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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

on 29 November 2014
Loved the cd fab fast delivery a brilliant idea Andrews done it again and Ben Elton's lyrics are the best thing to happen to Webber's rich and folk music / pop score they should work as a pair more often only negative is that are kind of love is recycled into love never dies the title song from the 2010 musical love never dies which I think is highly unoriginal considering that webber is such a musical legend apart from that it's near perfection for it to be perfection it would have to as flawless as sunset boulevard and that what some people would consider a flop but I loved it that short lived masterpiece that was Stephen ward so Andrew keep up the good work but stop recycling tunes and slapping different lyrics to them a true fan like myself would suss you out in seconds of listening to it .
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on 3 June 2013
This musical,in my opinion,is the most important work Andrew Lloyd-Webber has ever produced.His collaboration with Ben Elton was a stroke of genius.(No,they are not close friends of mine). The difficulty now is learning how to get the best from it, if you, like me, have not been fortunate enough to see any of the stage productions. The beauty of this work is that the music and lyrics can be appreciated more fully if you set aside the time without interruption, and follow the libretto provided in the set,having first armed yourself with the full story. I chose Wikipedia to tell me that and then sat back and let the story take me in. I was completely blown away. I have followed musicals since I first left school in 1954 and always with pleasure, but none ever appealed to my nature in quite the same way. It rings with truth like no other I have seen, and it does it in the language of ordinary people. The chosen cast more than did justice to the writing both musically and lyrically evoking beautifully the emotions the composers intended. In so doing they have brought to mind better than ever the importance of love and forgiveness. If one approaches this believing in those blessings with an open mind they will be left feeling deeply rewarded.

Beauty being in the eyes of the beholder has never been better demonstrated than here among so many varied and conflicting views. "The Beautiful Game", which became "The Boys in the Photograph" with slight changes to the story,
needs to be heard with full knowledge of the story and then followed closely to align the background of events with each song. It is not possible to get the full impact of emotion and therefore appreciation without being closely aware of exactly where one is in the story.

This musical has the potential to compete in popularity with "Les Miserables" given time and the will to develop it in the same way. If I was not just a poor pensioner but had loads of money I would put it all on this amazing work.
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on 28 August 2017
fast delivery, brilliant thank you
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on 28 September 2014
Very quick delivery, A great recording
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on 21 December 2014
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on 6 December 2000
Echoes of my favorite lyric from The Finale of 'The Beautiful Game.'
What I love most about the shows of ALW is the messages they attempt to send. For example, 'The Phantom of the Opera' was about a beautiful, gentle soul that became ugly not because of the scars upon his face, but rather because of the way he was treated by society. 'Whistle down the Wind' illustrates what "faith" can do. Now, 'The Beautiful Game' asks why? Why is war, not peace, worth fighting for? As Mary sings in "If This Is What We Are Fighting For," the answer is simple:
"We just loved to kill and we always will!"
'The Beautiful Game' is a touching story that spreads beyond the Catholic-Protestant conflict in Northern Irland. The story can be placed anywhere in the world were people fight to live, to die, and to have just "one ordinary day" throughout the world. And it asks us why it has to be? Why sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, friends and lovers, have to die such senseless death.
The music of the show takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. The opening "Beautiful Game" is a song that would fit into any safe, American university. The only concern of this pounding rock number, is the game.
"God's Own Country" is my favorite song from the show. It is absolutely beautiful and very touching. We are all, regardless of anything, in "God's Own Country."
"The Final" is a great, energic, cool number- reflecting the teams championship bid.
"Let Us Love In Peace" is a touching melody where characters pray for just "one ordinary day," something that is so taken for granted by those of us who never have to fight for anything.
Overall, dispite some trite lyrics, this is another beautiful and powerful show by ALW and Ben Elton.
Regardless of what you might say about ALW, his shows always present a lesson to be learned, a question to be answered, and a beautiful backdrop.
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on 25 January 2001
... I need a few times before I fall in love with an ALW musical. But then I realize that he is probably the best tune-smith around and there is always plenty to really like. "God's own country" and "Our kind of love" probably are the best songs from the musical. I cannot really say much about the story, I would have to see the show. On the one hand, I find it daring and interesting to focus the socio-political conflict into football (or to write a musical which centres on sports at all). On the other hand, there seem to be a lot of Romeo-and-Juliet themes in there so that it does not seem that original after all. As I have said I would have to see the show. It is a pity that the glory days of Westend musicals seem to be over and "The Beautiful Game" (as "Whistle down the Wind") will not get that much public attention as other musicals before
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on 25 January 2001
THE BEAUTIFUL GAME is a new giant step for musical theater. Ben Elton and Andrew Lloyd Webber has created a wonderful story, with some great lyrics, and fantastic music. "God's own country", "Our kind of love" and "Finale" are ear-hangers, that get's the tears in your eyes, to wet your chins. This is an exellent example of music and words mingelling together in perfect harmony.
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on 23 January 2001
I am really surprised about this brilliant new musical of ALW and how he managed to write so many new touching melodies. On the top of all is "God Owns Country" , an absolutely beautiful and touching song which became my favorite ALW song and is the best contemporary musical ballad in my opinion. Another great melody is "Let Us Love In Peace" and the opener "Beautiful Game" (after the modern celtic overture) has got a refrain that you will start singing as soon as you have heard it once.
The story of the musical is as touching as many of its melodies. And the message NO CHILD WAS EVER BORN TO HATE is a powerful appeal for more peace in the world.
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on 25 May 2001
2 years ago to be precise. This musical and this pathetic recording do not have the mastery of the other shows. The music often overshadows the important lyrics and they loose their significance. The music is purile and a complete rip off of Riverdance, only something about Andrew Lloyd Webber's rhythm's mean it doesn't quite pull it off. There are only 2 nice songs, the others are very cliche. The most annoying thing about this is the Irish Accents. I'm not anti-Irish, but if you thought the accents were bad in Whistle Down The Wind, then you'll simply hate this. The actors are not consistent at all, they will sing in English then go into a phony broad irish just to make the lines scan. It's bad, the actors are moderately good at signing, but no where near a patch on the other Andrew Lloyds Webber recordings. Ben Elton, much as I love his work, is not a good lyricist and often the lyrics are cliched. There is a deffinate sense of Elton not wanting to repeat himself. The orchestration is not one thing or another, it's a mix between Riverdance, Phantom and Whistle Down The Wind, it doesn't work. This slushy sentamentalist stuff will be brilliant to sell to Americans, but if you hate that sort of thing don't buy it.
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