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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 April 2017
I was really surprised to find out how good this actually is as I had heard a few creed tracks before but never really liked them.
Most of the songs are really interesting in a consistent rock/grunge style and there are very few fillers unlike alter bridge who in
my mind need to make their minds up to whether or not they want to be a hard rock band or a soft rock/lighters in the air band,so
give this album a go and you wont be disappointed.
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on 24 April 2017
Fantastic really pleased
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on 9 May 2017
Son loves in. Arrived quick and is played all the time! he is now looking for more to add to his collection
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on 12 June 2001
Like most people who own this album, I was inspired to buy it by the single, "With Arms Wide Open", and also the song "Higher", the video for which I had seen on a digital TV music channel. These are both great songs, and I wasn't disappointed with the remainder of the album either! Although some songs do sound a wee bit samey to start with, if you give them a chance, they really start to stand out in their own right. My favourite song from the album would have to be a toss up between "Young Grow Old" and "Faceless Man", although I never skip directly to these tracks. By that I mean this is one of those albums which you can just put on and listen to every song, and enjoy it - there is hardly a weak point in sight. Scott Stapp's passionate vocals seem to lift the songs to a new level, as well as Mark Tremonti's crunchy guitar riffs. I can't remember the last time I heard a band with such emotional lyrics, to which the listener can almost instantly relate with every track (especially "What If" and "Higher").....
"Human Clay" is a fantastic album, and it is good to know that someone, somewhere is making decent rock music - keep it up guys!
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on 18 January 2001
The second album from Creed makes marvellous leaps and bounds over its predecessor. featuring the singles 'Higher' and 'With Arms Wide open' (Top 20 in the UK). Also from the Scream 3 soundtrack they produced, comes 'What If?'. Combining personal issues as well as wider ones, 'Human Clay' is a great album to just sit back and enjoy the melodies. A very worthy purchase too for the haunting melodies of Scott Stapp. There are some 'harder' rock tracks on here, such as 'What If?' ... but if its just something you want to listen and chill to at the same time, then this is it. Their sucess in the US with 9 millions sales of this album just goes to show, they are not another flash in the pan.
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on 1 February 2002
I read the other reviews of this album before buying it and have to say some of them would have positively put you off. Good job I bought 'Weathered' first and decided to take a chance.
Now I know why some have given bad or mediocre reviews.. shame they stopped listening to Human Clay.
This album does sound mediocre on first listen and I almost regretted buying it. But thanks to my two year old boy who insisted I play him 'With arms wide open' video (included on the album) virtually non stop I started to get it. By the way, I tested him, if it wasn't Creed he didn't want to know.
This album is awesome (not quite as awesome as 'Weathered' but little could be). 'Are you Ready?', 'What If' can compete with the best heavy tracks while being considerably more tuneful (a 'crime' according to some).
One thing that comes over in all Creed records is the strong lyrics, this stuff is poetry of the most hard hitting and realistic. So many times the words get to you and make you say 'heh, I feel like that' or 'that is so true'.
So do yourself a favor, put on the earphones, turn it up and listen, that's LISTEN. It gets five stars, because my two year old insists on nothing less.. and I agree with him.
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on 24 August 2001
Where can i possibly begin?i feel that my review of this album couldnt possibly do it justice!The album begins with "Are You Ready", a brilliant song charged with emotion,you feel like you will never get tired of this song,and to tell the truth,the same goes for the rest of the album.While listening to this masterpiece of an album,there is not one song i would skip,in my opinion the 2 best songs ont he album are "with arms wide open"(the instrumental version) and "higher" if you do not already ownt his album,buy it now,it is a superb album,a must for all music lovers!
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on 29 August 2000
This is the greatest, most epic and beautiful record ever. The songs reach a different level not often achieved by bands. This can be attributed perhaps to the numerous religious reference or the wonderful sparse landscapes conjured up by the music. The lyrics are more mature than those found on 'My Own Prison', although if you are expecting the same angst-ridden, self-doubting, introverted musings then you may be pleasantly surprised to find that this album is more touching and contains more feeling than was reached on the majority of Creed's legendary debut. It truly is on another level. This album can make you cry both through joy, wonder, supreme sadness or the realisation of the sheer beauty of it all.
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on 22 June 2003
There's a lot of ridicule about Creed, particularily around frontman Scott Stapp. Recently he divorced his wife who made it definate by hitting him around the head with her mobile phone, he was drunk during a performance last year, and his voice is constantly ridiculed. It's a love it or hate it thing, and there is a rare breed that can put Stapp's vocals to one side and enjoy the superb guitar work that 'Human Clay' possesses. Because if you're a fan of strong hard guitar songs that capture you and take you in, and you don't mind Stapp's strained tones then you'll love 'Human Clay'.
Don't think that I'm criticising Stapp's voice here. It is a powerful statement that works throughout 'Human Clay', be it in the opening preparing rocker ironically called, ''Are You Ready?'', or be it in the gentle tones of the epic, brilliantly lyricised, ''Faceless Man'' or the pure out and out rage of ''Young Grow Old''. But there are certain areas throughout where it's a stronger asset to Creed and places where it isn't. His voice does sound decidedly weedy on the heavy chorus in the likes of ''Wrong Way'', but on the other hand, his voice seems to fit right into hit single ''Higher'' and give it that added bit of reality, and it's positively exhilerating when he gruffly voices ''Lord, God I Stand...Against The Faceless Man'' in ''Faceless Man''. Stapp's voice aside, and whether or not you can take it (which I can), this is a pure rock album. Tremonti has a very far reaching talent on guitar as shown on the likes of, once again, the epic, ''Faceless Man'', the heavy, ''Young Grow Old'', the heavy, heavy, ''Say I'' and the gentle, uplifting, ''Inside Us All'', but it is all genuinely high quality work throughout 'Human Clay' and it really is quality rock music. And that's what it is, rock music. Put aside the 'post-grunge', 'Pearl Jam rip-off' stereotypes cast over Creed's stadium, they aren't. The people who put these claims across have not only just cast this on Creed, because of the increasing ammount of 'post-grunge' bands appearing who can never stand in the footsteps of those who've come before, they have also obviously never heard a Pearl Jam record in their life...
Difference of opinion aside, Creed have got modern hard-rock caught right in their back pockets. The message to fans and critics alike,'What If' is a rousing statement, as well as a great surging rock song. The aforementioned, 'Faceless Man', is the best Creed song that will never be heard. Epic, with an Indian style opening, and a Led Zeppelin-esque feel to it, 'Faceless Man' clocks in at over 5 minutes, with some of Creed's finest lyrics about self-discovery, and a quiet-loud system that many of the finest hard rock bands ever would be proud of.
So a fine second album, that shocked and rocked America when it hit number 1 in the charts for months to come when rock was supposedly dying out. Perhaps it's Creed's sense of belief and feel-good factor that so many bands forget. Maybe it was their epicness. Maybe it was that there was a band here that finally rocked and rocked well. Maybe it was the charming 'With Arms Wide Open' that charmed America's hearts. Maybe it was just great rock music, that makes this the finest hard rock album of the last 7 years.
5 Stars.
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on 20 December 2002
I had the luck of experiencing Creed while on holiday in Atlanta. As a British boy their heavy grungy guitar riffs and almost nirvana like sound was different to anything i had heard before. Scotts almost synthesised style of vocals contributes to the unique sound of the other 3 members of the band. Whether you are feeling great, or down, creed is likely to chill you out!! This album is a must, however if you prefer a slightly less commercial and raw feel, My Own Prison would be your "cup of tea!"
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