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on 13 September 2017
Love this album quick delivery
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on 12 December 2012
I feel a bit sorry for Conspiracy of One. It's perhaps The Offspring's most underated and overlooked album, but it really does deserve your attention.

All of their other albums have a reason for people to talk about them, whether that reason be good or bad.
People rave about the self-titled debut purely because it was the first thing the band properly recorded.
Ignition gets a lot of attention for being 'pure' punk, from a time before the band were allegedly in it for the money.
Smash was the big breakthrough, and in many people's eyes has never been bettered.
Ixnay was the cult hit - the album that couldn't live up to Smash and was panned at the time but has since been recognised as the last good thing they did before it all got a bit silly.
Americana was the chart-topping second breakthrough; the album that brought Pretty Fly to the masses and gained them a whole new group of fans.
Splinter is seen as a low point: an album from a band that has reluctantly gained a new image and doesn't really know where to go with it.
Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace is the 'grown up' album, and saw the first major use of piano, strings and synthesizers to very good effect.
Days Go By is a return to form, or at least half of it is. An album inspired by the public anger at the recession, and fuelled by rehersing songs from Ignition for the 20th anniversary tour.

Conspiracy of One is just 'that other album they made'.

But it deserves more than that.
Just because it has no main talking point doesn't mean it's bad. Think of Conspiracy of One as that friend everyone has - the one who's always there whatever you're doing, never makes himself the centre of attention and is often ignored. No one really talks about Conspiracy of One and he, in turn, never has much to say. But when all the others have become over familiar and boring; when changes in fashion demand that Ignition is no longer cool but the choice of hipsters and try-hards; that's when you'll remember how awesome this album is.
The title track is a face-melter of sheer punk aggression, as is All Along.
Denial Revisted introduces us to their first attempt at a ballad and it does it competently with nothing more than guitars, vocals, bass and drums.
Special Delivery is a manic blend of serial killer rage juxtaposed against a sample of Blue Suede's 'Hooked on a Feeling', and it's every bit as bizarre as that sounds. It's impossible not to be moved by Dexter screaming 'God help me!' after the build-up that makes the bridge of this song.
There are other gems in there too, depending on your tastes - tracks like Vultures and Want You Bad.

So give Conspiracy of One a try, or at least give it your sympathy. It could never measure up to the chart-smashing success of the preceding Americana, but I hope that in the future we will see it as we do Ixnay on the Hombre - the slow-burner that eventually, and rightly, comes to be loved.
After all, any album that contains a song like Million Miles Away doesn't deserve to be forgotten.

In fact, I'd buy it for that song alone.
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on 16 January 2004
I have this album and it's amazing.
My personal favourites are Come Out Swinging, Original Prankster and Million Miles Away.
I advise that you buy this CD.
Easily one of their best if not their best so far.
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on 20 February 2003
There are some really good songs on this album, but there are also some songs that dont match the quality an Offspring song should have.
The best songs have to be "Want you bad", "Million miles away", "One fine day" and "Conspiracy of one".
If you an Offspring fan, you should definately buy this album, but if your new to their music i would recommend buying either "Ixnay on the Hombre" or "Smash" which are much better albums.
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on 26 December 2001
Well this album is very good, but there are more rubbish (poppy) songs on this album than any other. It starts with the song Come Out Swinging which really is fast and furious and a fantastic way to start the album. Want You Bad is probabley my favourite song from this album, great lyrics, great tune! Its then followed by the TKAA sounding Million Miles Away, not as good as TKAA but on a great stage of its own! If there was a few quirks i would have with this album it would be Special Delivery and Original Prankstar, why o' why were these songs made?! Not terrible but too poppy, but this is the way to get them noticed, appeal to a wide auidience to get there attention! This is their second last album i just hope their last one gets 5 stars! But on a whole CO1 is worth getting for Blink 182, Fenix TX lovers. But for punk lovers, listen to your mates one first!
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on 19 February 2001
If you have bought this and no other Offspring CD, then by either Ixnay or Smash. This is definatly not worthy of 5 stars, or even 3. There are a few good songs, but it is the first Offspring CD I haven't been able to just put on and not skip any tracks. Original Prankster is a huge sell-out, and the "Offspring Nation", a online fan-club which you can join if you buy the CD, is VERY disapointing, with nothing intresting on it. There are a few good points on this album, Come Out Swinging, Dammit I Changed Again, and One Fine Day are all good, as is Want You Bad. But the songs just seem to be lacking the energy that they had a few years ago. If you want an Offspring Album I would get Ixnay or Smash over this. I have barely played this album since I got it on it's day of release.
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on 23 November 2000
Less poppy than Americana, but nowhere near as angry and energetic as Smash. Seem to be trying to recapture their early days without alienating fans who jumped on the bandwagon when they became 'accessible'. Still pretty damn good, but they either want a proper punk following, or they don't...
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on 11 March 2001
I've been an offspring fan for ages now (since smash was released) and i've got all six of their albums and seen them live on seven occasions. So of course, i bought this album almost immdiatly when it was released. At first, i thought, "wow, this is the greatest album ever" but that didn't last very long. Soon i got bored of it and it just sits on the shelf now. It has a very short lifespan, unlkike smash, ixnay or americana which i'm still happily mosh in my room along to. So, if you dont have any offspring albums and you're thinking of buying this, dont. Go get Smash, Ixnay or Americana, they're much better.
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on 5 January 2001
When I first listened to this album, I thought that Offspring had started to really churn out songs with no new features in them; my first impression was that they had become very commercial. Nevertheless, I purchased it myself, and to much joy, my favourite band hadn't gone money crazy. Quite the opposite, every song is good played with the bass on full and the volume turned to the max. (Conspiracy of one is a prime example) The excellent guitar riffs and Dexter's unique voice make the songs unoriginal but amazing; CO1 has many similarities and differences between Americana. Firstly, CO1 is more punk, but Americana is more hard rock. Also Original Prankster is basically the same as pretty fly for a white guy.
The Offspring are truly worthy of the doubtless millions this album will bring them, virtually every person in England have heard of them and know of them as doing top quality music. Up until now this review might sound like an advertisement for Columbia records ©2000-2004. However, the album has its fair share of faults too. First of all, a Million miles away is slightly boring but is the only song that really sticks out, also a lot of the songs have been rehashed and then remade from their previous outings. But that is really all the bad stuff I can say about this album.
Overall this album is a worthy sequel to Americana, even your parents will like it! If you don't already have an Offspring album and hate all punk rock then buy this, if you are an avid fan and have all the albums except this then buy it.
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on 24 January 2002
I heard my friends Offspring c.d which she had in turn borrowed off a friend and thought straight away that this had to be a part of my then tiny record collection. I don't really like punk rock but this is superb! With all the cool singles they have realeased and super songs like living in chaos which I am listening to now and half-dancing to because of its great tune. I also love denial, revisited which makes me cry when ever i hear it! I am a huge Slipknot, KoRn and Kittie fan so you wouldn't think this would be my cup of tea but I love it! The cd has just moved on and is now on special delivery which is another exellent song and pretty funny which seems to me to be what offspring is all about, having fun, mucking around with the odd bit of emotional junk thrown in! So if you like punk rock or not this is great cd to get away from all the anger and violence in music nowadays... so this is definatly a good cd to get!
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