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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 31 January 2009
Mike Figgis shows us in Internal Affairs how to make the best of Richard Gere. Internal Affairs looks excellent on DVD. As for the disc all there is, is a chapter index and a scene selection option. However dont be put of. In this Gere simply oozes meace as he prowls his scenes alternating between glib,manipulative,loving and murderous. His palpable charm flows as he woos and intimidates his way through this often forgotten nineties gem. He is matched by a stellar performance from Andy Garcia whose character morphs from smooth career cop to tetchy, manic, jealous husband. Perhaps a bit to quickly for my liking.Its a struggle to think of a better Gere performance than this. Some poor choices of roles has seen his star dim over the years but if you want to see him at his best, give this film a look.
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on 24 June 2017
This movie is about one very bad cop, Dennis; who is being investigated by internal affairs investigator, Ray. And Ray is determined to get his guy, while Dennis decides to fight back. This is a very good movie.
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on 19 July 2017
Excellent DVD
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on 20 February 2009
Richard Gere is on fire in this 1990 movie; he dominates every scene he is in. He plays a bad cop Denis Peck. He has several ex-wifes and a dozen children and he lives the high life on a cops meagre salary. Peck is a devoted father to his offspring - yet i suspect that to Peck his children are nothing but trophies. The silver fox Peck is still young and exremely good looking and he screws almost every woman in the movie. Peck's children are extensions of himself; his wives are baby-making machines, and his partners and co-workers are pawns to be used for his own nefarious purposes.

Andy Garcia plays Avila, Pecks nemesis. Peck tries to destroy Avila as a cop and as a man by attempting to seduce his wife, the battle lines are drawn. In one classic scene Peck (Gere) and Avila (Garcia) are discussing Avila's wife Kathleen
Peck: She's very pretty too. A little skinny for my taste, but they say the skinny ones give goodhead so...
[Garcia knocks Gere to the ground]
Peck: OK, here's what's going to happen. I'm gonna duck her for a while and teach her how to come.
Avila: Get up!
Peck: Then that way, she can show you what she likes!
[Gacia decks Gere again]
Peck: They said you're a pretty good boxer, Raymond. You're pretty eeffing good.
Avila: [throws a handkerchief at Peck] Clean yourself up!
Peck: Give my best to yor naughty wife Kathleen!

This Mike Figgis movie is a fascinating and disturbing voyage into the mind of one very bad cop.
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on 13 May 2017
Despite its age, still looks very good 27 years later. Richard Gere is excellent and Andy Garcia was at his height too then. Where is he now?!
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on 14 October 2002
Perhaps there are people who look at this film and think, "Oh no, Richard Gere!" This movie will defy your expectations. Gere has never been better - his portrayal of corrupt cop Denis Peck is the backbone of this excellent thriller. Peck moves easily from accepting backhanders to developing a nice sideline in contract killing, all the while trumpeting the values of a family man. It is Gere's skill to play with both sides of this monster, but he is not alone in acting ability. Take a look a the scene where Andy Garcia as Raymond Avilar is introduced to Internal Affairs by his new boss - Garcia doesn't say a word, but his intense disgust at his boss's corporate doublespeak is conveyed by a single, piercing look. Laurie Metcalfe, as Garcia's new partner, also gives a measured performance that works to accentuate the differences between Peck and Avilar.
In all, this criminally overlooked film should be a must-see for anyone who relishes well-acted, well-crafted entertainment.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 November 2014
Internal Affairs is directed by Mike Figgis and written by Henry Bean. It stars Richard Gere, Andy Garcia, Nancy Travis, William Baldwin and Laurie Metcalf. Music is jointly produced by Figgis, Brian Banks and Anthony Marinelli and cinematography is by John A. Alonzo.

Stylish neo-noir that has Gere as Dennis Peck, a crooked cop under investigation by IAD operatives Garcia and Metcalf.

Peck is a master manipulator, a devious bastard who has his fingers in so many mud pies he could start his own bakery. Gere is on fire with the role, imbuing Peck with a menacing nastiness that’s a constant throughout the entire play.

Once Figgis and Bean have laid the character foundations, the plot turns into a psychological battle of wills and skills between Peck and Raymond Avila (Garcia), with Peck always one step ahead because he knows where Avila’s weakness is.

Figgis slow burns the tension with great aplomb, then unleashes the beasts for the thriller aspects of Bean’s screenplay. The look and feel of the piece is that of doom, deftly positing Peck’s vileness within a city awash with crooks, hookers and hitmen for hire. 8/10
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on 22 March 2001
Gere plays a crooked, manipulative, corrupt, womanising veteran police officer (Dennis Peck). Garcia (Raymond Avilla) is an internal affairs officer who finds himself investigating Gere (Dennis Peck) after the death of a police officer. Dennis Peck retaliates by persuading the innocent Mrs. Avilla to meet him for lunch (on the pretext that he is worried about her husband's workload) knowing he is being tailed by Raymond. This leads to an explosive and violent meeting between both cops and puts an even greater strain on the already fragile Avilla marriage.
With actors of the calibre of Garcia and Gere, it must have been difficult for the rest of the cast to establish a presence, but Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne's sister) who plays Raymond Avilla's partner, and William Baldwin (playing Peck's partner) are certainly worth a mention.
Expertly directed by Mike Figgis, Garcia, as always, shines through, but Richard Gere is outstanding - this has to be his finest ever performance.
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on 8 February 2017
If ever there was a film that took me two watches to fully appreciate, this would be the one. When I first saw it many years ago (on VHS no less!), I really didn't like it. I found the viewing experience uncomfortable and the characters unpleasant. Years later I decided to give it another spin and upon the second watch it struck me just how disturbing, intense and brooding this movie was. In fact, I clicked on to what director Mike Figgis was trying to do - retell the Shakespearean story of 'Othello'. Andy Garcia claims the coiled intensity of Othello, while Richard Gere slips into the repugnant skin of Iago. The film drags that story kicking and screaming into the latter day 20th century, where a duel of egos and a war of badges is fought. There are so many layers to the film that the more times you watch it, the richer it becomes, from the dark sexual subtext to the struggle for power between alpha males to the adult melodrama of decaying relationships. It is so much more than a cop thriller, yet it still works as one. 'Internal Affairs' truly is an overlooked masterpiece, and certainly one of the best American cop movies from the 1990's along with 'L.A. Confidential' and 'Heat'.
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on 21 October 2013
This movie shows Richard Gere in a completely different way than what most people would probably expect. He is actually a very versatile actor and in this movie he's showing his ability to play darker characters, characters that you kind of like although you know you really shouldn't. There is nothing his character does that people should like: he's corrupt, he's disloyal, he's violent. He's being chased by Internal Affairs detective who is however no better in terms of his own style.

There are couple of great things about this movie. Firstly, the plot is pretty strong. The performances of Richard Gere and Andy Garcia are excellent. The flow is great, I couldn't stop watching it, it keeps you engaged throughout the movie.

I would recommend this movie to everybody who wants to see Richard Gere as an actor and not as a "stereotype". If you like "cop movies" from the 90s and thrillers, you will like this one.
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