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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 29 March 2001
Spaced is quite simply the product of Genius at work. The writers and stars (Simon Pegg & Jessica Stevenson) are talented enough as it is, but add the talent of Director Edgar Wright and you have something very special.
The comic timing is emphasised by the dramatic camera angles and cut scenes, and the perfectly cast characters of Mike, Brian, Marsha, & Twist - and Bill Bailey is brilliant as ever as Bilbo, although I think my personal favourite is Tyres, the Cycle delivery Raver who's outbursts never fail to have me rolling on the floor.
The film references are a challenge laid down to spot them all, which is great fun and they have chosen some classic moments to parody.
The DVD is extremely good value for money, it includes numerous extras including cast and character biographies, as well as out-takes and deleted scenes. There is even an option to listen to a commentary by Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright. While you watch the fun, they explain why they shot the particular scene that way, and what else was happening at the time.
"skip to the end..."
Ok, just buy the DVD and get it over with. You know you want to! I can't wait for the second series to be released on DVD, I will be the proud owner of a copy as soon as it is. Until then we've all got the Friday night showing of series 2 to keep us entertained. If you're as sad as me, you'll also be watching the Saturday night repeats as well...
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on 24 March 2002
Spaced is original, observant and witty. It fuses the realism of sitcoms such as "The Royale Family" and "The Office" with directly funny jokes that will never stop at least raising a smile no matter how many times you watch them. It deals with the market of the 20-something, educated but poor, british, creative (artists, fashion, cartoonists, writers, Mike) person at the beginning of the 21st century. So this series may not appeal to everyone as "The Royale Family" may not. It helps if you can identify with the characters - but most people can. The camera work is fantastic - influenced by Sam Raimi I think. The series is packed full of pop-culture references cleverly worked into the plot the come quicker and more often than a simpsons episode. The DVD is good (series 2 is better - more for your money) the comentary track is unplanned and as a result is very funny. Luckily Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Jessica Stevenson are naturally funny people so it works well, giving you a relaxed atmosphere. People often compare this show to "Black Books" although I'm not sure why. Black Books is funny (but not as much as spaced) but surreal and the humour is a bit more simple. Some episodes of Spaced could be classed as "Fine art" (the party episode for example) as it is visually stunning and has a good, observant, original concept behind it. Subtle and Brilliant
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on 12 March 2003
Spaced is a fans dream, as a series it is full of loads of great gags and references as well as a host of guest stars and best of all a top cast. Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson are the best guides into the world of spaced where the camera doesn't stop moving and the plot doesn't stand still. Daisy and Tim are painfully perfect for each other and you won't be able to stop yourself wanting them to be a couple instead of having to pretend. Mark Heap and Julia Deakin really flesh out their character that could have become over cliched and patchey, but a combination of great writing; character development and top acting make these the most interesting pair in the show. Katy Carmichael and Nick Frost are the oddest characters in the principal cast and do stick out, the only fault is the under use of Twist. Great material is there but not enough this as a lot about her relationship with Daisy but she is a painfully funny as Ricky Gervais is in 'The Office'. Mike on the other hand get funnier the more times you see him and by the final episode can hold a scene without the others "butterfly.....Butterfly with a bomb".
On the dvd we are treated to all 7 episodes that get better as the series progresses, check the paintball and final episode to see how good it really gets. The extras too are sound. the menus are a bit troublesome and there's no documentary but the rest more than makes up for that, some valuable deleted scenes, an always interesting outtakes reel, fun trailers and biography. The real feature is the Commentary what more could you want? the track is both hilarious and interesting exactly like the show eh. It's always good to know what the producer thinks, who is as fun as the cast. This is Spaced heaven bettered only by the extras on the Spaced series 2 dvd.
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on 14 March 2001
Someone once said that the best comedies were ones that though original seemed so familiar that you are amazed no one had come up with them before.
'Spaced' perhaps fits this description better than any comedy made within the past 10 years.
I won't rehash the large amount of deserved praise spoken by others about the show itself, but I do want to highlight the value of purchasing the DVD version of the series.
Unlike some DVD film and TV releases, much care has been taken to add features to make this more than a 'slightly better quality than VHS' release that you feel does'nt justify the extra expense.
'Spaced' was filmed in widescreen, and the very visual style of the series is enhanced by the DVD presentation.
