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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 14 August 2004
Your thought's of "where do we go next ?" after the closing-down of the X-files in series 1 is instantly re-ignited with the quite excellent opening show entitled 'Little Green Men' ! Mulder pointing out that they , the aliens , are generaly refered to as 'Grey's' not at all green . Soon enough the Skinner 'does what they fear most' and re-opens the X-files .
Before this , however , an excellent one-off episode in the form of 'The Host' is a top ranking episode in itself , beaten only , possibly , by the brilliant epidode 'Humbug'.
If , like me , you own series 1 I strongly recomend you continue the story and purchase series 2 , excellent one-off episodes and the ball definately starts gaining speed on the whole abduction story here - a story which will span the next 7 series !!
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on 14 February 2004
Season 2 is where The X Files really began. As good as season 1 was, and it was very, very good, Season 2 marked the true begging of The X Files as we know it.
The mythology started to expand and develop into longer running story arcs. The fantastic three-pater "Duane Barry", "Ascension" and "One Breath" was the begging of the pivotal and long running story arc of Scully's abduction, we learned a little bit more about Mulder's sisters dissaperance and we were introduced to the Alien Bounty Hunter in the weak two-pater "Colony" and "End Game" and in the fantastic final episode of the season "Anazasi" the main story arc of the show was introduced. We began to learn of the mysterious "Syndicate" and their conspiracy to hide the existence of extra-tarestrials from the public.
The stand-alones became deeper and more intellegent in this season and not to metion alot more creepy and disturbing. Most note worthy are "The Host", a story set primarily in an underground sewer, "Irresisteble", a story about a death feteshist, satanic possesion in "Die Hand Die Verletz", human canablisim in "Our Town", a deadly outbreak in "F. Emasculata" and genetic memory in "Aubery". The X Files also proved this season that they weren't afraid to take risks as the shows produced its first ever comedy episode, the marvellous "Humbug" written by Darin Morgan who went on to write three of the shows finest comedy episodes in season three and also star in an episode in season 4.
Unsurprsingly there were a couple of sub-standard episodes this season as would be expected this early in the shows life. "Fearful Symettry" and "Fresh Bones" are example of this but Season 2 easily ranks as one of the finest seasons of The X Files with practically every episode reaching absolute perfection. A definet must own for everybody.
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on 9 August 2004
By the time season 3 came along the X Files was a smash hit, it had really found its creative stride and this season was, in my opinion, the best. Certainly the most visually iconic with the trademark lighting, dark shadows and rainy sets. Chris Carter and his team really began to explore the X Files mythology, the "black oil" was introduced and elements of Samantha's abduction and the Alien colonisation of Earth were exposed. There was also a lot more variety of episodes in this season, some comic ("CLYDE BRUCKMAN'S FINAL REPOSE"), some comedy ("JOSE CHUNG'S FROM OUTER SPACE" and the brilliant "WAR OF THE COPROHAGES") and some very, very dark episodes ("THE LIST" and "GROTESQUE"). There is no weak link in this season, the worst episodes are still above average. The Black oil two parter ("PIPER MARU"/"APOCRYPHA") are not as good as I was expecting, although the "PIPER MARU" is much better than "APCOCRYPHA".
Even one of the most despised (by X Files fans) episodes of the show "TESO DOS BICHOS" is entertaining enough. For me, the highlights of the season were the comedy episodes (see above), "PUSHER", "THE WALK", "D.P.O" (featuring Giovanni Ribissi and Jack Black), and the much underrated "QUAGMIRE".
Overall, you cant consider yourself a true X Files fan and not own Season 3. Basically you need to own them all, but this is absolutely essential if you are to grasp the various myth arcs that are introduced in this season. This is the X Files at its best.
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on 20 December 2000
The second season is even better than the first one.It's more spooky and has some of the best episodes ever,just like the myth-arc Duane Barry/ Ascension/One Breath (the famous Scully abduction that is a landmark of the series and that's still talked about very often today),the creepy Irresistible,and many many others. This DVD set is definately worth the money (as was the 1st one)!!!!
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on 29 July 2001
Season 2 marks the beginning of the X Files true potential and success. Don't get me wrong Season 1 is brill but Season 2 takes a more darker twist to it with episodes like "Die Hand Die Verletzt" and "Fresh Bones". This Season focuses more on the ritualistic sides of things with episodes like "Our Town" while still giving us the weired science episodes such as "The Host". Also Season 2 incorporates the pinnicle momment in the X Files. Scully's abduction in the two pater "Duane Barry" and "Ascension". We see the Alien Bounty Hunter introduced in the episodes "Colony" and "End Game". And ending with the finale "Anazasi" which will leave you begging for the Season 3!
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on 21 September 2012
Well , the first ever x files episode I saw was season 1 fire on weird night , which was one of the best nights I have had .I then saw some remaining episodes on tv of season 1 . I then fell in love with it when I got an x files vhs on the pilot episode and then season 2 came on tv , and that was it .Fantastic writing , acting , imagination and I love the FBI , mysteries , mythology so I am in my element here !! Buy from amazon!!
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on 13 December 2000
Although the first season was good, the second series finally established the x-files as one of the best sci-fi/horror shows of the 90's. This second season shows some classic landmark episodes such as the abduction of scully and the establishment of the show's mythology. As well as sizziling early sexual tension between the two leads. A must for any fan!
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on 12 February 2010
I have most of the x files on video which after a number of years have degraded in quality so I decided to make the exchange to DVD.
The difference is clear and the packaging so much smaller. Looking forward to watching the whole lot from series 1 to 9 and at such a great price it is a no brainer.
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on 18 December 2000
This DVD from the earlier season 2 is a great focus on the developing plantanic relationship building between the characters and with greast story lines, especially the ever famous 'Irresistable' which incidently has a great sequel in the seventh season!
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on 11 April 2001
I think that this series of the X files was the best. After series 4 it began to go a bit downhill. So many classic episodes I don't know which is best. Try Humbug, Our Town, The Host, 3 and Die Hand Die Verletzt for starters. Buy it!
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