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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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on 9 May 2017
Brilliant candid interviews, amazing live footage from the absolute masters of the stage. Used to own VHS of this, and had been missing it. So bought DVD. It's not widescreen, but WHO gives a funk?
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on 11 August 2017
Bloody marvellous ! I'd love to hear more but am getting worried for my ears ! Save it for later ! My God ,it's good !
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on 8 February 2001
A wonderful document which bears up to both repeated viewing and the occasional "dipping into", there have been very few like it. Possibly the nearest contenders are The Rolling Stones "25 X 25" and The Beatles Anthology series, however neither of these admittedly excellent tapes match the warmth, honesty and vitriol of the commentaries from Daltrey, Entwistle, and especially a very self-critical Townshend, the latter both verbally and in the booklet. This could almost be viewed as visible evidence of Pete's then long-standing and ongoing vilification of The Who, both personnel and legend, the majority of which was unjustifiable. In his comments he is by turns whingeing, insulting and complimentary about Daltrey, Moon, Entwistle and their fans, particularly the comment that The Who were never in the first division of British bands. Oh, really ? Once you get past this, then the video is wonderful. Live performances are as good as it gets, with again the peak years of 1971-75 under-represented. It doesn't duplicate performances on "The Kids Are Alright", to which it is complimentary. Many of the triumphs and failures are present, hilarious moments, ancient video, unseen until then concert footage, including four superb numbers from Charlton 1974 (BBC, where are you with the complete show ?) and so many moments on or about Keith Moon. Picture and sound are spot on when considering the age of the material, and lack of live film or video material (one track is even from a private tape). Hopefully the DVD,when it arrives wil be a further improvement. Fact: when The Who broke up in 1982, they were the biggest live act on the planet, and most of their audiences, especially in the States, were under 20. The Kids were alright after all. Buy this,and then the 4 Cd box set.
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on 27 October 2012
I have this on VHS. This version of Maximum R&B Live has the Tanglewood footage from 1970. What this music film does is tell the Who story in interviews and music using the best footage available. I have always found this to one of the best ever music films made and often watch this. I converted the footage and sound to DVD. What is very apparent as well is the love and respect these guys now have of each other and what a huge loss Keith Moon had to the band.
This is a very good compliment film to another great Who DVD, The Kids Are Alright. Both of these films really prove how brilliant The Who were in concert.
If you can get a hold of this on VHS you will see footage that apparently is not on the DVD version.
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on 13 August 2009
I bought this excellent video when it came out in 1994. Absolutely astonished to find that the Tanglewood 1970 footage has been dropped in favour of some 1982 footage. Astonishing decision given that the accompanying booklet acknowledges the shortage of footage from the golden era of 1970 - 1974 - The band themselves banished filming of their gigs during this period.
Tanglewood tracks: 1. Intro by Bill Graham 2. Heaven & Hell 3. Cant Explain 4. Water
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on 8 May 2009
I had the original R&B video already but quality of new (and remastered) DVD is much better as far as video and audio is concerned. Bonus DVD contains German Rockpalast concert in Essen what is a good add-on because as far as I know there was only a bootleg CD available from this unless you recorded it from TV almost 30 years ago. Meanwhile, my tape copy had a very poor quality so I was glad to get this concert back now in digital form.
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on 23 October 2003
Watching this DVD, allows u a chance for a totally different perspective on this fantastic band.
Here the emphasis is less on the merry japes and rock and roll excess of The Kids are Alright, now we see footage of one of the greatest rock and roll bands in the world doing what they do best.
Less pyrotechnics and more polish.
Early footage shows a rather lame and shaky little punk band, in the original sense of the word. Not as exciting on stage as the Beatles in their heyday despite Entwistles comments to the contrary. Daltrey is portrayed as nervous, giggly and insecure. His initial attempts at upstaging Townshend involve shoving a mic under Moons cymbals to produce a barrage of white noise. The act hilariously produces a four lettered reaction from Moon which only lip readers will understand. As for the Monterey Gig, which was their big break, it's hard to really understand their impact on the states as this is the band at their very worst. Crappy rented gear gives a poor sound, Daltrey merely spends the whole segment watching Entwistle for cues and everybody fluffs words chords etc. Compare this version of A Quick one to the one on the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus and u can readily see the effect that a few months of solid touring in the States did for the bands focus and confidence.
When the next clip appears two years have passed, the london colliseum gig shows a very tight and intense little band even on the gauche Happy Jack they are amazing to watch. As the second half of the clip is focussed entirely on Moon furiously mugging behind Daltrey.
The highlight of the whole DVD for me are the songs from Tanglewood and The Isle of wight. We surely deserve a more complete Tanglewood film at some point. This is the best footage of the original lineup available and they are truly transcendent on this performance. The IOW footage is far superior to the official IOW release which has been sweetened with Foley artists doing crowd noise and adding unrelated footage to pad out the songs as insufficient shots were taken on the night. Just watch Moon bounce his stick off the snare and catch it without looking during young man blues. Worth the price of the DVD alone.
From then on it's really all downhill, the booze and drugs kick in. The band seem sluggish and bloated in a seventies haze. The 1972 footage is all too much lighting effects and too little musicianship and u cant' see Moon.
The 1974 Charlton Concert is frankly crappy. This was slotted in during filming for Tommy and as Pete notes he was too drunk to remember it. Moon seems to have lost the plot on the drums and his lame delivery on Bellboy (complete with Fake backing vocals) is just too sad.
There is a brief resurrection of the original band vibe in a gutsy version of Dreaming from the Waist, but that is sadly where footage of the original Moon lineup of the band ends.
When Kenny Jones joins the band things are not as bad as was once thought. In the concert performances that follow he is competant and solid and this hold the band together superbly during a period when Townshend was losing the plot.
The only real disappointment is the addition of 1989 vintage footage of a hugely augmented Who with percussionists and extra guitarists etc, murdering their own back catalogue like a ropey tribute act. No i take that back i've seen the tribute bands and most of them kick this incarnation of the Who's asses.
Thats just my opinion i know but apart from the final section this is really the best concert DVD of this seminal and hugely influential band. Until they achieve something of the quality of the Led Zep DVD it's all we can hope for.
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on 16 April 2009
I have this on video (from many years ago). I bought the DVD so that I had a copy that would last and could therefore dispense with the video. However, I was EXTREMELY disappointed to note that the footage from Tanglewood is not on the DVD (despite it being on the video). It has been replaced by sub-standard footage, in my opinion.

