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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 18 May 2002
The sugababes have an amazing ability to not only write original songs, not following the pop kleshay, but also to sing them with great vocal staminer. And as if this wasn't enough, they're all still teenagers -I know this will embarress the likes of atomic kitten, and hearsay, who more or less lack the creativity.
...Yes, one touch is full of bouncy upbeat songs, garage joints, and down tempo smashes. The album opens with the smash overload which, although can occassionally get abit repetitive, stands out from any other standard (set by britney spears - not saying too much!) in a unique and highly sophisticated way! The album continues with one foot in and same old story :two extremely well produced songs with a garage meets rnb feel. The album then begins to slow down. Just let it go and look at me are next. These two songs are possibly two of the best songs on the album, but all in all, every track is a challenger xcept for....
....Lush life and one touch. Lush life is to chilled and lacks any purpose for an album like this. It kind of drags on aswell. When I say too chilled, you may think "nothin can eva b too chilled"...well trust me when you here this, you will xperience a different mind frame. One touch is actually quite good. This is also a chilled song, but much better done.
Soul sound, promises, run for cover, real thing and new year are all xtremely good songs, and sang very well. promises and real thing have the same kind of light uptempo pop flavour, but with lyrics that actually fit together, as appose to groups like nsync and human nature. Soul sound is a guitar amputated song with upbeat lyrics and a very catchy melody. New year, the second single off the album is very good. It's an uptempo ballad in its own right. Run for cover is a fantastic pop - ish sng, with a great continuous beat, and an infectious chorus. I'm glad they released this one.
This is all the tracks in order of priority cut.
1 - run for cover 2 - one foot in 3 - overload
4 - Look at me 5 - soul sound 6 - just let it go 7 - promises 8 - new year 9 - same old story 10 - one touch 11 - real thing 12 - lush life
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on 18 December 2000
Wow....what an awesome record!! I love this whole album...here's a track by track review...
Overload 10/10: The second best track on the album...the words make very little sense but you can't help but sing along...
One Foot In 9/10: This song has a great rhythm and is instantly rememberable. I love it.
Same Old Story 10/10: This song will stay with you...the girls demonstrate their fantastic vocal maturity. This song could have been a single.
Just Let It Go 9/10: This is one of my favourite tracks...single bound, methinks...It's a fantastic RnB / Spanish crossover...I know it sounds odd, but you'll love it.
Look At Me 6/10: The album crashes into a trough here...I don't like this song...it's too slow and the vocals too soft for the beat.
Soul Sound 6/10: I don't really know why I don't like this song...it just lacks the cutting edge.
One Touch 10/10: This is my favourite track, if not the best on the album...The whole album takes a lift from here on in...it's almost TLC meets Kelis after one too many...I can't get enough of this track.
Lush Life 8/10: This song has a great rhythm and strong music but the lyrics and vocals lack that little something to turn this from a good track to a great track.
Real Thing 9/10: This is one of the more upbeat tracks on the album, and I like. I really, really do. Strong on vocals, strong on appeal.
New Year 9/10: When I first heard this track on the radio I hated it. It was slow and lacked that needed punch. But this song grows on you like a vine! A fantastic last-song-at-the-disco Xmas party song...but will it get to number one this Christmas? I doubt it...
Promises 9/10: This is a fantastic, haunting track...great rhythm, vocals and music...a great song to keep you interested as the album grows into the later stages
Run For Cover 11/10: The girls end the album on a massive high...this should be the third single off the album...I can't say how much I think this is the best song...
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on 27 November 2000
wow! I swear, I've been disappointed with so many albums in the recent months, for example Toni Braxton, Pink, and a coupla others, but this.. this blew me away on first listen!
I was listenin to it on a reeeeally dodgy CD player with some friends and we had to go so I decided to play the first few seconds of each track and play the "Good Song/Crap song" game (lol). Well I tell ya, there's no weakest link in the whole album!!
I must admit that 'Overload' has a different sound to the rest of the album, and people hoping for 11 different variations on that theme will be disappointed. I was a bit surprised when I saw that the producers of that single didn't work on any other track.
But every single song on here is a stonker (that means good). From the delicate advice of 'Just Let It Go', through the deliciously self-explanatory 'Soul Sound', the fantastic party tune 'Real Thing' to the epic close, 'Run For Cover', it is a bona fide winner through and through!
