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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Timeless Departure
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£19.99+ £1.26 shipping

on 10 December 2003
When i first heard this album i was struck just by how good it sounds but also how well everything fits, the synth works perfectly and only serves to compliment the other instruments rather than ruin the whole sound of the music(i'm not a big synth fan)as usual.The vocals are superb and melodic but gritty and harsh at the same time. This album is a unique masterpiece, however my only criticism on this album would be the length of it......its too short...way too short but every track on the album is amazing so in a way kinda makes up for it. Most noteable tracks however would be Universe unveils, skyfire, Dimensions unseen and from here to death all of which are outstanding tracks(too short but still.....).Yeah so anyway buy this album...its a more than worthy investment.also get mind-revolution which is also awesome.
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on 4 March 2007
Skyfire are an amazing band, a definite breath of fresh air from the sterile emo/metalcore bands that are clogging up the metal world these days.

While most people compare them to Children of Bodom, its actually doing Skyfire a disservice. While both bands share many of the same musical elements (and are both amazing in their own right), the way they execute them is completly different. Yes, both use screeching vocals, technical playing, keyboards and symphonic elements, but while COB are more of a technical power metal band with black metal vocals, Skyfire are an epic melodic death/black metal band heavily influenced by classical music with a slight fetish for prog (which was developed in subsequent albums. On their debut, they really shine through with incrediable playing, interesting song structures and the kind of energy that only comes with a first effort. The keyboards compliment the guitars very well, lending as much of a black metal edge as power metal epicness. Despite this, Skyfire are definetly dark and un-mistakably scandinavian in sound, often with riffs that remind me of Gallery-era Dark Tranquillity and older In Flames (think Suberteranean). This guitars are complex and fast, yet never in an indulgent way. This is what Norther would sound like if they had balls basically.

Honestly, you need to here this album; it's breathtakingly epic. the only small complaint is that there's not enough solos. If you like Kalmah, COB, Wintersun, Tears of Eternal Sorrow etc then check out Skyfire. I'd say they're one of the best in this genre.
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on 7 September 2002
Well, Im an audiophile with a penchant for metal. I spend hours every night looking/listening for new really good music. When I find something like this it makes it all worthwhile. What more can I say? This album is really a treasure. And mindblowing in the fact that its only thier debut... Buy this cd!!
Trust me
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on 4 October 2007
This album is AWSOME!!,Dont be fooled by the Children of Bodom comparisons,there is more to this style/genre then Children of Bodom,these guys go above and beyond anything ALEXI could only dream of,this album just OOZES Passion~Talent & conviction you can clearly hear it..above all else they are Technically Proficient ,this band know how a good song should be wrote,it starts off with a beautifull keyboard intro & sends you on a trip of dark bliss..you wont believe what you are hearing & how you ever missed this band,i just cant get over how godly the riffs on this album are(Fragments Of Time) the Riff at 2 minutes...unbelievable!!
(By God Forsaken)...MAJESTIC!! this whole album is a highlight there is no just a few songs & the rest above average..the whole thing has to be listened to the whole way through one of the things that qualify as a classic just like Slayer's reign in blood you just WONT get sick of it..EVER!!..with time i have learnt that Skyfire is a better band then Children of Bodom,i now consider COB as a beginners guide band just like Metallica and Iron maiden are..these bands are true innovator's in what they do but at the same time open up a whole lot of new doors to metal,Skyfire have a more Melodic/Symphonic black metal edge to the more punkyer speed metal COB,there sound is hard to define which is the trademark in this genre but they pull it off big time,its like the perfect marriage between MElODETH/BLACK METAL/CLASSICAL/POWER METAL/DEATH METAL and then they take all the great things that make these styles great and marry them perfectly but at the same time they are really brutal & heavy
\m/ (><) \m/,if you want a real comparison then i guess the closest i can give you is a better more talented NORTHER with better song writing,SKYFIRE succeed in every way that norther fail,trust me & check this unbelievable SHAMEFULLY underrated band out,\m/
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