Otherwise, it has all the same footage as the original video, some of which is excellent.

I haven't watched the Rockpalast gig, as I can't bear The Who with Kenney Jones on drums. After the genius of Moon, it seemed somehow wrong to get such a steady and, let's face it, boring drummer to fill the enormous gap left by Moon's untimely departure. I'm only just starting to be able to watch footage of The Who live now that they have Zak Starkey on drums. It's as if some of the spirit of Keith Moon lives on in him, which is rather nice, considering that Keith taught Zak drumming techniques when he was young.

All in all, I suppose I'm just annoyed that the Tanglewood footage was not included in this DVD. Otherwise, it's just fine and if you haven't seen the video version with the Tanglewood footage on it, it won't make any difference to you.

It certainly shouldn't be enough to dissuade people to buy it.
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on 30 December 2015
This is a great music DVD from a great band, there's no issue I have with the music or the band as The Who are the greatest rock band alive....shame Amazon's quality control isn't up to the job-this DVD skips, jumps and is clearly defective......I should have read the reviews that others have found similar problems with quality control and similar issues. Does Amazon know this????? Yet they still sell this clearly malfunctioning defective disc!!! Clearly Amazon only care for the money!!

In the new year I'm going to return this for a refund....and try for the DVD elsewhere on the web.....I've had enough of Amazon, will close my account in the new year 2016!!!
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on 7 April 2009
Very interesting clips throughout the years showing how The Who have changed throughout the 60's, 70's and 80's - a must for any fan's collection.

The second disc of this set is a 1981 concert - picture quality is disappointingly poor.
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