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on 4 December 2003
No wonder this passed BBFC testing.......becuase they cut out almost the entire film
Cause believe me, If you thought this version was rude & explicit then wait till you see the orginal, whole different ball game alltogether.....It's basically a hentai film(anime pronographic)
This version Is bad becuase It's cut out to the extreme but I understand becuase If this was relased as an original then It would never of reached the shelves here
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on 7 February 2013
Hmm I have to say this was ok but I wouldn't watch it again its old yes but stil its a bit sick
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on 15 October 2004
Well once again british censorship has distroyed a great anime. Some may not realise that the overfiend series in its total has been edited for british realise by about 2 hours. The overfiend series is one of the best in its genre boasting some excellent examples of quality animation and unusual storyline. But I as stated previously to watch it in its full glory you need the unedited version. The first film for example offers you scattered scenes and really it has been edited to the point where it no longer makes sense. It saddens me to think that some have not and never will see these films for what they are.... truly amazing!!!
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on 18 April 2005
If you are a fan of urotsukidoji DONT BUY THIS, This version is badly butchered and censored and is missing the japanese voices, That would not be so bad if the dubbed voices were any good but they arent, I have never seen a subbed manga with voices this bad actually. I have seen the first movie uncut/uncensored and it beats this version by FAR very FAR.
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on 12 December 2001
Where do I start?! I loved this DVD and thus created my passion (fetish) for tentacles and such like. I have bought the whole set (4 DVDs) and watch them all the time. The character development is excellent (and quite "interesting") and the special effects are exceptional. The storyline is hard to understand at first but you soon get the hang of it and can soon predict when the next tentacle rape scene or senseless violence it going to break out. To sum this DVD up in one word? "Yum!"
p.s. I just cannot get enough of those tentacles!
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on 4 April 2002
Urotsukidoji was the first anime fim I bought, way back when it was first released in 1992. From that day I have been a huge fan of the film and it's certainly the type that leaves a lasting impression upon the mind!
Many critics damned this film claiming it was little more than a gory horror packed full of sex and violence. Fair to say this is true to an extent, but all the 'controversial' sex and viloence isn't arbatrary and does have meaning within the context of the story. Funny that the critics failed to mention the strong themes of love, romance and age-old struggles that are concentrated on more than the sex and violence.
This film is definetely one of my favourite anime (and I've seen a lot!) and I'd reccomend anyone to watch it - male and female. Just start off with an open mind and a liberal approach and you may see under what the critic's didn't.
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on 20 November 2013
Urotsukidoji is one of those films that has developed a cult following partly due to the explicit content. There's lots of bad language, nudity and sex here, all over the top.

This DVD contains two movies, "Legend of the Overfiend" and "Legend of the Demon Womb", the second one being a direct sequel to the first... with Nazi's. The plot for both is pretty poor, as is the English dubbing. The animation is alright, but nothing too great.

