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on 28 May 2017
I love this game, I've been reliving my childhood gaming days and have been buying several games I played as a kid. Game works perfectly considering it's a used game. I'm playing it on my Nintendo DS console
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on 13 September 2017
A fun remake a very good purchase
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on 14 April 2016
It doesn't work. My screen just says 'the saved data is corrupt' what a waste of money and the cartridge was falling apart
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on 24 April 2015
Not working at all. I use didn't have time to return it back.
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on 2 June 2001
I have had the Japanese version of this game for a while now, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing mario games. The graphics are vrey similar (and in some cases identical) to those used in Mario 2 in Mario AllStars on the SNES. There are also example of Mode7 graphics within the game (look at the cogs in the background when you go into a pot) which weren't in the SNES version.
The sound is also very good, and even features small voice sound clips that also weren't present on the SNES. The levels are nearly identical to the SNES version, with some differences which normally mean the level is actually bigger.
It's easier to get more energy to stop you from losing lives in the game which in my opinion also makes it easier to play.
Overall the game is an improvement on the SNES and is great fun to play. A must buy for anyone getting the GBA.
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I have to say, as soon as I found out Nintendo were releasing Super Mario Bros. 2 onto the Game Boy Advance I was excited. When I heard they were going to release the Arcade classic Mario Bros. (but with nicer graphics) I was so happy, I could have died! The two games, of course, falls neatly under the title Super Mario Advance, and boy, is it advanced! Not just satisfied with Super Mario Bros. the way it was, Nintendo have expanded it into something with laughs in the puny face of the original. These extras include better graphics- they are even better than the ones on the Super Nintendo entertainment system! The sound is more crisp and clear, and even better- you get to relive the moment you heard Mario say "Its-a me, Mario" on the Nintendo64 home console, as speech, yes speech as been included into the game! The extra capabilities of the Game Boy Advance has been used to good effect too; such as enemies which scale in and out of the screen when defeated. Extra enemies, items and areas have also been included, but for maximum lifespan, when you complete the game you get to take part in Yoshi's Challenge where you, as Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad have to find 40 Yoshi eggs hidden throughout the 20+ levels. Class. Mario Bros. has also been given a complete facelift. Instead of the basic 2-player game featured in the original, you can either play by yourself against the computer OR play with up to 3 other people using a new link cable using ONLY THE ONE GAME CARTRIDGE! From the early screenshots as well, it looks like you can pick up and throw the other competitors around! Once again, Mario shows he is head and shoulders above the rest.
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Here it is, the Advance game many people have been waiting for. Nintendo have a habit of releasing a Mario game with every console they launch. Super Mario Advance is an enhanced, portable version of the Nintendo Entertainment System's Super Mario 2.
What's interesting is that the American and European versions of Super Mario 2, and the Advance version, are the only Mario games that are not true pedigrees. In Japan the sequel was called the Lost Levels, which can be seen on the SNES Mario compilation All-Stars. Super Mario Advance is a conversion and adaptation of the quirky Japanese game The Dream Factory.
History aside, Mario Advance is a highly playable game. It features four characters, Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess. Each character has their own attributes that make the gameplay slightly different for each of them. Princess, for example, has the ability to hover after a jump and that allows her to reach places in the game the others can't.
The graphics have been enhanced over the original game. If you enter the massive pots, you can witness the Advance demonstrating its sprite rotation abilities with revolving platforms. Some of the game's baddies have been increased in size and Mario Advance features a surprising amount of speech.
To top that, they have added a new Yoshi mode after you complete Super Mario Bros where you colect 40 yoshi eggs.
Super Mario Advance features a four-player multi-player game based on the very first Mario Bros game. Not only is this cool to play but you only need one cartridge and the link-up lead.
Overall, a classy presentation and worth the wait, but we can't wait for Super Mario Bros 3 on the Advance.
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on 28 September 2001
Mario Advance. Looks nice, infact a mario on the gameboy advance should be perfect, however nintendo have chosen to release 'Mario 2' which is the odd one out of the entire mario series.
It's basically your typical platformer, no classic mario jumping on baddies heads, no mushrooms, no stars. It gets very repetative very soon. If your a mario fan, obviously it's a must have game, but I give this 3 stars, at it really is nothing special. I recomend waiting a short time for Mario Advance 2, which is a remake of the classic Super Mario World on the snes! Now that will be good enough!
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on 26 June 2001
Everyone knows that a Nintendo console almost always launches with a Mario game, and the Game Boy Advance is no different.
Usually, in a standard Mario platform game, you (i.e. Mario) have to jump on the bad guys to kill 'em, however in Mario Advance you have to, er, pull up giant vegetables (let's call them turnips from here on in) and throw them at the enemies. This takes some getting used to, and the temptation to simply jump on their heads is overwhelming at first - fear not! - you can still do this, but then you have to pick up the enemy and throw him (her?) in place of the giant turnip.
If this all sounds a bit strange, then yes, perhaps you're right. For all this strangeness, this is still a quality Mario game for the new GBA to launch with, but I'm sure most Nintendo fans are waiting for a 'proper' Mario game for their new handheld.
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on 16 July 2001
This game is cool, throwing vegetables instead of jumping on enemies heads, such a good idea. Apart from the Nes to SNES to GBA thing that goes with this game, it is good and looks very nice at its new home. It feels strange playing a Mario game, but not jumping on enemies to kill them. But you get used to it very quickly and it feels natural. The best parts of this game are being able to play as Princess Peach and the funky pink, green and red, pink hairband, egg breathing, dinosaur things at the end of most levels. Another weird thing that makes this game good is that Peachy hasn't been kidnapped and can actually fight for herself, although personally I miss Bowser and the Koopa Troopas. From what I've seen this is the best platform game available for the GBA at the moment. Not the best, but far from the worst Mario game. Get it, you'll like it.
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