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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 31 August 2003
I think if the first DVD was to start the story off and the second one was intense character development then the third really is about exploring different themes such as companionship, co-operation and the sexual chemistry between the characters.
Shinji and Asuka hate each other because they're so different from one another so when they fail to defeat an angel they are ordered by Misato to find a harmony and co-operate to organise an assault on the angel together. Of course they struggle to do so at first but surprise surprise they manage to (briefly) overcome their differences and succeed. What really catches your eye though is the scene where it is the night before the encounter, Shinji and Asuka are alone in the apartment together and when Asuka sleepwalks practically into Shinji's lap he doesn't know what to do. As he leans over to kiss her she whispers in her sleep, "mother" and it sounds like it's not that important but of all the words she could have said why that one? You're left wondering why she said it and why Shinji tried to kiss her in the first place if he dislikes her so much. A tiny spark of excitement between the two characters.
The second episode is all about creating tense and excitement as Asuka is placed in a dangerous situation to recover an intact angel specimin lying at the bottom of a volcano. The last finds NERV at the mercy of a sabateur who has left the whole building without any power and with an angel about to come and create havoc,the three pilots have to make their way to the evangelions and launch. It's the first time we see them all in action at the same time and there's a bit of bonding between them. You might feel a little bit cheated by this DVD as it only has three episodes on it and is a bit too short expecially if you paid full price. You will be rewarded though, you always are when you watch Evangelion because deep down you know you're watching something special and that there are a millions plebs out there who haven't even heard of it yet. And you have. The animation is superb as ever and the angels still look pretty impressive but they seem to be getting killed a lot faster than they used to be. Maybe whoever controls them is sending in all of the weak angels to lure NERV into a false sense of security and then they send in the MEGA hard oober rock angels to flatten them all! Or maybe they have sharper knives and faster lazers this time I dunno.
The other important chemistry is witnessed between the mysterious Kadji and Misato who is still in two minds about her ex and hides her feelings away, pretending to not be interested in him anymore when you can clearly see there's something going on. He is the only man she seems to want the attention of and the only way you'll find out why is to keep buying the series...
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on 27 July 2004
On this third collection of Evangelion (episodes 9 through 11), Asuka commands most of the attention. Which is no surprise, considering that the young woman from Germany is still looking to prove she is the best of the three pilots. Her interplay with Shinji and Rei shows that her overweening pride is simply a mask to hide deeper insecurities, yet her fierce bravery is undeniable in these episodes.
The first of the three tales finds Asuka and Shinji pitted against an Angel (Israphel) who can magically duplicate itself when it is under attack. After a failed first effort, the two EVA pilots must learn to coordinate their efforts perfectly. Considering how little they like each other this may be harder than destroying the Angel. It certainly is funnier.
Next, NERV scientists discover an Angel embryo (Sandalphon) deep in the lava of an active volcano. Asuka, deprived of a chance to go on a class trip, is determined to destroy it on her own... If she can just get over the embarrassment of her special heat-resistant suit. Misato's determination puts Asuka in severe danger and the outcome is in doubt to the very end.
The final episode finds NERV headquarters in darkness due to human sabotage. Without power, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei must break into NERV to get to the EVAs before they can face an acid wielding Angel (Matriel) determined to liquefy Tokyo-3.
These episodes show the EVA pilots at their best and their worst. We do get a tiny glimpse of whatever it is that motivates Asuka's abrasive bravado, and how this balances and contrasts with Rei's calm acceptance and willingness to do whatever is needed. Poor Shinji, cursed with a brilliant but cold and distant father finds himself attracted and bewildered by both. Writer/director Hidako Anno again uses short glimpses, rather than long exposition to build interest. This enables him to accomplish a great deal of layering of story, development and symbol in the sparse context of the Anime medium.
