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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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Livin’ It Up, the first of The Sims expansion packs, is important because it adds some significant new features to the game in addition to a number of cool new items. For starters, it gives you five times as many neighborhoods to fill up with assorted sims of your choosing. If you’re like me, you hate to get rid of anything you have already created and spent time on, no matter how ready for change you are. With this expansion pack, you can leave your current sim neighborhood as it is and simply start over from scratch on a blank slate. You also get five new career tracks to choose from; now you can indulge your fantasies of becoming a hacker, paranormal investigator, journalist, musician, or all-around slacker. New experiences also await your sims once they begin livin’ large, including my favorite of them all, alien abduction. The 125 new items included in the expansion pack are also nice, even though virtually all of them can be downloaded from Internet; that, however, would take up precious time in which you could be playing The Sims. Computer gaming is rife with expansion packs that are really not worth the money, but Livin’ It Up is definitely an exception. This is an expansion pack that no serious Sims player can do without.
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on 24 October 2001
This game breathes life back into The Sims basic package. If you are beginning to get bored (not that you could)of controlling every aspect of your little peoples lives, then this is the expansion pack for you! New items (including a vibrating motel bed or the chemistry kit - have fun with your new Evil Clone!) give it new angles and much fun working out what things do. Adorn your Sim's houses with a lovely skeleton crate or a head in a jar! This really gives you new things to play with... I can't wait til the next one! FANTASTIC
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on 15 May 2001
Before I bought this game I already had house party, and I really enjoyed that add on so much I decided to by livin it up. I wasn't disapointed it has loads of brilliant new features which will bring back its adictiveness, including: -100+ new iteams -New career paths -New characters -4 more neighbourhoods and a whole lot more! If you liked the original Sims, there is no doubt about you liking this! A absoloute must Buy!
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on 29 March 2001
If you liked the original "The Sims" youi will love Livin it up. The same format applies to this game, one big difference is that you can have up to 5 neighborhoods. The game plays exactly the same, create a sim, house him get him a job, and a partner. Livin it up offers more objects, floors, skins, and carear paths. Make your sim the editor of a newspaper or a crazy computer . One of the best new objects is the magic lamp, rub it and out pops a genie who makes your dreams or nightmares reality. I adore this game and cannot wait for House Party to come out. I give this game 5 Stars.
Ps: Don't blame Maxis for the loss of sleep, its just soo addictive !
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on 22 September 2002
Livin it Up It has everything the first one had and some. It has added five different neighborhoods in which you can establish households, more character skins, more five new career paths including Slacker, Paranormal, Hacker, Musician, and Journalist., more home furnishings the robot housekeeper Vibro-Matic bed, Alien abductions love potions, the grim reaper WOW then theres the new magic lamp, they'll release a genie that may present the sims a pot of gold, a lawn full of flamingos BUT watch it!! the genie's magic may fail and cause a flood or set your sims' house on fire they may even DIE!if you want to be a monster get your "chemistry going "
Theres even on-line sites for 1000 apon 1000 of skins,furniture.
Livin it Up is just as little "censored" square that pops up over your character when you make your sims walk around naked and make the going to the bathroom or showering. ( yuck you can even see them go to the toilet !)
The game is fantastic to play for hours on end, though frustrating and is rewarding when you do well"
I have one complaint MY CHILDREN hooked now HELP !
It's tremendously addictive. Did I mention it's addictive?"
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on 15 November 2003
Out of all the Sims Expansion Packs, i have to say that i think this one is probably the best. It not only provides hours and hours more fun, but also the following things:
5 new carrer paths,
15 new skins for your Sims,
Loads of different new objects including a robot and a magic lamp
and tonnes of new wallpaper, floors, doors and windows.
Basically loads of great new stuff to help your Sims achieve lifelong happiness.
If you are a die-hard fan of the Sims, or if you are getting bord with it, then you simply MUST buy this expansion because its just great and well worth every penny.
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on 18 January 2017
Arrived on time, and good product. Will say if your like my self and miss the old PC games, the new windows update does not accept the program. However, do t worry there is a lot of helpful tips online to help you.
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on 25 November 2001
I found that this expansion was very good after having the normal Sims I was starting to get bored and this package gave me a vast range of new things to do with my normal Sims, it also gave me more space to expand to, allowing me to create new families and build more exciting houses for them! Very good game!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 April 2015
This is the first expansion for the sims. I'll start with installation issues and then move onto the gameplay itself. The installation on a windows vista machine worked fine. You have to install the base game, the sims, before you install any expansion packs. Once you have the sims installed make sure you run the game as an administrator. If you don't putting any expansion pack in will wipe out your previous game (not a problem back on windows 98). Installing the expansion pack is very easy but you will need the original sims game disc on hand as the game will ask you to put it in the drive during installation, and also make sure that if you buy a used copy of the game that it comes with a serial code in the box as you will need this to load the game.

The game needs the disc to always be in the drive while playing but this doesn't impede on gameplay, although I did notice the intro movie didn't play well on my quad-core vista machine (oh well). The actual game though works fine. The great new features of the livin it up! expansion pack are obvious from the start. Rather than being trapped to just one neighbourhood, you straight away now have 5. Neighbourhoods 3,4 and 5 are completely blank but number 2 has some pre-made houses and even the Mashuga family living there already. You can play with this family to get an instant example of the new décor and objects available in the game. And the expensive medieval house in this neighbourhood even boasts a new medieval toilet....one that doesn't flush!

Along with a whole host of new décor and objects which range from 60s/70s to the medieval you get a whole host of new features. New outfits, some medieval, new careers, I particularly like the computing career as the pay gets very good towards the end.

The new objects are the real bonus that bring this game alive and make it the funny silly game that we all have come to love. The genie lamp can be rubbed once a day to bring out the genie who is not too good with his wishes and is only successful about half of the time (little fun fact: the voice of the genie is actually sims creator WIll Wright!)
There is a voodoo doll which seems cruel but check out what happens if sims perform voodoo while the target is in the same room. The telescope can sometimes cause your sim a random abduction, when they come back all they talk about is aliens. The crystal ball allows your sims the chance to change their personality traits by one point each time (but a strange thing happens when they use this object-a bug- they can never wash their hands in the sink again!). The servo is the most expensive object but a fun robot to have around the house. The heart bed is the first time sims can woohoo in the game and is why the rating for this game increased. One more object to tell you about that brings this game alive for those that don't know. The clown painting in the original game can now summon Sunny the clown to your home, he's a real annoyance but again it all lends to the funny gameplay of the sims.

The original sims has a magic and humour that I believe is lost in the sims 2, 3, etc. And I'd recommend this game to anyone who can get it to work on their pc. This expansion pack really brought the game alive and I've only touched on some of the new features it offers. I would advise though that to get the most out of it and to understand everything that can happen (including the cryptic crystal ball messages) that if you can get it please buy the prima strategy guide for livin it up!. You won't be disappointed and it really helped me understand how to get rid of the clown, how to deal with the chemistry set, the guinea pig virus, etc.

Great game, really recommend!
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on 19 August 2003
This fantastic add-on to the original sims game will keep you playing on it till' midnight! In this first expansion pack, you have the ability to spice up your sims lives with a pallet of exciting objects! Potion labs, chrystal balls, and alien invasions, are only some of the thrills that you'll come across whilst playing this game! Give you a house an absurd theme, make a home of the future, a medievil castle, or a tacky loveshack! Get those creative juices flowing with The Sims Livin' it up!
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