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on 6 December 2011
Good quality game and arrived as almost new. No complaints from this supplier etc.

As for the game itself, I personally played it in 2003 and have to say it is one of the best graphic adventure games I have ever played - and I have been an adventure gamer since 1982 since owning a Spectrum and a Dragon 32.
For me, it is very much up there with the original PC version of 'Alone In the Dark' and the original Resident Evil which made it's debut on the Playstation 1. Obviously today The Shadow of Memories game itself is very much 'Retro' and it indeed now has a very dated feel. However, for me; it still cuts the mustard as an adventure game. Depending on your choices within the game, the end result will vary slightly. If you like adventure games - then this is a must. The twist at the end is brilliant!!
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VINE VOICEon 28 April 2003
If, like me, you played Silent Hill 2 on "Beginner" action level because you couldn't care less about killing zombies, but wanted to get past them to the interesting puzzle and story aspects, you should at least give Shadow of Memories a rental once-over.
Let me state that it is evident that this is far more an interactive movie than a game. The actual amount of user interaction is a far lower proportion of the total game, compared to the cutscenes. Fortunately, the quality of these is such that if you're in the right frame of mind they are quite enthralling, involving you emotionally with the characters and very effectively deepening the storyline. Strangely enough, on occasion even better results are gleaned from playing the game badly, as you get a higher percentage completion by dying more often.
The high quality of the cutscenes comes from excellent graphical design and animation of characters and backgrounds, a well written script, and excellent acting performances. Charles Martinet as the mysterious being Homunculus gains particular kudos for his superb voice talent. Rarely in video games have the voice acting performances matched the graphical acting performances so completely, for all the characters. Another good move on the part of the developers was in making sure that cutscenes and gameplay were all done in the same quality graphics, thus making it much more of a seamless experience (Cf: Shenmue and most of Resident Evil: Code Veronica).
With a highly detailed 3D rendering of a German town through four different eras, the look of the game is fantastic. Once again (as with Silent Hill 2), one takes one's hat off to Japanese developers who have created a Western environment with so much attention to detail that one would swear that the creators of the game were Westerners themselves. Only Eike's bizarre hairdo screams "Japanese!" at you. (Also slightly unfortunate was the choice of "Lebensbaum" as the name of the town - chiming as it does with "Lebensraum", Hitler's fascist dogma of "Living Room for Germans" which "justified" his conquest of Europe.) Of course, it has to be said that the American accents can be a little irritating, particularly when a 1580s butcher woman tells Eike "You're pretty cute"!
But if it's so good, why give it only three stars? It's not just the shortness of the game (I completed my first runthrough in a tad under five hours), but that, for a game which is all puzzles and no action, said puzzles could have been a little more taxing. I only came across two of what I would call genuine posers, the first of which is simply how to get the plot started at the very beginning (having just had a mystical experience involving Eike's own death and resurrection, the "Old Alchemist Shop" seemed to me the most logical place to visit, and so it proved - but I can see how youngsters might be at a bit of a loss). A glance at the prop list of items you've picked up will also give you far too many clues as to what to do with them. Some puzzles could have been really difficult, except that the notebook feature told me exactly what I had to do. Furthermore, in a time travelling game it would make sense to have puzzles which could only be solved by going into a number of different time periods. Although there is at least one of these, you are told exactly when to go to by the game. If, instead of this, you had more options as to which period to visit, and more items needed to solve each puzzle, the game could have become a genuine challenge. Once you've completed the first run through, you do have the challenge of discovering what tiny differences you need to make to the way you play in order to get the different endings. However, the first run through is *so* unchallenging that there isn't as much incentive as there should be to go through the game again.
My final niggle with the game is the time limit on each chapter. Without the time constraint, given the freedom to do more exploring, I feel that even my first run of the game would have been a far lengthier and richer experience. Certain shops and buildings are only open during the day in 2001, but you only have a small window to visit them before they close. Why not keep them open? Similarly, since the church provides nothing more than an interesting, well-designed and beautiful interior for the player to look at, I can see absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be open to visit throughout the game; but it isn't. Explorer-players who enjoy games like Shenmue will therefore be disappointed in the game's own insistence on restricting even the comparatively small area you see in the game, quite apart from restricting your time to do such exploration.
So, in conclusion: I experienced a complex and fascinating story, met some interesting characters and got to know the social and architectural evolution of a small German town. As a gameplayer, I could have done with more in the way of mental challenge. But it's very much worth a look, and after SH2 and SoM, I look forward to other Konami adventure games - those guys really know how to tell a story, and they take the trouble to make the graphics as realistic as the PS2 allows, which isn't always true even of the most recent games.
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on 2 April 2017
This was one of my favourite games in the PS2 era. Each "mission" was timely based and you had to resolve the mission very quick with heavy thinking. If you were slow, it's either game over or some bad results later in the game.
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on 5 July 2016
i love memories, they do the effects to back in time
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on 5 November 2017
Great :)
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on 31 July 2015
No munual and box, good game
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on 30 July 2017
Didn't work because of scratches
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on 14 May 2012
picked this up second hand after liking the sound of it, I just fell in love with it...it is a unique game, a really thoughtful time-travel-based game with multiple endings so there is room for multiple playthroughs, which did not get dull for me as I just fell in love with the game, its world, its music and its powerful plot...

