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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2017
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on 9 April 2017
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on 29 April 2017
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on 1 April 2017
great service, will use again
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on 9 April 2015
Very good
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on 9 April 2017
Great no problems
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on 31 January 2003
You wouldn't have thought anyone could beat Woody Allen, but it has been done: an animated Woody is even better than the real one! The film is, in my opinion, for adults, as the kids may miss the references (some verbal, some visual) to totalitarian regimes, mad generals "getting obscene at young blood" etc. As an example: the severed head scene would be tragic, were it not so ridiculus. The animation is obviously great (with the water drop probably the most imaginative scene). But this is mainly pure, unadulterated fun, with Ant Z feeling "... so insignificant. - You've made real progress: you ARE insignificant." and the aristocratic WASPs having "certain obligations toward the less priviledged insects".
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on 6 August 2005
'Antz' is the first 'bug movie' to arrive on the big screen; rivaled a year later by Dreamworks, Disney/Pixar in the form of 'A Bugs Life', a brighter and more colourful film, arguably the better of the two. However, 'Antz' is the first, and with a mind blowing cast to provide the voices including: Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, Woody Allen, and Gene Hackman, to name but a few, it really is somthing special.
It follows the story of Z, a worker ant who wants a better way of life, to be totally free, and who unlike his fellow worker ants, is not content to dig tunnels for the rest of his life. One night he meets Princess Bala in the bar until a huge bar brawl starts up and the two are split up. However Z is determined to see the princess again, and switches places with his best mate Weaver, a soldier ant, so that he can get close to her.
What he does not realise however is that they are at war with a termite colony and that he is now on the front line. By a minor miricle, Z survives the battle, and returns home as the only surviver, istantly becoming a war hero. This allows him to meet the Princess, and getting desperate, he resorts to kidnapping her and off they go in search of a better place - insectopia. Meanwhile things are happening at the colony that are putting the lives of his friends in great danger.
As i have already said, the cast of this movie, really is amazing - so many superstars in the same movie. There isn't really any member of the cast that is not worth mentioning. The comedy genius Woody Allen voices the lead role of Z. Sylvester Stallone (who worked with Allen in Bananas) voices the role of Weaver the soldier ant, Z's best mate. Sharon Stone (who worked with Stallone in 'The Specialist') provides the voice of Princess Bala. Gene Hackman gives the evil General Mandible some life with his voice. Dan Akroyd vocies the role of Chip. Other voices include those of Danny Glover, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Bancroft, Jane Curtin, and Christopher Walken.
As regards the DVD, that also is very good, with plenty of extras to please even the most die-hard fans. These include: a behind the scenes featurette, a look at how the actually make an animated film such as this, an audio commentary, a look at the process of character design, and a theatrical trailer, to name but a few.
Overall, 'Antz' really is a wonderful movie that both children and adults can enjoy in their own different way, as there are comic moments for both. With such a star-studded cast, a nice storyline dealing with an age old theme, and good animations alround, 'Antz' really is a winner. If you enjoy it then also try 'A Bugs Life' which is similar but still very good.
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on 29 June 2005
Antz is my favourite CGI movie and, in my opinion, better than both Shrek movies and A Bug's Life. Sure it's old now and the animation and visual effects don't quite live up to Shrek 2, but nevertheless, graphics do not a film make. Antz is a beautifully weighted movie and surprisingly cerebral. Although kids will probably find sections of it a little boring, adults will find a depth and maturity that no other CGI film has yet managed. Woody Allen plays Z, a misunderstood worker ant trying to find himself and the fast talking, neurotic babble is fantastic. Gene Hackmann is, as always, excellent as General Mandible. His dramatic monologues will send tingles up your spine - in fact, when you watch him in ant form you'll wonder how long it will be before a CGI charater wins best actor!! He's THAT good. Fantastic film for adults, probably a bit slow for kids.
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on 3 August 2010
Okay, I have to say this movie grew on me from a young age. It's got a very good premise, regarding life as an ant. Now we're not familiar with the world that ants inhabit in, nor do we take it really into account a tall, but hey it's interesting to see the ants in this movie anyway, and see what it's like.
Z is an ant in an anthill populated with millions of ants, where they're all working together to build a new colony. The problem is Z thinks he is not cut out for the job that he is placed in as a worker, making him feel unimportant and with very little significance around the other ants he works with. The problem is he's physically inadequate and feels like he's worth more. When he meets a princess by name of Bala, his life takes a whole new turn when he switches places with his Soldier Weaver so he can get closer to Bala (who aside her Mother commends the troops). Z gets into danger when he is forced to fight the termites who are destined for more of the territory than the ants realized.
Eventually, he returns back and then things significantly change for him, when he accidentally gets mistaken for taking hostage of the princess, he is forced to leave the colony with Bala, who is not prepared for what is out there.

I don't think it's the closet movie to really captivate what an ant's perspective is like, how they survive and how they live (Bug's life had more accuracy on that). But frankly that's not what this movie is brilliant for: It's brilliant because of the hilarity, the animation, the story and Woody Allen's humorous voice over as Z.

Trust me, when I say you should give Antz a chance. I think it's a bit better than Bug's Life (which is also underrated), but that's for you to decide on.
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