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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:£15.65+ £2.03 shipping
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on 13 December 2000
I feel compelled to tell all Playstation 2 owners, to buy this marvellous game.
1. The Gameplay.
I have just been playing Bagtag which is basically a case of grabbing and holding onto a key, whilst getting blasted by Computer controlled players, the player to hold the bag for the longest wins. There are a whole multitude of options for every type of gamer. You have the Bagtag levels, the story mode, Deathmatch mode and the fantastic "Challenge" mode. This challenge mode is awesome, I have just played "Flock around the Dock" which is a challenge to blast 100 ducks in 4 minutes. I say ducks but they are actually vicious killers who blast you with miniguns, uzi's and shotguns. The play is fast and frantic and makes your mind and body spin with adrenaline and excitement.
2. Graphics
Awesome lighting effects, superfast flowing movement, fast characters and excellent animation - This shows the power of the PS2.
3. Playability
With the amazing range of ways you can play, and dont forget the fantastic Mission Editor, you will never play the same game twice, except you will because it is absolutely fantastic !!!
The PS2 has landed. Quake and Half-Life PC fans can keep their ropey old installations and crashing PC's. I want to slap a game in the drive hit power and go. Playstation 2 can provide this and has completely blown me away with this game.
If you only ever buy one PS2 game make it this one. If you're a Playstation gamer then you'll love it !
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on 31 July 2001
What can I say; superb! The first time I put the little purple disc in the tray it never came out for hours upon end, and I was by myself. The next day I was straight on the phone to 3 of my mates for a day of frag-festing on this magnificent game. One of the funnest games i've ever played; my mates and I were constantly in stitches.
Okay, so the storyline in one-player mode isnt the best of all time, but who cares? Is anyone really that fussy (or even sad) enough to rate this game low just because of stupid minor details like that? Every game has flaws, nothings perfect so quit complaning, stick the timesplitters game in the PS2, phone some mates and get battling. Anyone who buys this game will not be dissapointed. It was one of the 1st games I got for my PS2 on launch day (along with SSX, Ridge Racer 5, Tekken Tag and Aqua Aqua) and i've never gotten bored of it since.
And another point i'd like to make; an earlier review said that the graphics were ropey and nothing special. Have you even played the game? The graphics are top notch, and even with 14 players on the screen (10 CPU bots and 4 human players) the speed of the game is always VERY fast. There are no slowdowns at all in the game. Roll on timesplitters 2! I recommend this game to everyone, even people who dont normally like 1st person shooters. If you have a PS2 then go out and buy this now if you havent already done so.
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on 27 February 2002
Timesplitters was one of the first games I got for my Playstation 2 and is possibly one of the best you're going to find. It's frantic gameplay and the option to make your own levels make this a must for Playstation 2 gamers. The one player story mode was an incredible let down with a measly nine levels where all you do is get something and take it to a set point on the map (usually back where you started, but not always) although I must admit the levels are fantastically well designed (Especially the China one - Stand around in the kitchen with nothing but a minigun for company and watch the bodies pile!) and are great for multi player gaming. That one aspect makes this game a must purchase. A wide range of entertaining characters and the wide range of weaponry, as well as the different game modes (capture the bag, escort etc) and of course your own made up levels make it an absolute must. As well as this there is a great challenge mode. there are three set challenge modes, with a progressively difficult task for you to do. These are basically the age old classic "shoot/punch the head off the zombie mode", A kind of reversed duck shoot where the ducks want machine gun style revenge, and my personal favourite, capture the brain where cyborbs battle to hold the brain for one minute.
If you have time to burn or are looking for a laugh, look no further than timesplitters.
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on 10 May 2002
Timesplitter is one of the best games to be launched with the PS2. As a multiplayer game it is outstanding. Any game which can run 4 players and 10 Bots with no slow down deserves a look. The graphics are good with a nice draw distance. There is a great selection of comady character with a nice deverse set of levels to play. The one player story mode however is a let down being rather simplistic. This is made up for with a good challenge mode through which is very tricky. One the best features has to be the level designer which is easy to use and allows for the creation of some great levels. and since the game saves all the stats there can be no argument over whos'sthe daddy.
Overall : Not the best one player, but it is a reason to buy a multitap. 8.5/10
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on 27 February 2002
This game is outrageous fun a masterpiece made by some of the team behind goldeneye free radical were on to a winner. Graphically still quite good the speed never lets up even in 4 player mode when theres about 20 people on the screen . The only let down is the weak one player game but you will be spending most your time in the arcade mode were you can design your own levels and give your own boundaries to the game . I will sum this up by saying if you got 50 pounds burning a hole in your pocket get yourself this and a multitap. Superb
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on 18 October 2014
Very tricky to find elsewhere, as this game was made exclusively for PS2. Very satisfied with the purchase; it arrived on time and in good condition.

