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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 July 2017
Excellent. One of his best albums & great songs.
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on 29 August 2001
After too long without unleashing his Les Paul on the listening public, Ian Mc Nabb's self-titled album proves that he has indeed still got the fever! From the barn-storming 'Livin' Proof' onwards, Ian's impassioned, lyrical songs prove he's still one of music's best kept secrets. My personal favourites from the album are the anthemic 'Livin' Proof', 'Is He What You Wanted?' (Jsut when you think Ian can't possibly reach the high notes in the chorus, he steps up a gear and practically screams it one more time, just to make sure you heard), the sublime and very truthfull 'Liverpool Girl' and 'I Wish I Was In California' (don't we all?). You might question just how funny 'Rockin' For Jesus' is, or ask who will get the joke, but it's still a very polished performance of what is (probably) a novelty song for live performance. The boy McNabb done good. Again.
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on 5 April 2001
Just thought I'd get the ball rolling with my first thoughts after just the one listen so far. Word of warning: Ian's instruction to PLAY LOUD is wise advice if you want to get the best out of this one!
Overall thoughts:- POWER CHORD HEAVEN!! It's not as easy to pick a stand-out track as on other Boots albums, probably because this album has the most consistent sound so far. I'm sure a few more listens will distill out a few personal faves.
1. Livin' Proof: Great opener, ideal radio fodder (if only), almost sets the pace for the rest of the album (it gets louder, harder, hotter!)
2. Whatever it takes: AC/DC riff, slide guitar solo. Methinks this album is going to be little like previous affairs...
3. What you wanted: Intro sounds like an extended outro to the previous track when it kicks off, then into a more laid back verse. The chorus blew my.. scalp off!
4. Liverpool Girl: Bloody hell! A wee bit different to the acoustic version, and about twice as fast. Chugs along a la "Understanding Jane". Love the sound effects during the "Goes to Cream" verse. Like I was almost there, man!
5: (If We Believe) What Love Can Do: Phew! Time for a breather. More traditional McNabb album filler territory. Nice groove with it.
6: Alright With Me: Shift change up one gear. Not quite as "in your face" as the first four tracks, and sounds more like traditional McNabb fare. Great stuff.
7: Hollywood Tears: Melancholic feel, gentle piano chords, pedal steel, plenty of atmosphere, no percussion, horns. Second vocals fit in well, actually sounding very much like Ian. Suspect this is a grower.
8: Open Air: Ian remembers to plug his guitar in again. An absolute cracker. Not a huge blast of sound as the 4 openers, but carries on in the same vein as Alright With Me. Great to drive to!
9: Nothin' Less Than The Very Best: I love the sound of this one. Had it been released on "T&B" or "Merseybeast" it would have been the stand-out track due to it's "anthemic rock" feel. The effect on this album is somewhat lessenened because you've already had the aural equivalent of a rabbit punch to the kidneys! Love it already, and is bound to get better.
10: Hotel Stationary: Intro is like "Fire Inside My Soul" done in the style of "Pirate Looks at Forty". Seems oddly out of place on this album, at least after one listen. Similar in style/feel to Hollywood Tears. IMHO the jury's out, but who knows what the verdict will be after some more deliberation....
11: Rockin' for Jesus: Unlike previous posts re this song, I think it's hilarious! Can't wait to hear it on "Songs of Praise". The Ronseal track of the album (ie it does exactly what it days on the box).
12: Friend of My Enemy: Another anthemic rock track, in the vein of "Nothin' Less Than The Very Best". Reminds me of some long forgotten early 80's stadium rocker's set opener, mixed with a healthy pinch of that mysterious quality, "McNabbiness". Shades of Firepower in there somewhere.
13: Moment in The Sun: Catchy, upbeat pop song in typical Icies style (self-contradiction, surely?), enhanced with heavier guitar sound. Good contrast with previous track, and if there were to have been any singles, this would have been a contender.
14: (I Wish I was in) California: Ian McNabb does The Beach Boys doing Evangeline. What a combo!
Overall thoughts: I must admit, I thought that a self-titled album after 10 solo years would be more of a snap-shot/combination of previous styles. Instead, we have a great rock album which deserves to stand or fall on it's own merits. Stand it surely will.
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on 21 June 2001
I came across this CD by accident while listening to CD's in a record/book store in Chester. What a great accident it was to. The album is truely magnificent with "Liverpool Girl" and "Even better than the very best" being two of the greatest songs I have heard in the last 5 years. Buy this and play it to destruction.
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on 26 April 2001
Having bought all his solo and Icicle Works material I thought he couldn't improve. How wrong I was! This is a fantastic album. One of the highlights being his reworking or the track "Liverpool Girl" from his earlier "Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of the Emotional Party" album. The track was good first time round! The only way this album could have been better would have been if it was a live album. He is by far the best live performer I have seen.
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on 9 May 2001
Having listened to this album just the once i already think it's his best since going solo. There are some great rock guitar tracks on it especially the first four, and Liverpool Girl Rocking For Jesus and Moment In The Sun would all make good singles and could even chart if they were given airplay. Overall a fantastic album and i'm surprised it'snot in the Amazon Top 100 chart.
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on 6 August 2013
I bought this CD in a really bizarre shop in Morecambe 12 years after its release for a massive 00.50p!
The shop was really like a Boot Sale stall and the nice old lady who ran it was chatty. Apart from this excellent album which I like a lot I got Led Zeppelin "Physical Graffiti also for 00.50p.

Ian McNabb is very underrated except by his own dedicated fan base. I have some older stuff which I played a lot back then. Well worth a listen Ian Mcnabb
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on 6 November 2008
Ian McNabb is a man who understands rock dynamics better than anyone since Neil Young. I'm a big fan of the Icicle Works and it was evident then but has really got it with this album. Guitar sounds - check. Yearning lyrics - check. Rock attitude - check. It's all there plus that certain undefinable quality that only someone who embraces the rock star lore.

Buy any one of IMs albums and you won't be disappointed. Merseybeast is also a cracking album.

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on 12 June 2013
absolute cracker of a CD,this is mcnab at his best.When he is given his head he turns out such cracking music has is on this CD.
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on 1 October 2015
A truly great pop rock album. Full of fun, hooks and guitar riffs. Literate without trying to be clever.
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