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on 23 March 2001
I'll admit it. I'm an absolute Tool *fantatic*. I first heard them in New Zealand (where you can actually - shock, horror - hear them on the radio!), and saw them live out there in 1997. In my book Aenima is a good contender for best album of the 90s, and Undertow and Opiate are impressive too. As for Salival? Well, you KNOW you're being suckered into buying a load of stuff you've heard before, but I really didn't care. The live version of Pushit is fantastic, and it's nice to hear You Lied in a decently recorded form at last (bootlegs having been available for years). The clear high-point in my book is No Quarter though - somehow they managed to sound enough like Led Zeppelin for the song to sound authentic, while still maintaining their own identity. Well done! Admittedly, Salival isn't an album I'm going to be playing front-to-back for the next five years (like I have with Aenima), but it's a great album to dip into. And the video content is always good, if you don't mind the fact that they're a little "inspired" by the Brothers Quay. The one thing that bugs me about this album, really, is the fact that the release delay is absolutely typical of the UK. What is it with this county? If people aren't out there buying disturbingly bad CDs like Hear'Say or Robbie Williams then they're being "alternative" and buying Limp Bizkit! The more transparent the marketing ploy, the more desperate people in the UK seem to be to buy something?!? I'm confused. Ah well. Buy this CD, and take some small consolation that you can still get music like this over here. It won't last.
(And a note for any drummers who might happen to read this: Just get the album. Danny Carey is one of the most underrated players in rock today)
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on 14 September 2001
Having shelled out on this on import i was always going to be biased towards this album, but im ecstatic so say that it didn't disappoint me in the slightest. As usual Maynards gorgeous vocals add to the powerful music. Every song it a treat, with the possible exception of "LAMC" (but that the point of the song!). clearly yht best thing on the CD is "No Quarter" and the amazing version of "Pushit". The videos are so artfully and amazingly well done they stand up to repeated viewings, with the standout "Stinkfist" being the most obvious. As this band have progressed they have gone to strength to strength, with this closing one chapter of Tool's career, it was the perfect prelude to the majest that was "Lateralus". You have to buy it. Now!!
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on 18 February 2001
Right. Tool, yes indeed, Tool. What can I say? Firstly, the only song I've heard from this album is the live version of Third Eye. Slightly disappointed that there aren't live versions of Eulogy or Aenema here, this track is enough for me to give this album 5 stars. I mean it! Third Eye is my favourite song of all-time anyway, and this live version just makes it better. The proper versions I've heard of Part of Me and Pushit are superb so no doubt they will be just as amazing here, if not better. I'm waiting for this album to be released over here, and from then on I shall listen to this CD forever (apart from the odd listen to Aenima everyday as well) until Lateralus is out. 16th April for the UK, I shall be running out to buy it straight away. Tool are good, oh yes they are.
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on 17 December 2000
Very special indeed. The DVD contains their four videos to date, the startling "Stinkfist" being the pick of a unique quartet of films. The CD contains 74 minutes of Tool music, including an incredible version of Led Zeppelins' "No Quarter", which manages to make even the most familiar sound new and original. Also included is a live reworking of "Pushit" which confirms to all who know about Tool and the incredible structure and multi-layered form to their music, that each piece reveals more each time you dip into their world. There has hardly been a wrong second in their output, as meagre as it is. Musically, they are more frightening than anyone I've ever heard and the use of such lyrical poetry delivered by such a frontman as Maynard James Keenan, is again quite unique. I came to them after Undertow and before Aenima and couldn't wait for whatever they released next. This DVD and CD is as priceless to fans as whatever they have done and whatever they do next (we'll have to wait for April 2001 for the next release). Maybe the beauty of it all is the amount produced in the last 8 years or so, less is more.. In this case much, much more. If you are serious about knowing music, whatever the genre, you need to know Tool.
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on 20 March 2001
Once again the almighty Tool have given their loyal and most trustworthy fans a run for their money and have released this colossal piece of art - Salival. Oh yes! this 'combi' of the live music CD and music video will have REAL music lovers stunned in the presentation of light and sound by THE only band to create so much depth and emotion into their music. Maynards vocals with reach the inner depths of your soul. The guitars of Danny will portray hallucinations. This is set is a must. You will not be dissapointed. Plus the box it comes in is eligant to say the least. Dont be a fool - follow Tool!!!
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on 9 March 2001
As a huge fan of "Tool" I could not wait for this to come out but unfortunately it wasn't worth the anxiety. The live and unreleased CD is great and the version of "No Quarter" is superb, but alas the Video is just the four promo releases which you may have already seen on MTV and still there is no Live footage of the band available. Apparently you get something extra on the DVD version but i am yet to see this. Anyway, all this aside the CD is worth the money and is over 74mins long!!!
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on 19 December 2000
Was it worth the wait? It certainly was! Tool have finally put us all out of our misery and released some product, an interim release before the enormously awaited new studio album due on April 17, 2001.
Firstly, Salival comes in two forms - either CD and DVD or CD and VHS video. A word of warning - it is scheduled for release in the UK on January 19 - wait and avoid imports unless you have a video or DVD machine that is US compatible. (Both of mine are!).
The DVD is interesting, containing all 5 Tool promo videos (one is slightly hidden). I suspect most Tool fans have seen these before, but it is nice to be able to own them in an official quality format.
The music CD is fantastic - the live tracks are superbly recorded, really giving a 'Tool' atmosphere, and making me hope desperately that they will finally return to the UK to play next year. We all perhaps have a Tool track that we would like to have had included on this CD (I personally would have liked a live version of 'Aenema'), but these versions are all fantastic and add so much to the originals. 'Pushit' is a fantastic reinterpretation, featuring Danny's tabla teacher Aloke Dutta. 'You Lied' is a cover of a Peach song (Justin's former band - Tool also cover their 'Spasm' live) and features King Buzzo of the Melvins on guitar. 'Merkaba' is the post 1996 live intro to 'Sober' and is a fantastic piece of music in its own right, which Tool clearly acknowledge. Basically, the live tracks are great. Not as good as a new album, but more than enough to whet our appetites in the interim.
The jewels of the set, however, are perhaps the studio tracks. 'Message to Harry Manback II' is just what the title suggest, another version of the incidental piece from 'Aenima', with different music. L.A.M.C. (Los Angeles Municipal Court - the title is not 'Lame', as suggested here by Amazon) is another bit of sound sampling with an aggressive metallic backing. But the two remaining tracks (yes, two!) are something else. Everyone has heard of the legendary Tool version of 'No Quarter' and some of us even have bootleg copies, but here is the real thing. It is very, very good, and it's amazing how the song suits the band. Great atmosphere! The remaining track is hidden after LAMC at the end of the CD, and is 'Maynard's Dick' (!), a left over from the Opiate days. It sounds a bit like Alice Cooper's 'Ballad of Dwight Frye' when it starts, but develops differently. A softer side of Tool? Maybe!
So, I would urge you to buy this set, but it's probably worth waiting 3 weeks until it's released in the UK. Whatever you choose, if you love Tool you won't be disappointed. If you don't love Tool, and want to see what they're like, don't start here, but come to this when you're hooked!
Bring on April 17!
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