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on 3 September 2003
It's obvious even to the casual anime viewer that these three episodes are the calm patch before the real story fully kicks in, and what an entertaining calm patch these three episodes are. Yes, three episodes, but with a show as good and as rewarding as Evangelion, you definitely get your money's worth. The episodes on this disc are full of humour (sometimes sexual), action and character development and if you've bought the previous two volumes, this is essential as the bridge between those and the next phase in the saga where things start to get darker. But not yet.
1. With One Accord In A Flash
A complete comedy from start to finish, this very silly but nonetheless good episode sees the growing "relationship" between Shinji and Asuka to hilarious effect. It's a "see it to believe it" episode as NERV face an Angel that can duplicate itself that defeats Eva's 01 and 02 first time. The highlight are the two Eva's battling the Angel against classical music, a scene that will stay with you for quite sometime after. If you need cheering up then this is the episode for you.
2. Magma Diver
An episode that manages to balance some very smutty humour with nailbiting action sees NERV's attempts to retrieve an Angel embryo from inside a volcano. Despite some overly silly moments, this is an excellent episode, the battle with the Angel inside the volcano is a really gripping slice of television. The infamous hot springs scene leaves you on a high. Great stuff.
3. In the Still Darkness
The best episode on the set, this well-constructed gem boasts sparkling dialogue and slightly more adult humour than before. There are some great character moments and Shinji, Asuka and Rei's attempts to get into NERV HQ are perfect Evangelion. Admittedly the Angel is dispatched very easily and the Eva's end up in some rather undignified positions, but all is forgiven by the nice fleshing out of secondary characters, Misato and Kaji trapped in a lift together and the fact that there may well be a sabateur in NERV. One of the best so far.
This set of episodes is the perfect way to spend 80 minutes - not very taxing or hard to follow, they're episodes that can easily be watched on their own. Again, the extras aren't good, but the transfer is excellent. Soon however things are going to change in the world of Evangelion, and I can't wait to pick up the next volume.
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on 4 June 2003
After the first two DVD's, that began the series (and introduced the basic storyline, and most of the main characters) this third DVD really settles into the story arc, and does what Eva does best: deals with the relationships between the characters.
Here’s the review broken down into each episode:
Episode 09: With One Chord in a Flash.
This is perhaps one of my favourite episodes of the series. After introducing Asuka in the last episode, we now get to see some more of her character. Shinji and Asuka must team up to defeat an angel by perfectly synchronising their attack! Cue some hilarious training scenes based around co-ordination exercises, and the beautifully animated climax of the episode:
A one-minute attack on the angel in perfect sync and in time to music! Great stuff.
Episode 10: Magmadiver.
This episode is probably the most disappointing on the DVD, but none the less a good episode. There’s not a lot of action, and a lot of Eva’s famous 'animation saving' sequences… however, it does contain the infamous 'hot springs scene', perhaps the funniest moment in the whole series. Has to be seen.
Episode 11: In the Still Darkness.
An episode purely driven by the characters here: and certainly not a bad thing. There are some brilliant sequences where you really get to know how the characters work. It culminates in a co-operative effort from all three pilots to defeat an angel. Excellent character interaction all the way through!
Episode 12: The Value of a Miracle is…
An incredibly well constructed episode here. Again, largely focusing on character development here, we get to find out something of Misato’s past: quite a sad and slow episode in way, although it ends in an excellent action sequence.
As for the DVD itself, the dub is an excellent one (as always), and although I would happily watch the English version, it’s a great thing to be able to watch it in the original Japanese format with good subtitles. The features aren’t too extensive, but really add to the overall package.
Overall, whilst not a lot happens to further the story-arc in this DVD, it’s one of my favourite parts of the series. Totally worth it if you’re into eva for it’s excellent scripting and character driven nature.
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on 22 May 2013
My son loves all these type of dvd and has a hugh collection this is just one of them brilliant
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on 27 May 2003
If ur new Anime then get this. It's a classic and more. The animation is fluid, the concepts and characters are believeable and full of soul and the themes will blow ur mind once you grasp them and u will, like running into a brick wall. As soon as the next installment is up for pre-order then I'm there. Follow me and u will not regret it.
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on 1 January 2015
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