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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 June 2017
Very happy
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on 25 December 2014
Fantastic! Great quality item and super fast shipping!
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on 13 August 2005
D12 , The Dirty Dozen , consists of 6 members , Eminem , Swifty , Kuniva , Kon Artis , Proof and Bizzare each ,displaying there own individual talents and way of rhyming .This is possibly the best Eminem albumk he has EVER released , it is fantastic to say the least . Many people say that this is just an Eminem side project and although , yes , Eminem does appear much more than the other members ( he has the only solo track on the album - 'girls')they still definately shine on possibly every song . Although Bizzares very strange lyrics sometimes get a bit annoying and out of hand , he is still a valuable member of the crew .I like every song on the album , possibly the only song i like the least is 'blow my buzz' which is slow to get starting but after listening to the first minute of it , it starts to get better . No matter what people say about it , one thing is for sure , Purple Pills is a very catchy , addictive and funny song with a great harmonica solo towards the end . Fight Music is the BEST song on the album for sure ,produced by Dre , with a brilliant beat and tight lyrics displayed by all .Revelation sounds like a rock song , all about a boys mistreated childhood and schoollife with a great guitar solo towards the end , the title song is also very similiar with DARK lyrics and music as is Instigator .The hidden track girls , is the only solo song on the album sung by Eminem ( slightly unfair)dissing Limp Bizkit and other rockstars . Ain't Nothing But Music , produced by Dre also , is very similiar to 'real slim shady' , with laughable lyrics , catchy beat and taking the mick further out of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera . American Psycho is also very good and slightly better than 2 on D12 World .Pistol Pistol and S*** can happen are very good introduction songs and will certainly draw you into the album on first listen .Thats How is a typical D12 ' mess about' song saying how different people get ****** up . Unlike D12 World , the skits in this album are actually neccesary to set the songs after them up , they are funny , inventive and the Obie Trice skit is a great freestyle with him and Kuniva despite how short in length it is . The 2nd disk is not too bad , the best song being s*** on you , but words are weapons is not bad either. The actuall album is FAR better though . There is not much more to say other than this is a great album and i highly reccommend it to EVERYONE reading this review . This is proper Eminem , not that Encore rubbish , or even D12 world , this is the best D12 and Eminem album so PLEASE go out and buy it , you WONT be disappointed .I greatly apologise for the length of this review it is hard to tell you how great this album is in words alone , just listen to it !
Just a word of warning , parents , take heed of the PARENTAL ADVISORY sticker , this album contains VERY STRONG LANGUAGE and sexual / violent content as well as some slight racism / sexism .
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on 25 June 2001
Eminem has teamed up with his homeboys from Detroit - D12, but would it be a success? In the words of Dr Dre "Hell Yeah" When I first bought the album I was unsure of how it would compare, musically and lyrically, to the excellent Marshall Mathers LP. After the first few songs I realised this album is better! Although this album is far more hardcore than the previous offerings from Eminem as a solo artist, it has more class and great beats. You'll be humming to 'Ain't Nothing but Music' and laughing at the lyrical masterpiece which is Devils Night. There are some great tracks on the album like 'Revelation', the catchy 'Purple Pills' and the amazing 'Pimp like me'. This is a must for all rap fans!
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on 20 July 2001
This cd is perfect for people that don't like the Explict Lyrics cd's. It still includes hit songs such as Thats How and Purple Hills. It how a little of everything. At one piont the could be kidding around and just having fun, such as in Purple Hills. And at another time the could be dead serous, like in Pistol Pistol. This cd is diffenently on its way to the top. Eminem, Bizzare, Kon Artist, Proof, Kuniva, and Swiftly really worked together to form D12. This cd will keep you listning mourning, noon, and night.
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on 15 July 2001
Devils Night will appeal to all of Eminems fans as it simply oozes with Slim Shadys tight, hypnotic and origional beats. With the collective banter of the dirty dozen's Controverstialy witty lyrics accompanied with Catchy and flowing choruses. Personal favourites are the eerie AMERICAN PSYCHO, the stand-out piano riffs really catch your attention, AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT MUSIC - very funny and controverstial lyrics with a bangin' tune that rings in the head, FIGHT MUSIC - Dre's aid and the inclusion of the reverse reverb Give a brilliantly origional flow and REVELATION - typical eminem beat with really intense Lyrics.
Other tracks like Blow My Buzz, Purple P****, Nasty Mind, S**t Can Happen, Thats how make this album essenstial for all TRUE hip hop fans as Slim Shady, Bizzare, Kon Artis, Kuniva, Swifty and Proof give a dark yet funny portrayal of American Life and it makes for a great hip-Hop Sound, Heck the WHOLE albums priceless!
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on 30 July 2001
this is another hip hop album to remember from involvement of eminem he has brought his crew d12 this time though. This album contains catchy songs such as purple pills,thats how and Sh*t can happen. This is what makes this album such a top album for any music fan.This albums quality compares to albums such as marshall mathers lp and snoop dogg- last meal.This album has a serious side to it as well with songs like american psycho and fight music. The album is very comical and just shows how tight d12 are. Aint nuttin but music takes the mick out of alot of artists and if realeased off the album is set to look big due to its catchy theme! A MUST BUY ALBUM FOR ALL HIP HOP FANS!
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on 13 December 2001
This album is fantastic, well if you like Hip hop it is!! Eminem and his Posse have managed to produce an album that is quite possibly the best hip hop album in the world! It's definately the best I own! The other five rappers, Proof, Bizarre, Swift, The Kon Artis and the Kuniva are just has highly skilled as Eminem! These six rappers on one album makes for some top notch Hip hop! My favourite is probably Proof. As you might expect, the lyrics are What you might call contraversial and explicit, to put it mildly! But the important thing is not to take it too seriously.
My favourite track is probably fight music. Another one of my faves is Devil's night. The lyrics in all the songs just flow! Blow my buzz is also good, oh this album's just too damn good! This album is pure lyrical genius, if you like hip hop and you like Eminem then you'll love this!!!!!
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on 18 July 2001
This album is perfect for any d-12/eminem fan whos parents won't let them have parental advisory albums. D-12 is made up of Eminem,proof,bizarre, Kon artis,Swift and Kuniva. D-12's clean album has all their best songs including purple pills and blow my buzz. I would say that there is only one bad thing about this album and that is the fact that it is censored because some of the songs are very explicit, so it could become stressful, other than that it is a must buy album!!!
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on 16 August 2001
This album rulz!With catchy beats and hardcore lyrics this is a must have for any eminem fan.Be warned , this is definatly not for happy little pop music lovers and your parents will hate it. Take my advice , listern to the lyrics and laugh,if you take what they say seriously you will be offended. Personaly i think American Psycho and Ain't nuttin' but music are the best songs on the track. Wait i love s*** can happen and devils night too.Oh god!I love them all. In a summary of my feelings about this album i believe that this album is a masterpiece.With Slim shadys hipnotic vioce accompanyied by his friends and some amazing beats you wont be able to put this down.Hell, im listerning to it this very second!
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