However, I now have two copies, as my best friend DID find it elsewhere and didn't tell me.

Oh well, just a testament to how good the game is - we bought it twice!
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on 29 December 2004
An amazing game, when i first got in which was only the summer of this year, i was absolutely amazed at how good it was, i only purchased it because a friend of mine told me to, but I was hooked. released late 2000, I had only really heard of it gradually through friends.
STORY MODE. This is the missions in the game, I'll admit that they are pretty not well thought and simple (not in easy wise but quality wise) but still who it doesn't bother me at all, you start from the year 1935 in an egyptian tomb, your objectives for story are to collect an item blasting enemies on your way and return to the red hoop which is normally where you start off, when you collect your item, the timesplitters (reason for the title) will appear and fire plasma at you, you must make your way back safely, There are three difficulties easy, normal and hard for each one you unlock different characters and arcade levels. Spanning a century from the year 1935 egyptian tomb to 2035 Spaceways you enter 9 story levels full of different environments.
ARCADE. This is the multiplayer part and is definately the funnest part of the game, you are offered, deathmatch, capture the bag, bagtag, knockout, last stand and escort. With these you enable bots of your choice also weapons, such as pistols, shotguns, assault shotgun (my favorite)miniguns, and grenade and rocket launchers. Also which level to play in ranging from etc, a graveyard a building site, and a shopping mall.
Docks, chinese restaurant and warzone make my day for arcade levels. my favorite is deathmatch with teamplay enabled, with this you can choose which bots on your team by a colour rank(colours going form red, blue, yelow and green, I'm always blue, my enemy red) and which ones on the others, also which character you can play as (although bcause this is 1st person you hardly notice your character you are playing as) they each provide their own individual animation on their character screen. All story mode levels are available for arcade, also just as much more levels giving you 18 levels for arcade in total and 64 characters including the two types of timesplitters, I know this for certain for I have obtained everything.
My favorite characters would have to be the zombies which i always include on my team and the chinese chef he's cool also duckman drake the lifesize duck and the wicked bandaged Teeth Mummy! I enjoy shooting the aliens but Float Alien is too cool he has no legs and hovers above the ground see! this game is just tooo cool!
CHALLENGE. This is the mode which is unlocked after each story mode mission is completed on at least easy mode. It is quite a fun, for you do quite funny and enjoyable challenges, you also unlock characters on here as well. Full of eliminating amounts of zombies in set times, and smashing glass from windows, also defeating life size ducks in set times, this is a great mode!
mapmaker. This is just a brief design where you can create your own levels however only indoors and of course they don't compare to the standard levels as good as this is to allow, I personally hardly ever use it, but you can select from different tilesets such as industrial, gothic, spaceport, alien and virtual (virtual's quite cool) you can play arcade in these maps. There isn't much you can place in the mapmakers but still...
The criticisms I have are that there is no blood in the game which I have to admit is kind of a let down, not at all because i believe in gore but simply because it does decrease the realism, also you can not jump, and the futuristic levels are very soon in timewise this is very unrealistic for there obviously will never be a spaceway in the year 2035 or a cyberden including cyborgs in whoa! next year 2005. however of course this is very fun i just wish perhaps they could have made those years further on. Also I'd have to admit they should have thought up a story for there is no story explained in the book or in the game but still oh well an amazing game.these are probably 3 of the very small amounted criticisms i can think of right now about this game. From cool rotten corpsing decapitatable zombies to a lifesize gingerbreadman and duck this in my opinion is a game that has to be played
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on 18 November 2001
You wake up on a christmas morning and you get a playstation 2 and 3 games. You go to your aunts for christmas lunch and get loads of money. You go to shop next day and buy a playstation 2 game. I had £40 and i wanted a ps2 game so i had a look round reviews on the internet to decide what to get. I came across information on a new FPS for the ps2. As far as i could tell it wasnt great in single player but multiplayer was a blast. Well i have plenty of friends that will be wanting to have a go on the playstation2 so i might as well get a good multiplayer game. I took it home and booted it up. The first thing that struck me was the awkward controls. The left analouge stick makes your guy move forward or backward and side to side (strafe) while the right analouge stick is basically your head. You turn and look up and down in other words. The 4 symbol buttons (X, , O and Triangle) arnt used. Well you use X to respawn if you die and Triangle to quit some menus but not in the game. R1 and R2 do secondary and primary fire while L2 gives you a crosshair and L1 is for crouching. Rightio.
Graphics & Sound