It's more of a shock watch, the same reason you approach b-movie horrors. You've probably never seen anything quite as... ballsy? as this. It's just all out and pretty unapologetic. I lent my copy to a friend who watched it with his then-girlfriend. She hasn't spoken to me since.
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on 21 September 2001
...This is a strong, and now notorious couple of films which owe their infamy more to the extreme content than for any particular brilliance. They are not bad films, and the story - as anime goes - is quite consistent and solid. However, when you see this reviewd alongside films such as ninja scroll, perfect blue and so on, and receiving much higher marks, that's just not right. Rent it. If you like it, buy it.
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on 19 April 2011
When I first saw this in my local video shop I was 13, I saw the title and was blown away, I then read the blurb from the Daily Telegraph which read 'Seriously disturbing'. 13 year-old me thought; 'I MUST watch this clearly awesome mind-bending epic'. Alas, about 5 minutes in and I was first introduced to the not-so-amazing world of tentacle-based hentai.
It would seem then, that the only things genuinely disturbing about this film are the sexual perversions of its creators.
Furthermore I've read that other reviewers have seen an uncut version that reportedly makes more sense. I'm not sure if the censored stuff makes up the sequel on the disk but I do know that the sequel on this dvd takes place just before the end of the first feature, which is just bloody ridiculous and really hard to get your head around.
However, as a stand alone, the first film at least makes sense, and whilst it's not disturbing in the way that Lost Highway screws with your head after one too many tugs on the green stuff, there are things to get excited about-
Most of all, bearing in mind this was made in the early 90's it was about time someone challenged our perception of porn in this way. I've sat through enough of Kate Beckinsale et. al. getting frisky at the most ridiculous of times and the most unbelieveable of situations in hollywood blockbusters to recognize when a production studio has watched some hi-budget abortion, realised 'no-one is gonna swallow sh** this huge' and thought, 'well, plot, character development and special effects have all-failed, let's just ram some gratuitous shagging in there somewhere and hopefully we can con some mugs into actually paying to view this farce.' This, in most people's minds, is pornography; graphic depiction of sexual activity for no reason other than sexual gratification of the viewer.
Conversely, no-one is going to watch any old porn film for an action-packed, special-effects romp. All of the money for that will go to producers who think that some fake tits wiggling about on screen will do the trick (and as a society, boy do we keep proving them right.)
Enter Urotsukidoji. The fact of the matter is, you could buy this film in shops that did not distribute 'pornography' in any form, and for the most part, they are right; Legend of the Overfiend is an action-packed sci-fi/fantasy thriller with loads of death, gore and explosions. However, the sex scenes within whilst themselves are not completely seperate to the plot, are happily tacked in under the dubious pretence that, if there were parallel worlds, as the film suggests, then OF COURSE those beings inhabiting such worlds would be sex-crazed penis monsters! What I believe is to be recognized here is that sex in itself deserves better representation in film in general than just what Vivid studios and many a dire hollywood venture have offered; we feel comfortable getting our jollies from seeing someone being torn in half by machine gun-fire but artful, relevant depiction of sexual activity seems a little beyond us.
Overfiend attacks these norms with gusto.

Not that I would call urotsukidoji particularly artful or the sex scenes it contains particularly relevant. Still, it never pretends to be. The over-arching sub-themes of teenage love and the transcience of existence have little to do with tentacle monsters savagely violating teenage schoolgirls, but the connection in the film is just tenable enough to be acceptable in what essentially is a fantasy-action film.
The thing is, once you get your head around the fact that the front cover is a COMPLETE LIE, there is a pretty good feature in here. The action is pretty good (epic demon fights man, epic demon fights), the characters are a little OTT, (but, 'tis anime you are watching, dear reader, not Schindler's List) and the storyline is at the least, amusing. If you like more modern anime and want an idea of where it all came from, and at the same time look at some really weird drawings, by all means, go for it, just don't say I didn't warn you :p
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on 14 June 2005
I heard about this a year or so back, and decided to purchase a copy. Boy was I amazed! The storyline is confusing to say the least, but unique, powerful and totally original! The animation is mostly very impressive, sometimes a little lazy...but creative.
However don't assume just because it's a cartoon that it's suitable for kids. this isn't really suitable for adults, which is why it's been cut and edited in various places to lessen the very explicit adult and rape scenes. I mean, would you want you kid to watch a teenage girl get raped by multiple tenticle type objects spawned from an alien disquised as a teacher? didn't think so. As for the violence, theres bags of it. Blood runs in all directions, squirts in different colours and gunges out of alien after alien. So why watch this obscene film if it's so explicit?
Well, firstly it's not gratuatous. It's over the top but it's an over the top film, and set in an over the top world, where theres no law, order, and nothing to stop one hundred foot monsters invading our planet from two other worlds and taking away the virginities of innocent girls.
The story is this. There are three worlds. Ours, the demon world and the man beast world. once every 3 thousand years the three worlds unite in battle, one man is chosen as the chojin, the one who is to unite us. Demons roam onto outr world and man beasts team up with- oh i give up! It's very hard to explain! Just watch it yourself!
thanks for reading!
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