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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 16 November 2002
The first thing that many people will notice about this band is the name. Well, cast that to one side a go straight to the music. From the very first track to the very last you can tell that this is an album made by a band who have passion, energy, love and a joy for the world they live in.
The album kicks of with THE REBIRTH. This features some kick ass drumming and is a lively opening to the album.
This is followed by LOVECORE (WELCOME TO). It is basically an introduction of what the band think their style is all about.
3rd is AS I WATCH THE SUN F**K THE OCEAN. Again the name grabs the attention but it is a very good song. It shifts from slow grooves to fast, dramatic heavy parts.
Then the first single I'M A CLOUD; It starts off slowly and quietly, but this is a build up to huge explosion of energy on the opening chourus. Fantistic stuff
The one of the album highlights MAN WITHOUT SKIN. This has a gentle introduction on an acustic guitar. This gives way to some great guitar and drums, all building up to the chourus. It is the best song on the album.
A LETTER FROM PRISON has the tough job of following it up. It does a decent job but is largely ignored due to the quality of the previous song.
UNHEARD then slows the fast pace album down with its soulful and spirtiual groves.
The trippy GOING TO INDIA follows. This is a very 'break from the formula' style song. It features fast, dramtic vocals, then breaks and slows down, only for the fast section to attack again.
TURNING INWARDS is another slow(ish) song. It is from the heart and another album highlight.
BENKEI follows. A good, jumpy song about the singers dog, who died.
the album is finishes of with BEFORE WE DIE. This a slow song that builds to a climax, then lets go and fineshes the album.
It is an album that anyone with even a passing intest in 'alternative music' should listen to.
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on 30 April 2002
Nu-metal? Couldn't be further from the truth. Nu-metal implies that the song formula follows this contrived 'join up the dots' pattern that a lot of bands have unfortunately fallen into when writing songs nowadays... The difference between songs such as this and the songs on this album is that a couple of years down the line, this band will still sound just as innovative and inspiring as they do now... Boyhitscar positively ooze talent and potential, listening to any of the tracks any number of times will still leave you with that completely energised feeling you get when you hear a song that instinctively you know is a masterpiece (anyone else feeling that?!) The best example is probably 'I'm a cloud' (just listen to the riffing backing up the vocals in the lead up to the chorus, and you'll get my point.) If you're serious about metal/alternative music, give this band half a chance and they'll monopolise your CD player.
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on 2 January 2003
How do bands like BHC get ignored by so many people? Its unfathomable, and indefinately ridiculous.
Where so many newer groups fall down, BHC simply float on water. Like jesus. Or a leaf.
They do everything perfectly right from the outset, as a result its hard to find a fault on any of the tracks. With the sometimes absurd lyrics that adorn a good share of the songs, and sweetly tuneful guitar backdrops, the whole scene just becomes alive with musical prowess.
The guitar work on this album is fantastic, and painfully unsung. Melodies that bear a plentiful helping of eastern flavour that can blow you away with their excellence, and catchy distorted rock choruses will have you screeching around like music has been re-invented. Sounding like a slightly heavier and less willowy Led Zeppelin, they're truly where rock should be heading, if there's justice in the world.
Its worth mentioning the drumming too, not because you notice it, but because you don't. Un-intrusive drumming is a skill hard to come by, especially in rock and metal circles, where there's a heavy emphasis on loud - which drummers do so well. Here we find BHC's drummer accompanying the tune's melody and emotion effortlessly. World class, in an obscure way.
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on 16 January 2002
This is possibly the best album that was released in 2001. dont listen to those people who say it is Nu-Metal, its not! it is one of the most original albums released in the last few years. This album is definetly a good buy, anyone who has a wide interest in music will like it. Go buy it!
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on 29 July 2010
Boy Hits Car are probably most famous for LoveFuryPassionEnergy, which naturally due to it's useage in WWE would probably mean this is their most well known song. There are many bands in the same situation, where one popular song was brilliant yet because the media has said near enough nothing else about them, you would assume that they aren't worth giving a good listen. This is completely not the case with Boy Hits Car; this album is not only enjoyable from start to finish, it is also thoroughly exciting.