It's nice to have a game that is mysterious, dark and compelling that dispenses totally with (interactive) violence for a change, just goes to show that it can be done really well if the right thought is put into it...

I particularly love the world and characters of the medieval/early modern period you enter, and the sepia colouring of that period and the black and white colouring of the middle period are nice touches...

A lot of the voice acting is pretty crap but I expect that from American dubs in general, it does not spoil the game...my only criticism is it is rather short...if you can pick it up cheap enough though you certainly get your money's worth - short and sweet
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on 29 March 2001
I was lucky enough to be on holiday in Japan when this was released, and I must say that this is one of the most original titles I've played on any system. Not quite an interactive movie (fortunately), it nevertheless displays cinematic qualities and a standard of acting rarely seen in videogames. The motion-capturing and facial animations of the main characters puts previous efforts to shame. The story is incredible, and depending on the path you take through the game you will be faced with one of 6 different endings, all equally unexpected. The 6th Sense has nothing on this.... It is not a game for everyone, however. Its sedate pace, and occasional over-"hand-holding" at times, coupled with the brevity that 1 playthrough holds (about 3 hours) will put a lot of people off. Also, the lack of any real action will not be to everyone's tastes. Despite being done by much of the same team, this is not Silent Hill 2 (the demo of which was included in the JP version of SoM) - although it creates a creepy atmosphere all its own. Very highly recommended to the more patient type, as those who will like it will love it, and also hats off to Konami - in an industry dominated my men, Shadow of Memories was written, produced and directed by a woman (who also gets an acting part - she's the voice of the cats, too).
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on 15 May 2001
well, lets start with the first thing. In the first 5 minutes, you die. Yes, you, the main character, dies. You are stabbed. Badly. However, all is not lost, you are given the chance to go back, and change your destiny. And this is where the game begins. Could you imagine reading a book. However, in this book, rather than read the exploits of your character, you chose what he did, and when he did it? that is what this game is almost like. There is nothing else lke it ever. Like i said, its quite like a book, so therefore inherits all the major bad things about books. Linearaity is the main one, but the other book problem (highlighted in Star Trek Borg) is that there is only one route through the story. Not with this, there are 6 (count em0 different endings, some of which are truly chilling. And yeah, you can skeet thru the game in like 3 hours but thats ignoring the multitude of subquests that present themselves. Strangley, you can always check your progress with a notepad that Eike carries. Although the inticrate subquests arent noted down for you, you have to find them for yourself. All this while aviod meddling too much with the time line. As i mentioned, there are 6 endings, and getting all of them will take at 3hours a go, 18 hours of gameplay, wich is quite alot. The GFX in this game are superb, the sound (esp. the music when you are about to die) is great, with mostly convincing voice acting, and spine chilling music. Nuy this game, if your fed up with the gameplay that runs at "shoot, kill, repeat" or if your fed up of dventure games with unimagintive plots. you wont be dissapointed
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