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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£34.24+ £3.98 shipping

on 20 July 2001
The first song on "rock action" sets the mood for the rest of the album. "Take me somewhere nice", the second song, is a song which takes you on an emotional ride, as all the songs do. This album is probably more vocal than all the previous albums and singles, but the way the vocals are inserted is sublime. The voice is an instrument, accompanying the songs instead of dominating them. "Dial ; revenge" is probably the best example of this. The language used is unknown to me, maybe Scottisch. But it is as all the other songs, sublime. The song "Robot chant" is probably the most reminicent to the older work of Mogwai, a strange noise scape of a few seconds. "2 rights make 1 wrong" is a happy song, something unusual, surprising, but very good. The last song "secret pint" is the perfect closing song of an album which will be hard to follow up, but knowing Mogwai they will probably have no problems with this. One point of advice : go see them live. The live versions of the songs are completely different, louder, ... probably one of the best live bands in the world.
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on 18 November 2001
As a brand new fan of Mogwai I would like to destroy the rumour that Rock Action is only for existing fans who have other Mogwai albums. And why not kill two birds with the one stone and say that 38 minutes is perfect!
I bought this CD a day after buying their EP+6, that's how impressive Mogwai are! When I got home and played it I was immersed, all the time trying to pin down why this is such an great album to listen to... the feeling and style of the album changes from Trent Reznor downard sprial to Sigur Ros aural landscapes, Mike Oldfield heights to... dare I say it ...Nick Drake depths. They manage this and more without the feeling you've heard it already, creating music that is truly original and very enjoyable.
As for the 38 minutes... didn't the Beatles make it big with albums shorter than this?! And need I mention that there is not a single 'clunker' to be found?!
I took a chance buying Mogwai without hearing them first, I have been burned before, but after listening to the songs for a solid 4 days I wouldn't have a world without this music!
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on 15 October 2003
This is a really melodic and, at times, spine tingling album. The added instrument of the voice makes it sound like poetry written to music. Although it's not all fantastic, it seems to fade away after 5 songs (personally), but the first half of the CD is a gem. The gentle melodies makes you want to drift off to sleep, especially in 'Take Me Somewhere Nice', where the track would sound bare without the quiet voice. 'Dial:Revenge'(by the way Dial means revenge in welsh, it's not Dial in the english phone meaning - sorry if it's obvious to most of you) is another great track with the guitar playing a steady, yet strangely dark song. A great album
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on 18 June 2002
this album is sometimes pointed out as too short, but it really doesn't matter as the quality of this album is enough reason to love this album. the noise sampling in the first track; sine wave is quite hypnotic, and produces an angry feel but leaves you in a dreamy state. hearing the first track will tell you immediately that you have a good album in your hands. by the time i'd heard 2 rights make 1 wrong i was obsessed, the song takes you from a sweet guitar riff, into a drum beat that mirrors the guitar in a way that seems perfect, by the end of the song you are listening to banjos, strings, horns, and choral meodies, the song is amazing, i bought the album after hearing it, and this song was reason enough honestly. the album is finished with secret pint, again, amazing, a great song that wallows in mogwai's typically indy sound.
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on 3 May 2001
If quiet is the new loud, kill me now. This new "EP" by Mogwai, the so called "Rock Action" was meant to propel their underground genius into the mainstream. "Rock Action" is a collection of boring recordings that are quite simply, nothing compared to the post-rock masterpieces of the previous albums. The album is far too short compared to previous releases (hence, my EP title) and thank the lord almighty for I have been saved. For those looking for Mogwai to repeat their "success" of Come On Die Young and are looking for more tunes like "Christmas Steps", "Ex Cowboy", "Kappa" and even the sublime "Mogwai fear Satan" from their first UK Album "Young Team", they will be disappointed. There is just quiet textures, no melody and Stuart Braithwaite trying to sing. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. The single "Take Me Somewhere Nice" is by far the best track and only because of the guitar riff in the back ground. On "Dial:Revenge", Gruff Rhys of SFA sounds as if he is dying to get out the studio and Robot Chant is one of those songs that bands just put on an album to make it 40 minutes long. Is this post "Post Rock"? A Message to Stuart Braithwaite, leave the textures to "Godspeed you Black Emperor!!!", leave the singing to David Gray and most certainly, plug those amplifiers back in. Go back to what you know lads - go back to what you know.
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on 5 April 2001
Having listened this I was a little dissapointed by this. Having first seen them at Glastonbury a couple of years ago and being really impressed by the beauty of their music and the variation between subtely(??)and power I bought Come on Die Young and wasn't dissapointed. This time round they seem to have left off all the power. The beauty is still there but it's all a bit samey. There's nothing with any ummph. Also at 30 something minutes it makes a good EP, but not a great album.
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on 30 April 2001
mogwai have always had amazing songs on their previous LPs but where 'Young team' was marred by some really crap tracks like 'radar maker' 'with portfolio' and 'r u still in 2 it' and 'Come on die Young' failed simply by being too long and boring with not enough loud 'Rock Action' succeeds by cutting back with a less is more approach. much has been made of the shortness of this record at 38 minutes it is only short for a mogwai lp and it is this coupled with the diversity of the tracks - here for the first time on a mogwai album no two tracks really sound the same - that makes this a much better album. the other important thing is that mogwai have not lost any of there emotional intensity. the vocals (which have been used several times before on mogwai songs) are more prominent than on early songs like 'tuner' or 'i am not batman' but they don't dominate the song to the same extent as on 'cody' from 'come on die young'. here they are merely add an accent to the song, you can listen and sing along or you can let them wash over you and concentrate on the music. not to criticise their early work too much but this album is clearly there best because for the first time there isnt a bad song on here.
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on 6 June 2001
Before the album came out I was worried that it was going to be Mogwai selling out. Luckily I was wrong. This is probably the biggest promotion Mogwai have made about there music and we have the introduction of famous voices from bands like the Super Furry Animals. However Mogwai do what they do best they takes these well knoqwn voices and distort them into strange but compelling vocals. It is the next stage on from CODY but if u have never heard of Mogwai this isn't the album for u. It is only 38 minutes long which I think is a dissapointment. Qaulity is more important than qauntity but Mogwai have shown us they can do both with there previous albums.Mogwai is rock taken back to its bare bones and playing with the basics. They are complexed and have depth well worth a purchase. If you are new to Mogwai buy Come On Die Young, to everyone who already has previous stuff add this to your collection.
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on 11 January 2016
what you see is what you get.. good choice!
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on 11 April 2001
Apsolutely brilliant, unforgettable, still the same, still Mogwai, but different, new, quiet and loud, crazy. In a word, perfect.
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