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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 July 2003
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have produced the single best album of 2001 with this, their debut album. Each of the 11 tracks is a superb blend of rhythmic beats, thoughtful lyrics and excellent guitar riffs.
From the opening track, the album is a class act. I first noticed BRMC on the release of ‘Spread Your Love’ which has an unforgettable riff and one of my favourite musical openings to a rock and roll song. The fact that the a track of this type can have such a quality beat without having overpowering drums or drowned vocals shows that BRMC have not made the same mistakes as other recent rock bands.
To my surprise and pleasure, on listening to the album, I found that ‘Spread Your Love’ was not in fact their best song. Indeed, such is the quality and balance evident in every track that I am compelled to say that every song is brilliant in its own right.
Listening to the album from track 1 to track 11 is the best way to listen to it. There are few albums in which every track complements the others to the extent that this can be recommended. Each track varies enough to claim its own identity and after a year and a half of it almost possessing my stereo, I am still waiting for any of the tracks to bore me. Apparently, that day will never come.
The most remarkable track on the album is ‘Rifles’. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Whatever happened to my rock n’ roll’ on any other album would doubtless eclipse all others, but the epic ‘Rifles’ is a monumental musical effort. The eerie 1.5 minute opening with vocal harmonies repeating ‘I’m gonna take my time’ may seem a little bizarre at first, but they comprise the necessary prologue to the overall track. The guitar riff that follows is sensational and the lyrics stir even the most dormant imaginations. The best musical 7 minutes since Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’ and for anyone who has even a vague taste for rock n’ roll, this is essential listening.
The only reason it has taken me a year and a half between buying the album and writing this review is that I do not feel that my words alone can do it justice. I urge you to buy this album before any other. Listen to it five or six times and before you know it, BRMC will inhabit your CD player.
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on 1 June 2001
I first heard of this band about a year ago through another U.S band (Brian Jonestown Massacre)and also because of their well cool name. So I thought I'd pick the album up on import to check it out. There's nothing amazingly new or unique about this three-piece but what they do offer is some very good dark guitar rock. Most of the tunes do have a similar sound but if you enjoy the music of Jesus and Mary Chain, M.B.V, and early Ride you'll love this. In fact you could imagine this band on Creation Records circa 1989. More recently they share the same kind of psychedelic guitar sound as the Dandy Warhols. I don't really have a fave song as there quite a few stand out tracks, although 'Rifles' is top notch in Stone Roses groove type way, and 'As Sure as the Sun' has an ace bass-line. They do however, wear their influences on their sleeve too much on the final track 'Salvation' ....All in all definitely worth checking out if your into Good Indie-Guitar music and lets face it, theres not much of it about these days.
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on 4 April 2002
These young guys from San Francisco have made an album that happens to combine catchy melodies with more of a darker edge than this years current faves The Strokes, White Stripes etc. They are at their best with songs like Love Burns and Red Eyes and Tears which hail inspiration from the likes of the Jesus and Mary Chain but put a fresh edge on it. Most of the tracks on the album are riddled with distortion and grinding rhythms but also they come up with great melodies .e.g Rifles. I feel that what they do best is simply rock out with Whatever Happended to My Rock and Roll being a prime example. A corker of a track, the album could of had a few more on the same line. A classic debut that shows B.R.M.C should be around for a long time to come.
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on 27 December 2001
It seems every new band emerging on the mainstream rock scene is compared to bands of yesteryear (The Strokes being compared to the Velvet Underground and Blondie).And as soon as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll (Punk Song)" aired on British TV,the press labelled them as the new Jesus And The Mary Chain.Now,Ill be the first to admit they look like them,but the trio's blend of 70's Glam Rock,late 60's Phsychadelia and mid 90's britpop is nothing like the shoegazer sound of JATMC.The vocals are a cross between Ian Brown and T.Rex,the guitar gangly at times,then punkish,the bass memorable (hear the basslines on Spread Your Love and As Sure As The Sun) and the drums pounding.Frontmen Peter Hayes and Robert Turner are the producers of the album,with Rob's dad Micheal Been (of 80's U2-alikes The Call) giving a helping hand.The album kicks off with the acoustic strings of Love Burns.Next up is the spacey Red Eyes and Tears,containing some slick vocal and guitar work from Hayes.The aforementioned "Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll (Punk Song)" is a standout,sounding like the MC5 jamming with The Stooges.Other impressive songs include trippy number White Palms,whirly Rifles,the absolute classic Spread Your Love (the one you'll be singing for ages) and Salvation.Im a fourteen year old rock fan,and I chose this album over Is This It by The Strokes.I wasn't dissapointed.It remains to be seen whether the B.R.M.C can break the UK market but one thing is clear:bands like this don't come along very often.Just as The Clash were second to the Sex Pistols,Soundgarden second to Nirvana and Blur second to Oasis,the B.R.M.C will never be aknowledged as the saviours of rock.No,that accolade will go to The Strokes.But as the past has taught us,the underdogs always survive!
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on 23 January 2016
Was gripped by this band upon hearing their album Baby 81 and in true nerd style have since sought out everything they have released. Have come to this, their debut album, out of sequence so to speak. Nevertheless, the sheer raw talent, energy and vibrancy shines through.

