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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

on 23 November 2000
Another (perhaps the final) chapter in the ever-impressive City-Building Series, Impressions' latest offering is an absolute gem. Somehow they have taken the genre, picked out all the fun parts, and thrown them all together in the same game.
The whole feel of the game is somehow different, in an almost whimsical way. You really do feel that you have been transported back to ancient Greece (or at least, a romanticized version thereof). Anyone who says city-building is dull or formulaic should take a look at Zeus, and then admit they were wrong!
Gameplay: The engine is largely based on the Caesar 3 and Pharaoh engines. This means you get the same view of the world, and still place a load of buildings that generate various walkers to perform functions in your city. That is about where the similarities end. The gameplay is very much more streamlined in Zeus, with the emphasis shifted somewhat away from micromanagement. You still have to take care of your citizens basic needs: (healthcare, food, clothing, olive oil(?), and assorted cultural diversions), and prevent your buildings from burning to the ground, but the whole distribution system has been tweaked, and a few judicious changes made elsewhere. The result is something that seems so much more intuitive and easier to manage.
The interface has also been substantially improved, with all the city information now very much at your fingertips.
Of course, the shift away from micromanagement would be a bad thing if there were nothing in its place. And, naturally, there is. The best, without a shadow of a doubt, improvement to Zeus is the world interaction. Now you no longer have to listen to the man upstairs; you are your own master. That is not to say you can do whatever you like. Your actions all have repercussions on the world political scene.
This adds enormous replay value to the game: there are just so many ways you can accomplish the mission goals. If you need a particular item, you can beg, buy, or steal it. If a rival leader irritates you, you can send your army to find out how much he likes paying you tribute! Of course, should you fail in your attempted conquest...
I seem to have got this far without mentioning the mythology. Clumsy me. This is another fantastic feature. The immortals no longer just dictate their will from on high: they will actively solicit your worship. And should you irritate them, you might be 'rewarded' with a visitation: either in person, in through the medium of an unpleasant monster. And when the latter happens, just call on the likes of Jason, Hercules and Odysseus to help you out.
Graphics: Well. Those of you with experience of previous city-building games will know what to expect. You will be pleasantly surprised. In keeping with the mythological feel, Zeus has a distinctly cartoonish air about. The buildings are, well, whimsical, and the landscapes painted in an almost washed-out palette. But, once again, it is a superbly-crafted game, with the usual astonishing attention to detail (right down to the little suits of armour and horses in the smartest of homes).
Add to that the various Gods, Monsters and Heroes, all of whom are distinctly larger than life, and you get a game that is graphically sumptuous, even by previous City-Building standards.
Sound: The sound for this game is a work of art. The background sounds, a mixture of decidedly eclectic music and occasional ambient sounds, again fit the mood perfectly. The individual sound effects (the voices of the people) show the same meticulous attention to detail that set the graphics aside. From the wine vendor who can't keep his hands of his own products right through to the big man (Zeus) himself, every single one them is a (usually comic) character. And not one of them seems out of place; the tone of the game is maintained throughout. And what a great tone it is.
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on 12 July 2004
Zeus is a fantastic, game, really enjoyable and easy to pick up. The settings, content and scenarios are brilliant. What surprised me most about it was the historical accuracy of the game, and the way it educates without getting tedious. There is always something to sort out in the game, and you never get bored of it. You even get a sense of satisfaction as you lead your city into a new age, complete a sanctuary to the almighty Zeus, or you gaze out at your huge army thwarting its opponents and therfore saving your city from invason.
People have grumbled at the military aspect of the game, but I think that is one of its strong points. You can have a lot of control of the army in your own city, but as this is often difficult, i mostly leave it to the game engine anyway, another brilliant feature of the game.
My main grumble is that once you have completed the game, you crave for more, its that addictive. I love this game, and i would encourage you to buy it even if you know nothing about ancient Greece, because thanks to this game, you'll come to love it!!!
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on 15 September 2001
You would have to be a very boring person indeed to find the 'kids' style graphics off-putting. Zeus is a brilliant game. Its playability and variety are way beyond similar games in the genre. The missions mean there is always something new to aim for. It is perhaps a little disappointing that this is another game from the same Caesar engine, but it is a great improvement on Caesar/Pharaoh etc. A must buy!
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on 23 February 2002
This is one of the most enjoyable and addictive games I have played. Constantly drawing the player back for 'just a few more minutes', this is entertaining, challenging and incredibly good fun. The graphics are very good, and it is all put together with a sense of humour and wry smile. Strongly recommend it.
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on 17 June 2005
This game is the best in the City Building series from Sierra. In this game, you take control of various cities, this time in Greece. You'll lead your city from its stages as a fledling village to a military or economic power-house of Greece! Like Sim City, -you- decide what buildings to build, where they go and how many houses you have! -You- control the taxes, wage rate and what you buy and sell with other cities. -You- decide what crops to grow, whether to mine bronze or silver, which gods to worship and whether to conquer that annoying rival that's constantly asking you for your produce! It's all about you in this game!
Play through various Greek myths- help Jason find the Golden Fleece or call Perseus to slay Medusa! Build up your army to defend your city from monsters such as the Cyclops and, oddly enough, Hector that roam the land. Grow olives, crush grapes to make wine, excavate the quarry to get marble for your temples and train your athletes and actors for the next Olympic games! Remember, it's all about you!
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on 25 November 2001
Great but the armys are two small and very hard to build as you need a ton of estates to have a full one. Monsters are also a big problem as they run rampage throughout your city but its still got the ideas right
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on 13 November 2001
Master of Olympus Zeus is THE most enjoyable game I have ever played,so very addictive.gorgeous scenery,great monsters,and of course vengeful gods,also friendly ones.and the added bonus of downloading an editor enabling you to make your own adventures and maps,I have spent many hours playing this game.and will spend many more,it is just fabulous.
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on 17 February 2002
a brill game to say the least Master of Olympus rallys pharaoh and the ceasars and goes past them.
Master of atlantis-posseidon just make it better than the standand, in my opinion you getting value for money when you buy this game with he twists and turns of ruling a city and the joys of completeing one.
beginning starts off hard but get fun once you know how i Have had this game for 8 months and have really got it, it is the best game of its type, if you have a city building mind than this game is a must.
THe looks of the building is real as you could get and the speak from the people is endless!
If you have played pharaoh or ceasar before you should set it to the second level of diffclity because the first is to easy for experts.
This game is just about the right amount of misions but you have to have time on your hands to be the best god in greece.
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on 12 September 2006
The first time I played this game I became addicted to it. It's great fun. You learn bits about ancient greek life and about some of the Gods. You have to lead your own town and build it up and watch evolve. There are a few challenges but nothing that leaves you stuck for too long. Older players sometimes find it unchallenging but I think most will like it.

Very worth buying!!!!!
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on 24 August 2001
This game is fantastic! I was first introduced to this type of game by a demo of Caeser 3...I promptly rushed out and bought that and then Pharoah & the Queen of the Nile add-on. Zeus is my latest purchase....and by far the best.
The hours roll by as I sit at my PC building City after City and despite having finished the game twice already....I'm now starting all over again as every time is completely different - it gets to the point when at 3am you are thinking "hmmm...I'll just wait for the Hydra to attack" and then at 4am it's "OK, I need to get Hercules - then i'l go to bed" and at 5am.."I'll just go and raid Elesius....then I'll definately get some sleep..." It's addictive, a lot of fun and the comical characters provide hours of entertainment! I rate this game very highly and cannot wait for the next game of this genre to be released!
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