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on 13 November 2006
The best story in the Sylvester McCoy era. New companion Ace (Sophie Aldred) is a great succes and makes the story more dark than Bonnie Langford's Mel ever did. The Daleks at there best again, making 'ressurection' the only bad Dalek story in the shows 43 year history. It shows the Daleks in two fractions and are at the hight of a war. Davros is of course the reason behind it and gives the story a unexspected twist. A certain need for every Doctor Who fan
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on 4 April 2005
what a fresh and great doctor who story this is sylvester mccoy is wonderful as the doctor and sophie aldred is equaly as perfect as his spirited assistant ace.
what i really like about this story is that we keep seeing and hearing references to the doctors previous visit to this time (during the william hartnell years) when he visited earth to leave the hand of omega which he has now come to retreave.
Excelent stuff.....
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on 30 May 2011
This DVD is a great for whovians discovering or rediscovering the classic world of Doctor Who. The first part has a gripping cliff-hanger and it is a must have as it is not only the Daleks final classic appearance but Davros doesn't have an appearance for another 20 years! So I highly recommend you buy this and quick! The updated version is brilliant, you wouldn't have thought it was from 24 years ago!
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on 6 March 2003
I didn't watch the McCoy Dr Who's when they were first shown. Watching this 4 parter today was an enjoyable experience. Some very good effects and action sequences in episode 1. Simon Williams playing it absolutely for real and good work from Pamela Salem and George Sewell, but Sylvester McCoy is just so self-concious that it's almost embarrassing to watch him. Great fun commentary and extras though, with ANY other Doctor this would have been in the top ten of all time but 'as is'~ film 3/5 extras 5/5.
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on 12 June 2009
I think its amazing that you guys have been able to go forward in time, but a copy of this DVD and then bring it back to our timeline to provide a review of it!
As a humble human, I can only marvel at what it must be like to use this amazing gift you have.
Do you also go forward in time, watch films and then come back to ruin it for everyone else by telling them the end? Crumbs you must have been popular around the time of the Sixth Sense and Fight Club?

Amazon: For goodness sake, please stop sanctioning reviews from people when the product hasn't even been released yet! Its just rubbish on your part and makes us annoyed when we realise that we haven't found a time traveller.
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on 14 January 2008
I'm no Dr Who geek. I've bought a few Dalek (Genesis, Revelation, Destiny) and Cyberman (Earthshock) releases to relive those happy childhood memories and the majority have stood the test of time well IMO.

This though is the worst I've seen so far. I'd forgotten how bad Ace was for a start, with her constant 80's catchphrase checklist trying to appeal to the kids (it didn't work back in 1987 - she was NOT cool). The story unfolds without explanation with the Doctor filling in the gaps as we go along. There is no explanation for their arrival in the 1960's, nor what the hell the Doctor is on about saying he's been there before. I can only assume it refers to some other adventure?

The special effects are really, really bad - even for Doctor Who. The "special" Daleks are truly laughable as are the machine guns firing smoke. At least with the older series the effects just come across as quaint.

Overall - crap. A waste of time watching and a waste of £10 purchasing it.
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on 18 May 2015
Absolutely cracking story . there was never a bad Doctor but Sylvester is a favourite of mine, and i have several of his stories. We not only get the Daleks but 2 Dalek factions, fantastic ! and Davros is scarier than ever . the only negatives and this is nitpicking but one of the daleks sounds like Alan Carr , and because this is 1980`s you get that awful cheesy synthesiser soundtrack
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on 28 June 2009
There seems to be some confusion out there, and with such a classic story getting such low ratings, it seems time to sort everything out.

Remembrance of the Daleks is a superbly written, produced and performed parable of the pointlessness of racism - 'they can't stand the sight of each other's chromosomes', featuring a discussion on the effects of sugar(!). It pits rival Daleks against 1960s establishment, a 7th Doctor firing on all cylinders and a companion wielding not only a deadly baseball bat, but a loaded bazooka (Sarah Jane, eat your heart out)! The ending is a little odd, as the Doctor goes all Quatermass and talks the final baddie to death, but overall it works beautifully. Anyone who has yet to see it should go and watch it without further delay!

But why a re-release?
Well, anyone who goes to the restoration team's website and reads their article on the Davros boxset will see that as this was one of the first Who discs released, it lacked many of the technical advances the current discs benefit from. Add a boo-boo on the original re-build (missing effects in places) and a new version was obviously needed. The picture and sound have been cleaned up and are now far superior to the previous edition and there are a whole slew of new extras. Some of the team even worked for free to ensure fans got the release they deserved.

This solo release has come about in response to complaints from people who already owned most of the Davros Boxset singly, and were unhappy about buying them all over again just to get this disc. The discs appears to be identical (although could someone clarify why it's listing as a two-disc set, when it fitted fine on a single disc in the boxset?), it is simply 2|entertain's way of bringing this title into line with the others in the boxset.

So, if you have the Davros Boxset, this is simply a solo outing for what you have already and there's no reason to re-buy; however, if you only own the original Remembrance release, or don't own it AT ALL, buy it NOW and re-discover one of the only original series to give Genesis of the Daleks a run for its money!

The second disc is the original 'Davros Connections' disc from the Doctor Who : The Davros Collection (8 Disc BBC Box Set - 10,000 Numbered Limited Edition) [DVD], making the only difference between the boxset and individual releases the Big Finish audio collection. I suspect the documentary disc hasn't been updated to avoid upsetting boxset owners ;)
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on 16 July 2009
This was the last dalek story ever of the classic series of dr who, and I think that it's a fitting send-off for dr who's greatest enermies.
plot: The 7th Doctor and new companion Ace arrive in London, 1963, shortly after the 1st Doctor left earth all those years ago. They quickly learn that 2 opposing dalek fractions, one Imperial one Renagede, have time travelled back in time from a dalek civil war in the far future. Their plan, to find an ancient time lord device which will allow one of the fractions to win the civil war, and then conquor the whole of time and space. Can the Doctor and Ace, with the help of the local millitary forces, stop the daleks, or has the Doctor got a different plan up his sleeve?
Good points. As far as production values go, this story is brilliant. It has the most dalek props of any dalek story, before or since, well constructed and detailed sets, my personal favorate is the bridge of the Imperial Dalek Ship, explouding daleks galore, and instead of using a model ship for when the shuttle lands at the school, they built a full size one and lowered it in by crane. The plot is also good. You have the background of racisum, human collaborators, and dalek controlled humans, a reference to 'the dalek invasion of earth' and 'day of the daleks', as well as lots of other refereces to other stories. The acting is also very good, as is the musice, and for the first time, when a dalek exterminates someone, their skeleton becomes visable.
Bad points: In the whole 4 episodes, only 1 person is exterminated on screen by a dalek. The overall body count is about 12 at most, and the dalek count is very high, but this dosen't really make up for it. The other bad pont is that the story, in my opinion, is a bit too light-hearted for a dalek story. There are some moments of tension and horror, but it's nowhere near as dark as the other 2 dalek stories of the 80's.
Apart from the above, it's a great story, and a must fro any dr who fan.
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on 16 April 2009
this is a really good dalek story two dalek factions davros little girl hand of omega this is one of the best dalek stoorys i have ever seen but my favorate is daleks invasion of earth
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