Hope these few words might shine a light or show the way for new discoverers of this mighty band.
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on 7 January 2002
BRMC are a fresh young group from the west coast with traits of Jesus and Mary Chains. This album was released some time ago in the USA. I aquired through a friend in the states that just wouldn't stop going on about it. He was right to be so persistant. Every track leaves you waiting with baited breath for the next and BRMC don't let you down. The first UK single, "Whatever Happened To My Rock n Roll" features on this album which is reason alone to buy it. Not to mention the stunninly tight "Red Eyes And Tears". My only regret about this album is that it wasn't released sooner in the UK so for many UK music fans the love affair has only just begun!
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on 3 February 2007
This is a record to become seriously excited about, in a very mellow way. This record has a an aura about it that is not present in many modern band. They do seem to be able to encompass a great varying musical genres into one blend, there are quitre obvious influences from physche, shoegazer, but then through the mix you can hear a spark of bright acoustic guitar, fuzzy overdrive and distortion which hits in great waves of noise. It is truly a sublime album, the trio show off some excellent songwriting on such numbers as, Rifles, which is my personal favourite song, Love Burns and Whatever happened to my rock 'n' roll.

One aspect of thsi album i truly do love is how the guys seem able to layer some quite complex guitar work, with equally gracious bass work relayed over a solid drum beat, they certainly have a lot more talent than most artists of the current moment, and have definately lead me to believe that something good to come of the american music scene.

All in all i cannot stress enough how much you should go out and buy this album it is a truly good listen, and great to relax to after a long day.
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on 30 August 2004
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are proberly the most underated band of the 'New Rock Revolution' of the early naughties. Their dark tunes and melancholy lyrics may not have appealed to everyone on first listen but I strongly encourage those who have not heard B.R.M.C (the debut album from the San Fransico three-piece) and those who neglected it after a couple of listens to give it a chance. This is a record that takes some time to grow on you but it is incredably rewarding when it does.
Tracks like Whatever Happened To My Rock'n'Roll (the most lively song on the album and brilliant party anthem), Spread Your Love (the single which graced a thousand celebrity documentry soundtracks) and the sublime Love Burns really stand out on a first listen but after a few more rounds songs like Too Real, Rifles, Awake and the trippy Red Eyes And Tears begin to attract your attention more and more.
I Recomend this album especially to fans of bands like The White Stripes, Kings Of Leon, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Vines because the Black Rebel's compelling sound should really appeal to those in search of something more intense than your average Strokes or Franz record.
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on 17 February 2002
Looking out for something to challenge or equal the formidable Jesus & Mary Chain, the press reviews promised much from the debut, B.R.M.C. Don't be taken in by this as you will be disappointed if this is your only reason for buying it. These reviews have left me wondering if they had ever heard Psycho Candy, and didn't look beyond the cover of B.R.M.C. If your looking for this, buy Barbed Wire Kisses and stop looking. On listening to this record on its own merit, you will find a different flavour all together. It has contagious moods and themes of its own. This does stand up on its own as you listen to it progressively. If you were to draw comparisons, then think Verve's, A Storm In Heaven, My Bloody Valentine or even MC5. It will be interesting to see their next move.
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on 17 January 2002
Hyped beyond belief by the NME, BRMC are actually worth the hype with a brilliant debut album.Wind tunnel guitars,throbbing bass-lines and rock solid drums underpin an emotional and curiously anglophile collection of songs.While this doesnt come with the warning"Goth-Handle with care" it has influences ranging from mid-eighties goth to modern alt-rock with an individual twist. This young trio look set to suprise many with this album and the slow burning guitar-fx atmospherics lend this a real edge that burns holes in the current nu-metal braindead stomp that american has unfortunately given us. Brilliant album!!!.
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