The DVD also contains many extra features, Many deleted scenes, outtakes,trailers,biographies of cast and characters along with the always welcome choice to hear commentary by the main cast and director - a positive bonus if you were desparately trying to find which of the many films influenced the scene you were just watching.
In short, even if you taped the series from the television, buy the DVD - The extra quality and features for once are well worth it
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on 27 January 2001
When SPACED first appeared on our screens in 1999 it was hailed by praise from all quarters.... The Evening Standard called it "a genuinely clever and funny piece of work" and the NME said it was "the hippest, funniest and most imaginative Britcom of the year"... the list goes on.
And, do you know what?
They're right.
Spaced is funny, clever, witty, original, entertaining. It's sharply directed and scripted and has numerous references to multitudes of cult tv programmes. This is the kind of tv that gives British Comedy it's reputation for pioneering wit, and this is the kind of comedy that wins awards. Lots of awards. Lots and lots of awards.
What is so striking about Spaced is simply it is so different, yet it is not completely surreal. To quote, this is the stuff dreams are made of.
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on 29 March 2001
This video is quite possibly the best value for money purchase I have made this year. You get all six 30-minute episodes and if you are a 70s kid like me then the film and TV references come so thick and fast you will be chuckling constantly.
Spaced doesn't try to be a surreal comedy, it's an original sitcom that stands out because it is actually funny. The characters are likeable, the storylines diverse and the sight gags and "in" jokes are fantastic.
In short, if you like Simon Pegg (or good Britcoms generally) then buy it now - I promise you will not be disappointed.
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on 16 April 2004
The first series of Spaced has become what might be called a cult series (at least as far as I am aware).
We are introduced to the characters of Tim and Daisy, both creative, both exciting, both imaginative, both out of work, both (effectively) homeless.
In the first episode we see them strike up a friendship, agree to pretend to be a professional couple and get a flat in a house owned by the deliciously wine-loving Marsha.
Over the next few episodes we meet Daisy's friend Twist who works in fashion (well, she works in clothes), Tim's friend Mike who is a soldier (well, at least he can wear a uniform in the Rough Ramblers...) and Brian, who, well, Brian's an artist.
As the series progresses though moments of the sublime surreal and the deepest tragedy (Colin the dog is abducted by a crazed freelance vivisectionist) Spaced continues to delight. Constant pop-culture references to be enjoyed, ever-present imaginative humour to delight, a style uniquely its own and far more besides make Spaced a must have for any true fan of comedy.
If I must skip to the end, pretty much perfect.
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on 25 May 2004
This show is EXACTLY what I was looking for when searching for a new series to enjoy. I am in the US and I do not really find our "sitcoms" funny at all. Spaced is a very clever show and the characters are mostly true-to-life. The movie references are very western (funny that I love a British show that pays tribute to American movies) and elevate this series to classic status in my book. Better than Ab Fab, Friends, The Young Ones & Cheers put together! Buy both seasons and wish for more. Contains some funny outtakes and deleted scenes. "Skip to the end!"
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on 31 December 2001
YOU MUST BUY THIS VIDEO after seeing the first series on TV I was hooked I went out and snapped this video up, two of the performers from WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE writing a sitcom could not fail.
Simon Pegg & Jessica Stephenson are both brilliant, Bill Bailey has a short appearence but is verry funny if you like BLACK BOOKS there will be no dissapointments "Brian" and "Mike" are two characters who you instantly fall in love with and provide some of the best lines in the series.
If you have it then the extras on the DVD are unmissable but there are no faults in the VHS format just hours of laughs that will have you and your mates quoting for days.
If I could have one bad word to say about spaced it would be that they have not yet released the second series on VHS or DVD so Simon or Jessica if you are listening please hurry with the second release.
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on 20 November 2001
Spaced was the kind of show that I would frantically look forward to every week and then miss most of them because they were on Friday night and I was drunk.
Thank god for this DVD. I watched the entire thing in one go and have done again several times with friends who had never seen it. The only downside is that they're now asking me everyday weather I've bought the second series yet. Rest assured... I will, the minute in becomes available.
This has got to be the very best comedy series about at the minute bar none. The characters have to be some of my favorites of all time, in particular the TA obbsessive (we all know one) Mike who, for me, may even beat Craggy Island's Dougle.
Buy this and laugh...
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