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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 12 May 2009
I have to admit before i begin i am a complete movie nut and can watch anything, so with this in mind i thought this was an ok movie to watch. (other people might not be a kind) Seeing as do not live in america i thought the plot line was abit far fetched.
Main plot: Fraternities in a posh university, something goes wrong, our main character tries to do the right thing and tell the authorities however his fellow "brothers" have other ideas.
Like i said the only thing that made me enjoy it less was i thought it was far fetched but bar that its a good movie.
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on 12 June 2001
Joshua Jackson and Paul Walker, alongside Leslie Bibb, head an impressive cast of up-and-coming Hollywood stars, but the fact that they are up-and-coming doesn't give justice to their performances. The plot line is clever, providing enough twists to keep the viewer more than interested, the characters are believable and the acting is superb, showing an intelligence beyond their years. A highly enjoyable film, recommended to all.
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on 30 June 2001
After some disasterous teen flicks of recent years (think Final Destination or the like), "The Skulls" is an impressive piece. The performances are promising from the young cast, particularly by Joshua Jackson (who proves himself as being far more than Pacey Witter), but mostly, this is a sophisticated film which treats the audience as having an IQ over 50. It is a welcome addition in a genre all too eager to palm their audience off with complete trash.
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on 21 April 2001
Stars Joshua Jackson (tv's Dawsons creek) and Pual Walker (Varsity Blues)this reasonably tense thriller from director Rob Cohen (Daylight)didnt get as much credit as it should of had as it brings some solid performances from Jackson and Walker. The basic plot: Deep within the hallowed walls of ivy league's most prominent campus, there exists a secret society where power and influence are bred and when Jackson and Walker are excepted into it they dont know what they've let themselves in for.
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on 25 July 2002
Deep within the tarnished walls of the popular Ivy League campus lies a secret network. A society where power remains prominent. Only a select few are given the honour to join the prestigious society called, The Skulls. When Luke (The lovely Joshua Jackson.) is offered the chance to join he jumps at the chance but little does he know how dangerous his life may become. This is not made known to him until his best friend is murdered. He is now searching for the truth. Nothing can get in his way any more. This is a fast-paced, action-packed classic. Higlights include the lucious Paul Walker and a tense shoot out at the end with very surprising consequences. Don't miss this, you won't forget it!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 May 2013
This engaging thriller is a complimented by some decent acting and a handful of well crafted action set pieces. The standard set up of innocent man trapped in a deadly pursuit against seemingly impossible odds is given a slight twist in that the people in question are part of a secret society attached to an Ivy League college. Joshua Jackson shines as the poor boy willingly recruited into this elite world only to face the ultimate moral dilemma after witnessing a compatriot commit murder. William Petersen and Craig T Nelson bring gravitas to their respective roles as elder members of the society, the script is sharp and the plot moves at a brisk pace towards a satisfying conclusion.
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on 13 August 2007
First off I think the acting and the characters are fine. But I just found this to be a badly paced and really badly written movie.

It's like a mish mash of different genres, like teen flick, conspiracy theory combined with aspirations to be a serious drama.

But the story is let down so early on into the film. No time is taken to show the life of a skull member, just shows some flashy suits, watches and cars and before you know it they are into murder and cover ups.

Relationships weren't given time to grow, so you don't really get to appreciate the characters, their relationships or get to know them.

Then there is his friend killed off before you can understand and appreciate his relationship with the main character, Luke. So at his funeral I didn't care much for the character's death or the main characters loss for his friend. This is a problem because the film revolves around this relationship as a reason for why Luke turns his back on the society. Didn't care about the girl either.

And why would they willy-nilly allow someone so dumb into that society? They don't just open for recruitment like MI5.

I mean this guy doesn't even make back ups of the security tape which is his only evidence of the truth and defense? Anyone in their right mind dealing with a society above the law would have. I would have put the recording on thirty devices, sent some to different countries gave copies to trusted people and told them to expose it in the event of certain situations occurring.

Then Luke and his bandits begin an adventure to acquire the security tape. Which looks ridiculous, quite simply because the society in which this is based, did not survive and enjoy its' long life span by operating this sloppy. In which case Will (the person who was murdered) would never have infiltrated the secret society so easily and why would he want to? The reasoning of so much of this film just seems dumb. Lets say such a society exists which is this powerful that "its' rules supersede those of the law" would you try to infiltrate it, just because your friend has joined? If there is more to it then that, they didn't explain it very well.

It's a nice basic concept but was let down by a lousy story. The pacing of this was just terrible, jumping all over the place.

It needs to be 2 hours long with plenty of depth, but it just seems to be put together like a film school project.

Actually it's pretty much the definition of a teen flick, lacking substance.
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on 18 April 2014
I remember this film being much better many years ago! The story line is ok but it got a bit painful to watch towards the end! I only stuck with it because Paul walker is epic!!
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on 13 January 2005
This film tackles what could be an interesting topic (how many of the top-echelon of decision-makers in the US are products of a warped network of secret societies) in the dumbest fashion possible.
Although the production quality throughout is very high, the writing is so directionless that its 103 minute running time seems about 45 mins too long. The film-makers demand that the viewer suspends disbelief to a super-human level as ludicrous plot twist follows implausible plot turn. At times, it seems that the people responsible simply decided to make a film involving coffins, underground catacombs and sinister middle-aged alumni and filled in the rest of the film to suit these premises.
I've seen the acting praised elsewhere in these reviews, but I can't see where this is coming from. Joshua Jackson struggles to break away form playing his character on Dawson's Creek, and how Paul Hunter ever ended up being anything other than a pretty-boy daytime soap opera star, I'll never fathom.
For me, this definitely falls into the 'so bad it's gone past good and back into bad again' category.
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on 6 August 2001
every once and a while a decent film comes along, this is one of them. joshua jackson gives a convincing performance as a boy in financial difficulties, that realises that acceptance into The Skulls(a secret society) comes at a severe price, while paul walker gives a truly outstanding performance as the spoiled child trying to impress his father and struggle with his conscience at the same time. this film drags on a bit, but lots of action and drama as well as the odd bit of humour mixed in, makes it well worth seeing and owning.
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