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on 31 January 2001
I saw the clips of this game running on the net, wow I thought, what lovely effects & what a wonderful dragon that you have to fight. I wanted something to get my teeth into on my new shiny PSX2 so an RPG was just the thing. The excitement was building as the game booted up & all seemed very promising as the title screen appeared. Then things went bad really bad, the sort of bad when you realise you've thrown away £35, really with that money you should have sent it to the company responsible for producing the game so they can buy some talent. This game plays like an advanced Dragon's lair, there is a total lack of a game anywhere here. The level design is boring, the controls are all over the place. For example to change spells you have to go through two menus...now in combat that can kind of spoil the mood if you know what I mean. Combat itself was simply a matter of hammering combinations of attack & defend over & over till you've bored the hideous creature you fighting to death. The Ai of you fellow adventure's ....my god how are you meant to win if they sit there & take being hit all the time? It's like dragging several elderly donkeys around with you that whine & don't actually help in anyway, the ability to kill the other characters & carry on alone was sadly missing. This is simply the worst game I think I have ever played. My advice is not to buy this game if you respect game play in any way shape or form, if you like dull, repetitive, boring, frustrating games that waste precious seconds of your life in the worst possible way then this is the game for you;P
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on 1 March 2001
My Girlfreinds a wonderful lady, I love her dearly and would not swap her for the world. She knows how much I like the Tomb Raider series and how much I love my PS2. So, she thought that Orphen would fill the void until TR-Next Gen comes around.
So, one Saturday she comes home from the shops and proudly presents me with the game. Now I am stuck playing the blasted title until the ends of time.
I have to say that it does look good, and the cut sequences are informative and the characters are, well ok.
It just isn't involving. The "fighting" (oh dear) is not particulaly taxing, the puzzles are not puzzling etc etc. I guess, as people have said elsewhere in this review, the gameplay is abysmal.
To be fair, as I said, the graphics are, err, nice. It is unfortunate that so many PS2 games have the same issue.
Its such a shame, cos it did indeed look like it had a lot of promise, on the box at least. In fact I am not surprised that my partner thought it was an ideal choice. Still have to go, got to get home and pretend to be playing Orphen.
Sigh, the things you do for love....
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on 9 January 2001
After playing this game for only 1 hour, I put it back in its box and traded it in for something else. Why?
Well, it certainly may *look* nice, but the gameplay is so lacking as to be practically invisible! 'Winning' a fight is just a matter of simple repetition; press A, wait until you see your opponent attack, press B, then press A again. Hardly satisfying.
Add to this some abysmal voice 'acting', characters which would only be interesting for a 7-year old player, and a laughable story-line... and what do you get? Decency prevents me from using the word.
Whatever else you do, I urge you not to buy this game - your money would be better spent elsewhere. (e.g. SSX snowboarding, Tekken Tag, Dead or Alive 2) If you're looking for an RPG, then just *wait* - they are coming to the PS2.
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on 11 December 2000
As a RPG fanatic I was desperate to get this home and on to my PS2, After an inital burst of wonder at graphics (it uses a dvd disc rather than CD ROM) and controls I soon found that the fighting is crap and the movement soon becomes annoyingly fiddly. Perseverance doesn't pay off as you just get more and more annoyed. I traded this in for X Squad. Don't buy this game, if You an RPG wait for FF9 and 10.
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on 9 May 2001
i don't know who is putting in these "excellent" reviews but i suspect they may be agents of activision. this game is awful, the story is slow, the voice acting is lame to say the least, the puzzles are easy & the powerups and pickups are not necessary to complete the game. plus if you don't kill the final boss first time, you have to sit through 10 minutes of repeated storyline before you get another go. if you're desperate to play every game on PS2, get this one second hand because it's trade in value will be plummeting as the market is flooded with people's trade-ins.
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on 26 June 2008
The game has poor graphics and animation in comparison to newer games but this was only one of the first games to hit the PS2 and as long as you can ignore this you will be able to see how good this game really is. Orphen is a challenging game and has a solid story line with developed characters. The combat system is different to conventional games but works well. Even in 2008 I still find this game great and is easily among the best of the early PS2 games.
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on 13 October 2014
My very first PS2 game. Had to get it back!!
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on 29 October 2003
Okay, I'll admit at first I was a bit sceptical about this game especially when I completed it first.
The graphics in this game are very good considering this was an early PS2 title, the gameplay is fun and the puzzles are indeed challenging.
There is one downside however, you can keep on restarting a boss battle or any battle for that fact just by pressing start and changing your equipment.
I do not understand why there are so many people saying this game is bad, I guess you have got to get used to the gameplay and the style its in. A semi-anime game although it was based off of a series in Japan.
This game has its high and low points, Its not for everyone. I suggest you either find a video of the game or rent it before buying it.
Personally I would get this 2nd hand as the price shouldn't be much.
A very good game, well worth the money.
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on 14 January 2001
Brilliant, eye melting gfx, combined with, In my oppinion, a great battle system featuring incredible graphical effects, i was truly stunned by how good this game is, if you are an RPG fanatic, dont buy it, simply put, the adventuring will put you off, and the lack of battles will bore you. However, anyone else looking for a quick, good game, with great graphics(yes they really are that good!!) look no further!
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on 11 December 2000
TRhis game is absolutely brilliant, great graphics, great gameplay, and guess who sells it at the best price, you guessed it, AMAZON!!!!!!
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