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on 29 January 2017
Love this movie but gutted they didn't put the cut farmhouse shooting scenes back in as they're in the deleted scenes.
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on 30 January 2017
Cohen and Tate once again marks Eric Red out as a writer who can make the underbelly of America fascinating.
In The Hitcher, an ill-equipped teenager came up against a sadistic sociopath with a knack for cruelty and murder. Here, we're informed by the opening crawl that a young boy has witnessed the killing of a mob figure, and his family are now in protective custody.
Red gives us just long enough to soak up the heat shimmer of the plains and the barely supressed fear and frustration of his family before hell breaks loose, and Scheider and Baldwin show up as the Cohen and Tate of the title, seizing the boy. With just the opening 10 minutes out of the way, the rest becomes an exercise in tension and mind games as they try to make it by car back to a Texas mob stronghold many hours away...
Scheider is brutal but complicated as the wiser and more professional Cohen. Baldwin is erratic, cruel and emotional as the more nihilistic Tate. Initially his performance is a series of juvenile comments, but it develops into an emotional complexity that hints that there's much more driving him. This is an Eric Red film though - much like Walter Hill's 48 Hours, there may be an emotional cause to Tate's instability but this isn't the movie in which to explore it. This is about hard boiled, brittle and aggressive men making a living at a dangerous job, and the story always comes back to external threats (eg police) or internal conflicts and power struggles. The script is structurally well crafted and maintains a nervy, ongoing pace. Many sequences are very tense, and the characters deal with issues (such as a roadblock) in ways you're unlikely to be expecting.
The kid is a decent performer, and acts as the lynchpin for the plot. He also helps to influence events, but the movie works because of the strong performances of the leads.
The Blu-Ray transfer is good, bringing out an enjoyable level of detail with a little touch of cinematic grain. The sound is also very good.
An eventful mob/kidnap thriller with good character interplay and enough violence to keep the pulse racing. A good effort and a good Blu-Ray edition.
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Notorious in its day for its record-setting spectacularly bad box-office, Cohen and Tate is another terrifically nasty little road movie from the twisted mind of Eric Red, the writer of The Hitcher. His directorial debut certainly deserves to be a lot better known, with Roy Scheider and Adam Baldwin the mismatched hitmen of the title, tasked with killing the family of a witness to a mob hit and the feds protecting him and driving him back to Texas on a one-way trip to answer a few questions. The catch? The witness is nine years old, and he’s not going to go quietly. When his escape attempts are foiled, he realises his only way out is to turn the two arguing killers against each other – not difficult when the ageing professional Cohen, wary of deviating even slightly from his instructions for fear of the mob's 45 caliber retirement plan, is already less than happy to be partnered with the psychotic Tate, who likes running over animals and wants to kill the boy before they reach their destination.

It’s a tightly plotted, neatly played battle of wills that works thanks to a trio of fine performances: Scheider with his hearing aid, corpse-like pallor and limited supply of patience, Baldwin with his enthusiastic shoot first and then keep on shooting brand of blowhard sadism and Harley Cross as their resourceful intended victim. Even with the more extreme violence toned down to avoid an X rating this retains a constant air of menace with both men on a constant hair trigger as the job just keeps on getting worse, the film devoid of fat as it goes about its deadly business. It’s only with an abrupt jump to the finale that comes almost out of nowhere that it makes much of a misstep, but it even manages to pull that off even if you can’t quite skip the impression that something either hit the cutting room floor or wasn’t shot because the money ran out. Quite a memorable little road trip.

Originally released only as a manufactured-on-demand DVD-R in the US boasting a surprisingly good widescreen transfer and trailer, the film was subsequently released as a proper DVD and region A-locked Blu-ray by Shout Factory with a much more impressive extras package - director's commentary, 19 minutes of deleted scenes (some trimmed to get the film a lower rating), 20-minute retrospective documentary, stills gallery and trailer.
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on 16 January 2016
excellent release of a forgotten/ignored masterpiece
region A locked
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Cohen & Tate is directed by Eric Red who also adapts the screenplay from the short story "The Ransom of Red Chief" written by O. Henry. It stars Roy Scheider, Adam Baldwin, Harley cross, Suzanne Savoy and Marco Perella. Music is by Bill Conti and cinematography by Victor J. Kemper.

Two professional hitmen known as Cohen (Scheider) and Tate (Baldwin) kidnap 9 year old Travis Knight (Cross) from the Witness Protection Program and set off to deliver him to mob bosses in Houston. But with the wise old Cohen the polar opposite of the younger and psychotic Tate, young Travis senses an opportunity to turn the pair of them against each other to maybe manufacture his escape?

After a quite brutal opening, Cohen and Tate settles into a road movie where 90% of the action is based in a car populated by only three characters. The premise is simple, an increasingly psychotic Tate (Baldwin overacting to within an inch of his life) wants to kill the annoying kid in the back seat. Cohen (a graceful and film saving Scheider) is not having that, he may be a hitman but he still has codes and orders to adhere to. Travis the kid (Cross is whiny and poor) chips away at each man's psyche, causing a fractured atmosphere that ensures we are never quite sure how it will end up. In fact the finale is actually a doozy.

That Cohen & Tate is no forgotten masterpiece is down to uneven direction, poor acting away from Scheider and an all round preposterous feeling to it all. Credibility and logic is stretched to breaking point, often, while the dialogue doesn't sit right with the characters on show. Frustrating really because in spite of its problems it's a very watchable picture that has a strong premise at its core, and Scheider is definitely a reason to take a punt on a viewing. Even if he, and us, deserve a better movie as a whole. 7/10
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on 26 December 2012
cohen and tate is a tense thriller and features 3 great performance from scheider/baldwin/cross.i still cant believe it hasnt had a dvd release in the uk apart from vhs.this is a classic,writer and director eric red (great surname)who wrote the hitcher and body parts does a brilliant job.its very similar to the hitcher.with the film being spent mostly in the car and what i liked about this film is the way that harley cross(boy)who was kidnapped tries to turn them against each other,its tense/taunt.this is must see thriller but i have noticed that this version has been altered from the uk vhs version.at the start of the film there is a few sentences about the film and why the boy was in a safehouse and also the swearing by adam baldwin has been re-edited in parts probaly by the distributor not the MPAA or BBFC.but it wont put you off this brilliant film.
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on 17 July 2016
Good quality original DVD.
But really crap movie.
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on 6 August 2014
brilliant thank u xx
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on 18 September 2013
I don't know why this was sold through the British Amazon because it's NOT Region Free. I assumed it was Region Free because of it being sold through the British Amazon and when I went to watch it, I got a message saying "Invalid Region" on my screen. Only buy this if you know you have a Region Free player.
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