Apart from their truly powerful and energetic melodies which every other review seems to cite as a reason to buy this album, there are many other elements that make this record so worthwhile. Boy Hits Car's sound is truly unique, it blends energetic alternative rock riffs with the trippy melodies of a 12 string guitar. This is relatively Unheard of (pardon the pun) in music today, which adds to the excitement of this record. The riffs flow really well, and along with the vocals create a truly powerful sound. The vocals are passionate and energetic and vary greatly throughout the album. Altogether though, the albums begins very powerfully and has its mellower moments as well, but what's so fantastic is that even in the softer songs on the album are passionate and exciting. There's a very spiritual feel to the melodies and vocals, which in a rather weird way make you feel so grateful for being alive. The lyrics are full of soul and emotion which anybody could appreciate. Another great reason to buy this album is that it is consistent in its quality, there is not a single dry or boring "filler" track which you seem to come across on just about any alternative rock record these days.

This review aimed to compliment the album as a whole, and convey the originality of the songs rather than explain which individual tracks are good and why. This is because I feel it would be very wrong to pick out songs, considering every song is thoroughly enjoyable and to pick out tracks would imply that the other songs are weaker. Hence I have decided not to mention any tracks in particular, because the album should be listened to as a whole. Overall this record is one of the most original and exciting albums you will ever listen to. If you still aren't sold on buying this CD, look at the reviews: Nobody "likes" Boy Hits Car, anyone who takes the time to check this band out absolutely loves them, hence their truly loyal and passionate fan following. Boy Hits Car are one of those rare gems that no one seems to have heard of, which almost makes them that much more exciting, as if you're listening to some rare release that was made just for you.
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on 15 September 2001
At a first listen you get the impression that this is lacking the cutting edge of some of the current US bands around. But after a couple of listens their undoubtable talent and quality shines through.
The vocals here are far clearer and stronger than most of the nu-metal stuff out there. Added to that is original lyrics (that don't involve bad parenting etc)
When you couple the storming lyrics with some superb guitar riffs you get an awesome album.
And who said rock was dead?
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on 26 July 2003
Boy Hits Car deserve a lot of attention, as their debut proves, they have a lot of ability and potential.
Their is quite a spiritual feel to the music, with a rather strong Eastern influence apparent, but it is still quite heavy. There is a good sense of melody, and the superb production showcases this perfectly. The band have mastered the art of going from soft to heavy effectively, particularly vocalist C Regg, who is able to change between softly sung passages and post-hardcore screaming in an instant, and can also reach the high notes (on 'Lovecore' for example).
The tracks all have a unique identity: 'The Rebirth' is a sweeping epic, 'As I Watch the Sun F**k the Ocean' displays the band's spiritual side, 'Man Without Skin' has a definite groove to it, 'Letter From Prison' is one of the heavier tracks, 'Going to India' one of the faster, more obscure tracks and 'Benkei' showing a softer side.
A couple of reviews claim that the lyrics make no sense, but I personally think that they are also very good, just slightly cryptic.
Add Boy Hits Car to your collection now - you won't be disappointed.
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on 28 March 2001
This band are amazing, there is nothing else that can be said. BHC have rocking feeling to their music...makes u just wanna nod ur head and tap ur foot..and thats just the first 10 seconds of every song on the album. With the eastern sound towards their music, there is something very new and very fresh. BHC is blissfull mix of "At the Drive-In"..and "System of a down". With the weird names of songs such as "Watch the sun fuck the ocean" and "i'm a cloud" i think i have found the album of the year..and it's only March!
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on 19 April 2001
Oh my word, what can I say about this album? On first inpressions it sounds slighlty odd, but on further listening this album is one of the best albums I have purchased this year. At first the idea of accoustic guitar in nu metal seems bizzare, yet it gives a totally fresh sound and works incredibly well. The guy's voice is strong and is just as unique as the band themselve. This band have to be heard to be appricated or understood. The chances of being disappointed are small to zero
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on 3 March 2001
this band has obviously been in the pipeline for many years but has recently only come to light due to the uprising and acceptance of many bands. This is an album which allows the music to speak for itself and does not fail to live up to the revolutionary expectations of bands such as at the drive in, the trail of dead and the get up kids. The tight rhythm sections of the drums allow the band to carry through each of their excellent talents without dissapointment. This is an album which encourages the music to be the leading form of publicity and is well backed up by the wide ranging vocals of the toploader frontman lookalike. It is a must buy for all intellectual new age music listeners.
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