own opinion!
Go for it you won't regret it!
I'm seeing them at London Brixton Academy in October!
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on 27 September 2001
Lostprophets are truely the best thing to have ever come out of the UK... This 6 piece band from Wales have been touring the country playing to as many crowds as possible, their fan base has grown rapidly and they are known as the hottest thing in the UK. Recently signed with Sony these guys know how to rock. With songs such as Kobrakai and shinobiVSdragonninja bring about 2 of the best intros your likely to hear along with being amazing songs. There's not a single bad track on the album, and with songs like ...andshetoldmetoleave and Stilllaughing bring about a mellower side to the album and still being able to be truely brilliant. Whatever price you buy this album for it's truely a steal! There's big things ahead for these guys and if your not gonna get the CD it's your loss... I'll be fronting these guys whatever they do!
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