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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 July 2014
It's not something anybody likes talking about, but I've always found I sweat excessively. No matter what antiperspirant I used within an hour, often less, my armpits would be damp. By mid-morning, well, let's say I didn't want to be raising my arms much - my shirts would be clearly wet. On bad days I'd feel the sweat running down my sides. And that's in Spring, not even Summer...

I stumbled across this product by accident, while browsing reddit. Did my research, read various reviews and decided to give it a try.

Well, the first time it was clear I should have read the instructions more carefully. That was a painful experience. However, the next day I was dry - totally dry for the first time in longer than I can remember. A little more care after that and I haven't suffered from that problem since. It still does itch if I'm overly generous in application, and sting a bit sometimes if I'm even more heavy handed than that.

However, the minor discomfort that results from my carelessness is well worth it. No matter what, my armpits and my clothes, remain dry. No longer do I feel embarrassed about the state of my clothes, and no longer do I need to replace them because of the sweat stains.

If you (too) have a sweat problem, it's worth trying. Maybe it won't work for you (in which case there are stronger products out there), but maybe it will.
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on 29 December 2012
I cant stress enuf how much this stuff works....put on b4 bed....does sting a little...but by god the results are not even half way thru my bottle....this will last ages!
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on 26 February 2014
Works for me.
If I use this too many times a week I get a very slight irritation in my armpits.
Usually only use when I'm wearing shirts. Only use on say, a Sunday night, then a Wednesday night and it'll see me through the week.
Obviously doesn't protect you against perspiration whilst exercising but why should it?
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on 20 July 2016
This product has really helped me, I haven't been diagnosed with any sweating condition, I just know I have a problem with sweating lots, especially in situations where I am uncomfortable i.e socialising. My excessive sweating would only made me more uncomfortable going to my place of work or studying. I am male who has tried nearly every antiperspirant/deodorant at the supermarkets (even women's (I'm not ashamed)) with no luck, and at times making the problem worse. I was skeptical about buying this product from amazon from a company that I was not familiar with, and from some of the reviews about it not working and the irritation from using it. This product has saved me. I followed the instructions to use only at bedtime, After applying I did get a mild irritation/itch for a few hours during the night and wasn't having high hopes come the following day. I didn't sweat ONCE under my arms and I didn't use any deodorant that day.Even at work where I would say I am fairly active I sweated substantially less. The irritation you get for a few hours after applying maybe to strong for some however.
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on 18 June 2013
After years of trying to hide my sweating, which happened at any time for no reason, with layers of clothes, and the reason I say layers is that I would sweat through my shirt and jacket I was that bad, even had sessions with a therapist thinking my sweating was a psychological disorder, the only thing I thought would fix it was to have surgery........ until I tried this.
The results were staggering after trying it the first night, ok, it's a little uncomfortable but i've felt a lot more pain and burning from normal deodorants than this....... got up for work, had a shower and still sprayed myself with lynx, headed out into the morning rush thinking it would never work only to check under my jacket to find I was totally dry..... not one drip, so I took my jacket off and for the whole day I did nothing but keep checking, and until writing this review I feel confident enough to buy any clothes I want as I have been dry for over a week, and I have not used it every night either. It will be a permanent edition to my bathroom cabinet, Amazing!
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on 1 April 2015
This works but make sure you follow the instructions. I was so unbelievably itchy first fortnight of using this. I realise now it's because I didn't follow the instructions. I put it on every night for the first two weeks because it didn't work as well as it seemed to for other reviewers, so I thought I needed to use it daily. It made my armpits so itchy I scratched them raw!

The key here though is to just put it on (1 or 2 light strokes) every other or every third evening). Do it just before you go to sleep, not whilst you are lounging reading in bed, as you need to go to sleep straight away or you might feel the itch and once you start you just can't stop! Since doing it this way it works marvellously and no itch or just an occasional itch.