The girls' individual voices and harmonies are so tight, you'd sometimes swear it was a solo artist, they meld so well together. It's moody, it's sing-a-long friendly (?), it's an accompished soulful pop album.
One to treasure.
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on 9 February 2002
The Sugababes debut album is a masterpiece -- I absolutely loved it. The trio of young women already have a distinguished sound, which sounds nothing like the wave of "pop" tat that has been surfacing as of late.
The smash hit "Overload", is undeniably the best song on the album. It has a funky, toe-tapping beat, divine vocals and a refreshing, original sound. It's no wonder that it did so well across Europe. However, the rest of the tracks, while not quite on that level, are still brilliant.
"Run For Cover", "Promises" & "Lush Life" are probably my favourite songs on the album. "Run For Cover" has an amazing rhythm, stunning vocals and a very "out there" sound. "Promises" is somewhat similar in its structure to "Run For Cover", although it still maintains its own sound. "Lush Life" is a breathe of fresh air -- literally. It has an airy, summery, dream-like quality and I lose myself whilst listening to it.
The rest of the songs, of course, are still wickedly enjoyable. I cannot wait for the next album!
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on 5 November 2003
This album is so good. I can't believe I have only just bought it now. It's great to listen to it to see how the band has evolved (I have the other 2 albums)
There are a couple of songs I would probably skip now and again (but not all the time) but overall this album is amazing. Overload speaks for itself. Its outstanding and was a fantastic debut for the band. My favourite song however is Soul Sound, which is kind of wierd as it was this track that put the final nail in the coffin for the Sugababes first record deal. Because this singlt didn't make the top 10 they were dropped.
Tragic that they were as this is a great piece of work, but thankfully they have survived and come back even stronger than before.
This album is a great starting point for the girls and it's a shame Siobhan's career hasn't had the same success as the other 2 girls and Heidi. Siobhon's album from what I have heard of it is amazing, but her last single failed to make the top 40.
Regardless this album is someting the girls will be proud of forever and whatever happens now this achievement can never be taken from them.
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on 10 December 2000
All i can say is WOW WHAT A DEBUT ALBUM ! I heard "RUN FOR COVER" in a local record store as i was browsing for something cool to buy and from the moment i heard that beat i was HOOKED.
These girls have a sound reminesent to ALL SAINTS, and every track is a pure gem to listen to, each song has a really funky, cool and fresh beat, the girls voices really shine and would put certain artists to shame !! ahh herm !!!
Stand out tracks, well they are all stand out, but the real strong TOP 10 contenders would be "LOOK AT ME", "LET IT GO" and the strange but very cool "PROMISES". And not forgetting "NEW YEAR" which i think the girls will be celebrating No1 with this christmas !
If theres one CD you want on your chrimbo lists i has to be this one !
YEY to Mutra, Siobhan, and Keisha this is one SUGABABE-TASTIC album.
BUY IT,... you will not be disapointed !!!
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on 20 January 2001
I bought this album when it was first released in November of last year and i still listen to it continuously. Kicking off with the instantly recognisable "Overload" this insanely infectious choon sets the pace for the album. Standout tracks are "One foot in", "Same old story", "Promises", "Run for cover" and the latest single "New year" but unfortunately at the center of the album something goes wrong, "Soul sound" and "Lush life" are nothing compared to some of the others, but the girls make up for this with the final tracks. The Sugababes had best get the attention and chart positions they deserve because i've got a feeling they're gonna be around for a very long time. They write and perform most of their own tracks, and all at only 16. So move over All Saints, Spice Girls and Destiny's Child because Sugagabes are here, doing it the UK way!
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on 29 August 2003
I'm french and it truly was a chance for me to listen to this album.No one knows about these girls in France, but i do and i really like their stuff.Let's just say that overload is a perfect dancing track and exquisite driving music: that's what i call music.Soul sound got me singing along after two listenings and still lifts me up.New year is good to listen to and quite mature.Run for cover's infectious and classy.And siobhan's an excellent singer and impressive artist (God she's so young!)Her charisma is evident.I'm glad she found the strength to start a solo career.But hey, mutya and keisha are good as well, i just think they can only work together.I cannot imagine a mutya or keisha solo project.Why? Dunno.But i may be wrong. Prove your worth girls!