Apart from the sparness of some of the levels you simply cannot fault the graphics. Ok it seems stupid that all the characters apart from Mr Big look very skinny but hey maybe they were keeping in shape. The only comparison for the graphics would be a high end PC with a pretty good graphics card. One of the nice things is that when the enemy has 2 shotguns instead of 1 it shows him holding 2 shotguns unlike some games of a similar nature. One annoying thing regarding weaponry is that when you use your default weapon (a punch) in multiplayer you dont see the animation of the person punching on the screen of the person being punched. Its a minor thing though and who uses your first when you could be pumping the enemy full of lead with the numberous weapons. The levels like i said are sort of spares but there are some nice touches in some levels. For example the tomb level is very dark and samey while the chinese level is occasionaly bright and colorful and sometimes boring. There are also some neat lighting effects particularly in the Planet-X level. All of the (eventually available) 64 characters look different. From Captain Ash, a typical 1930s eccentric who drinks whiskey when you select him to Gretel, a futuristic robot to, Skull Zombie, a zombie without skin on its head. Strangly when you see guns on the ground before you pick them up they look much smaller than they should be. This can occasionaly make for a frustrating death but as long as your well stocked up on guns and ammo when you go round that corner your opponent doesnt stand a chance. The weapons look good though. The TNT looks a bit short but the graphical effects are neat. Particularly the shotguns when you reload. The sound is also rather neat. Special effects are few and far between apart from the constant sound of the guns which is spot on. The background music is also rather dependent on the level with spooky slow tunes on the tomb level and scary tunes on the mansion level to happy tunes in the future. You shouldnt base a games playbility on its sound though which is why i aint ranting about it for ages.
The single player levels are basically the same thing except disguised in different levels with different enemys and weapons. You see the game starts in the 1930's and ends in the 2030's. Like in the 1930s your in an egyptian tomb and shooting mummies and cultists as either Captain Ash or Lady Jane. The weapons are thing like Mauser Pistols or Blunderbuses. The next level however is set in 1950's china in a small household. You end up shooting chinese businessmen with weapons like shotguns and uzis. What you basically have to do is get an item in the level and take it either back to the start of the level or to a different place altogether. For the first 3 or so levels its where you start then to increase the difficulty it goes up. If your a complete begginner to First Person Shooters you should go on easy and you might complete it within a few weeks. Veterans dont put it on easy. Youll be it in 3 days like me. Normal and Hard are excruicating compared to Easy but you still need to complete easy to unlock certain things. One amazingly difficult thing to get to grasps with in Timesplitters is the control system. You have to use the analouge sticks and there is no way around it. By default the left analouge stick moves you left and right and forward and backward while the right is used for turning and looking up and down. Some people say that it took them weeks to get used to but by my second game i was able to use them and now it seems it should be a benchmark for future First Person Shooters. Despite the fact the Single Player game is very samey its still a lot of fun but not nearly as fun as arcade. This is basically a chance to play either Capture the Bag (like capture the flag but with a bag) Knockout, Escort or good old Deathmatch. If you could play against just your friend it would be good enough but with the added bonus of being able to play against bots its even more fun. There is also a challenge mode where you have to complete several crazy challenges like blowing the heads off 50 zombies in 5 minutes or shooting 100 ducks in 5 minutes. These are basically, just like the story mode, needed to unlock stuff for arcade.
Very very good. I dont recommend it if you dont have any friends into videogames or First Person Shooters because its much more fun blowing up your mates than computer generated characters. Still its a good enough game and the difficulty of the Normal and Hard levels will keep you going plus you have to do timed secrets on levels to unlock certain things.
Nice graphics, not the best on the ps2 right now but nice.
Very fun on multiplayer.
Good blasting action.
A little too samey in Single Player. Get object get to base and shoot people on the way.
Not half as much fun without a friend.
Too easy on easy and too hard on hard.
Verdict - Rent it then buy it
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on 6 June 2012
It's been a while.
This game is old now, you can count the pixels on the guns. And you know what?
I don't care.

Timesplitters is a great game to play with mates offline. Get yourself some snacks, drinks, and dive into run and gun action.

Even though it shows it's age the play is still smooth and responsive, the action is fast and wild, and the weapons availible are wide and varied.
Play with two of you up to four, run and gun on loads of brilliant maps and gametypes like capture the bag, bag tag, deathmatch, and point defence. Have up to 10 bots of various difficulties if you gwt bored of shooting each other...hours of fun, just pick up a controller and go for it.

This is what offline multiplayer should be today, but so few games feature it.

The game also includes a story mode which is a little repetitive and is either too easy or impossible. Which can grate a bit, but you can play that with two of you as well to halve the frustration.

Also features a map-editor to create your own multiplayer maps, which can take a while but it well worth it.

If you still have a PS2, you are missing out if you are missing a copy of Timesplitters.
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on 19 August 2001
I have recently purchased a PS2 with the brilliant timesplitters and I have to say I am amazed. I own both goldeneye and perfect dark for N64 but timesplitters multiplayer just blows them away. It's fast, frantic, fun with some of the best weapons I've ever seen! If you want a high carnage, action packed shoot'em up for ya PS2 (or any console) then look no further, buy a multitap, buy timesplitters, invite over some mates and start enjoying this fantasic game!
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