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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 April 2007
I can not believe that this hidden gem has not got a review. Ok it's a best of or just a compilation, remember under your thumb is not here. Any Good?

A big yes, all these gems already polished for you. No need to go mining through some of their slag. In my opinion it is not the best of, it could of been bester(!), I would have dropped the odd track and added a few more greats from their vast catalogue, like Sale Of The Century from Ismism and of course have Rosie sung by Peter Cook and the boys, from the truly glorious concept album of all concept albums Consequences.

What's on it, that is so good?

You have Sarah Vaughan singing a beautiful love song with them. Then you have intelligent, witty, lyrics, sung in whatever genre they wanted. There is the so true My body the car, the mournful save a mountain for me and snippets from a forth coming album back then.

I do like Godley + Creme, but again I find they go from the Zenith to the Nadir in their music, on the same album from one track to another in extremes. So to save yourself this trouble, I would certainly recommend this CD to you.

Amazon, track 14 is lost weekend and not last weekend.
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on 14 May 2014
Owning most of the 10cc albums but only one Godley and Creme album ('Consequences' on vinyl) this album looked like a cheap way of getting a good over view of their music. It contains all their well-known hits including 'Wedding Bells' and 'Cry' but the other tracks ranged from the interestingly accessible to some more involved but less likeable tracks. Overall, this album is useful as a sampler to hear their range of music before plunging in as you could buy one of their albums on the strength of 10cc and end up not liking it. And it's cheap enough to give them a go.
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VINE VOICEon 23 August 2007
Godley and Creme were always going to entertain and irritate in varying proportions, depending on who you are. If you're Mr Godley or Mr Creme, every single one of these tracks probably still seems like a cracking idea, worthy of between 3 and 8 minutes of our time. If you're Joe Public, perhaps a sub-group of these tracks will be rather special, and others might have you reaching for the 'skip' button on the CD-player - sorry, iPod.

Speaking as a Joe Public listener, I will always treasure the strangely atmospheric electronic pulse of "Under Your Thumb" - which, curiously, I first heard on the radio just before leaving to wait for a train on a dark, rain-lashed and windswept Banbury station one night in 1981. Spooky, eh? It's a classic ghost story, with the obligatory twist in its tail, set to an (at the time) fresh and novel understated sequenced backing. Curiously, the version on this CD misses the rather nice false ending that the vinyl single had, where the pulsing beat came back for a short reprise after the initial fade.

Follow-up hit "Wedding Bells" is also here, as is 1985's sumptuous, Trevor-Horn-laden "Cry". Both are good songs and not in the slightest bit irritating. "Strange Apparatus", here billed with its subtitle, "An Englishman In New York" is marvellously weird, with subverted Beach Boys harmonies intoning a nightmare vision of the American Dream. I remember buying horrible single "Snack Attack" just to get "Strange Apparatus" on the B-side after Kenny Everett played it on his Capital Radio show. Elsewhere, we get the murky production and satirical kitchen sink drama of "The Power Behind The Throne" - also a splendid and melodic pop song.

Then there are the experimental tracks, designed to push envelopes, think outside boxes and generally noodle around with primitive synths and grotty late-70s samplers. It sounds like the sort of thing my mates used to record in their bedrooms with their Casios and not really my cup of PG Tips nowadays. I've sure Kev 'n' Lol enjoyed making them, though. I can definitely see the fun of in-crowd-baiting "The Party", however, which only just outstays its welcome at 8+ minutes, before throwing up over the carpet and sashaying drunkenly out the door.

Thankfully there was no room on the CD for "Snack Attack". At this low price, however, it's a decent summary of the things that made Godley and Creme special.
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on 16 February 2012
I've always had a soft spot for God & La Creme. (The intelligent half of 10cc) But with all their slick production & Zappaesque pretensions they fail to stir me. It's all very clever. A bit like six form humour. They want to impress with their wit & insight. But somehow it never quite comes off. They like to throw in art , literary and cultural allusions. But you feel quite empty. It's pop confection. Their lyrics lack the streetwise subtlety of Steely Dan & the musical depth & satire of Zappa. They're as radical as ABC. But as an intro to their accessible stuff this album is okay. I now realise how good Tears For Fears were.

Chris B
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on 4 October 2015
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on 14 November 2014
A fantastic, must have, album.
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on 19 September 2015
Not as lively as expected
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on 24 May 2014
the condition of the cd was fine it played perfectly. maybe i was expecting too much from the tracks. i only ordered it for 2 tracks.
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on 14 October 2015
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on 23 October 2014
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