The unreleased tracks' quality of one touch varies: One foot in's excellent, same old story's catchy but i got enough of it,just let it go does not impress me like overload, look at me makes me feel strangely sick(why? dunno), one touch,with its sharp guitar, is a very good song, lush life sounds dull and underground (which is not bad) but unsophisticated,real thing is well-produced but desperately unoriginal and promises is passable (a lot of people are keen on this one. I tried to enjoy it more than i do but i just can't. There's nothing outstanding about it.Still it's good).
So a big part of this album's average to me.But you know what? All these songs work well as an album, and that's why i put 4 stars. You should buy one touch if you're looking for good and unpretentious pop
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on 29 December 2000
The Sugababes debut LP, 'One Touch' surpassed all my expectations for any group of three 16 year old girls. They have created an album that will surprise anyone who dares to criticies British pop music as we enter teh 21st Century.#
'Overload' opens the album with that familiar, almost-Indian sound that everyone went 'Oooh, this is good' to, when it was released in September. As mentioned in another review, the lyrics are a little nonsensical but the originality of style and texture means you ignore this slight mishap.
Moving on the tunes don't let down for a second. 'One Foot In' ups the tempo slightly before 'Same Old Story' gets the beat slightly higher than a two-step garage feel - and explodes onto your stereo system like you are hitting the clubs.
Then suddenly the tempo drops and we are treated to the gorgeously seductive ballads, 'Just Let It Go' and the incredible 'Look At Me'. 'Look At Me' should be a single. It demonstrates the intense harmonising of the girl's voices to extremes, with them singing three different counter-melodies by the end of the song and they sing about stuff beyond their years, suggesting their parents should let them go and lead an independent life.
The middle of the album is slightly wishy-washy. 'Soul Sound' is full of pretentious but again nonsensical lyrics (and sounds a little like my most loathed of bands, Texas). The title track, 'One Touch' is a nice song, but lacks the sparkle of the first five songs. Buyers of 'Overload' will recognise 'Soul Sound' as the All Saints-esque b-side to the first single. This is a slight improvement and the girls seem to have a bit of attitude here. But 'Real Thing' is just in the album to prove the girls can do a track that sounds 'funky'. It's a filler and from the way the girls sing it, they seem to know it is a weak song.
However... despite a less than perfect middle, the girls retrieve themselves to have a stonking finish to the album. 'New Year' is a beautiful song, full of the beauty of Christmas, without being over-sentimental or immature. 'Promises' is mysterious, haunting, different. One might say, unique.
Then prepare to be breathtaken by the final song. 'Run For Cover' is my favourite track. It's great. A mid-tempo track, not very different from 'Promises' - but better. Sweeping strings, beautiful piano riffs, gorgeous harmonies and melodies. It deserves to be the biggest selling song of 2001.
That's my review of 'One Touch'. Hope it helped.
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on 2 July 2016
After finding out the original line up were getting back together a few years ago I decided to try this album out as have always loved Siobhans voice and highly recommend both her solo albums which are highly critically acclaimed. Its astounding to think that they were just teens when making this album the sound and lyrics are very mature which will obviously in some part be due to the songwriters and producers input but the 3 girls voices together are just incredible and compliment each other greatly. Went to see them at the Ritz in Manchester in 2013 and they were brilliant, their voices together now after so many years apart have matured to perfection. What an amazing live show which puts 99% of todays acts to shame by focusing solely on their voices which were beautifully blending together like strawberries and cream. Check Youtube to see the footage and you'll see for yourself how underrated they are!

They have recently managed to get the 'Sugababes' name back after briefly using the name of MKS, which I believe caused their comeback track 'Flatline' to chart so lowly because of the general public being unaware of their return as the Sugababes brand is so well known that it would have caused confusion especially due to the many different line up changes over the years. I think they will do much better when they finally release their long overdue comeback album in 2017 and with the right management and promotion they should finally be back in the big league where this original line up of amazingly talented and heavenly voiced group of ladies belongs!!

Check out this debut album to see where it all began and fingers crossed that their comeback album will be of the same calibre, I for one will pre-order as soon as possible. Favourite tracks are 'One foot in one foot out' 'Soul sound' 'Lush life' 'One touch' 'Run for cover' and 'Just let it go'
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