First time in 20 years my armpits haven't perspired like a baboons! My clothes are not ruined, I don't smell or feel embarrassed. I don't need to change my tops twice a day and shower 2-3 times. Woop woop... I'm now dancing with glee with my dry arms held high!!!!

I apply this now once every three days at night, just two light strokes. In the daytime I wear my usual crystal deodorant (for added security). I love that I can get up in the morning and not offend myself with my armpit smell. I can wear tops two days on the run now if I want to. I can buy georgette or crepe tops (not that I even like crepe but if I did I could wear it now without ruining it with huge perspiration marks).

It's well worth trying if you excessively perspire from under your arms.
Best wishes with it my soon to be dry armpitted comrades....
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on 3 October 2015
Every now and again I come across something on Amazon that I will purchase and have a genuine 'wow' moment when I use it. This is one of those.

First thing to say is that you HAVE TO follow the instructions this comes with. It's powerful stuff, extremely powerful.

If you listen to the instructions and put around 2 strokes up, two down on each armpit, allow to dry for ten minutes, then go to sleep, you'll be completely dry the next day. The effect starts to wear off towards the evening for me, although the anti perspirant is still fairly effective next day, just not as extreme as the first.

I generally use a sequence of two strokes one night, then dab the next, then back to two strokes etc. This keeps me dry all the time.

Before I started using the product I was desperately searching for an option other than botox as I was genuinely fearful of coloured t shirts. Now, I wear any colour I feel like without patches.

I also used to end up destroying shirts as the Dove anti perspirant I was using at the time (Which was a tiny bit effective, still gave insane wetness) would dry into a waxy material in the armpit of my shirt. This doesn't look great for work and if anything made me sweat even more.

Since I bought this product I've started buying comfortable, colourful Ralph Lauren work shirts with no fear at all of ruining them which is superb.

Quick note: This stuff does sting every now and again. You'll find yourself wanting to claw your armpit off. Don't, just put up with it and hit the hay. The more you can leave on the more is available to block your glands.
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on 19 March 2016
This is a miracle! Bought it 8 months ago and have never looked back since! You have to start by applying once a day at night before bed for a week. You then go to every other day for a week and thereafter roll on every 3 days. It stopped me sweating from my armpits within a week and I haven't even had to buy the 2nd bottle as I'm still on bottle number 1!
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on 18 August 2016
I rarely get around to writing reviews, but felt compelled to share my experience with this product. I've had excessive underarm perspiration for as long as I can remember - never any smell, simply moisture. In school, I would go to great lengths to hide the wet patches on my shirt, wearing jumpers even on the hottest days. After several years of this, I went to the GP who prescribed a prescription-strength anti-perspirant. I can't remember the brand, but I do remember the excruciating itching/burning after applying - and I simply couldn't stick it!

The problem wasn't so bad in the following years, where I would wear particular clothing in situations where I knew I'd perspire (mainly social situations, where it would be embarrassing) in order to disguise patches. Then I got my new job, which involves wearing a sky blue, fitted tunic. Not good for sweat patches!

I decided to give this product a go, expecting a repeat of the prescribed anti-perspirant saga, but I couldn't be happier. I think key is to apply a very thin layer - a little definitely goes a long way! I simply apply one downward swipe to each underarm before bed, and a little dab in the mornings. I noticed a positive difference from the first day of use. I applied it a little too generously one night, and there was some prickling, but nothing unbearable - certainly nothing compared to my previous experience, plus this was more effective.

I've been using the product for about 4 weeks. Initially I used it nightly, but now I use it once every two or three days. I also avoid using it around times I've shaved, as I figure irritation is more likely to occur when the skin is already slightly irritated. There is a marked difference with how much I perspire now, compared to a few months ago - I'd go as far as saying I'm completely dry most days as a result of this product. The one day I have noticed some perspiration, was when I hadn't used the product for about 4 days.

I would highly recommend giving this a go!!
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on 16 July 2016
This is great stuff. My husband swears by this and this is the second one of these that we have bought. He always had a problem with perspiration but not any more since finding this product. It does exactly as it should.
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