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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 27 February 2001
As a Pink Floyd fan who stands in the middle ground of whether Waters is Floyd or Gilmour is, then I'm afraid this offering doesnt help me in any way to make a decision. It only adds to my belief that one without the other is only half of a bigger picture. It may be true that Waters wrote the larger part of Floyds material, but I feel that Gilmour was an anchor to him that stopped him from going on for too long, as I'm afraid happens on the one new track on this offering 'Each Small Candle'.
I also find the interview with Waters in the inner booklet just too sad for words, he can't even bring himself to use the name Pink Floyd, he simply refers to them as 'another band'. As for when he tells us that the band and him would join hands before these gigs and shout 'Genuine Love', please give me the good old hate ridden days of The Wall any time.
Only for the most hardened of Floyd fans.
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on 7 July 2017
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on 1 July 2017
great cd
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on 29 October 2011
[19] - 'In the flesh' captures performances from Roger Waters three individual summer concert tours that started in July 1999 & ended in June 2002 - It showcases his best known work with Pink Floyd & his solo ventures - The tour received popular acclaim & demand for the concert tickets were so great that the tour was able to continue for three years....

This album contains tracks from - Phoenix - Las Vagas - Irvine & Portland with top performances from the very talented musicians that accompanied him on the tours - Guitarist Snowy White real name Terence Charles - Bass Guitar Andy Fairweather low - Guitarist Doyle Bramhall II - Graham Broad who was one of the most prolific drummers of the 1980's - Keyboardist & producer Jon Carin - Keyboardist Andy Wallace - Also on tour was top backing vocalists P.P.Arnold & Katie Kissoon.....

Probably helped by the long tour this is a very polished Live album from Roger Waters & friends......
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on 5 December 2000
There are only three reasons to buy this album - 1. You didn't get a chance to travel to the US for the live show, 2. you did get to the US live shows and you know how good a show it was and 3. you have any kind of appreciation of live music or the history of music over the last 40 years.
This CD is a terrific re-working of one of the best tours of the past decade and allows Waters - undoubtedly one of the finest songwriters and under-rated musical talents in our history - to firmly retake the mantle of Pink Floyd. Anyone who has ever listened to the lacklustre overworked live releases of Pink Floyd since Waters left the band should be stunned to submissive silence by the glistening sheen James Guthrie has placed on an already proud, powerful and awe-inspiring performance.
From the opening moment of the CD to the closing track you will be held in place by the power and clarity of song writing. Overtaken with the individual performaces of the band - but left in no dount that this is a coming together of some of the finest talents in music today (notably Doyle Bramhall and Jon Carin) this is as fine an introduction to Roger Waters (or re-introduction to what Pink Floyd should be about) as you will find.
Are you listening David Gilmour?? It's time you did. The shows over Dave - time to take off the uniform and go home.
Welcome back Roger, maybe now we can realise exactly how much we wished you were here.
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on 27 May 2001
This is the only live album release by Roger Waters and it goes to prove that he is still very much as capable without his former Pink Floyd bandmembers. There are many new members as well as some that played alongside Pink Floyd, notably Snowy White and John Carin. All players seem experts in their field and incorporate their own styles while upholding the original sound.
There is a good selection of songs across from all aspects of Rogers work from the Floyd and Solo era's. Some of the older Floyd work has been revamped to sound very fresh (Welcome to the Machine is fantastic) and the band is perfect, except possibly for some of the vocals that Dave Gilmour would have sang. The supporting vocals in Comfortably Numb sound a little too heavy for me. The second half introduces some of Roger's solo work which is astounding in it's on right. However, the live versions add little more to these songs, most of which come of the Amused to Death album. There is also nothing from Radio KAOS which is a little dissapointing. However, the performance of Every Strangers Eyes is great and Rogers new song, Each Small Candle, is wonderfully dark.
I would recommend this album to all Floyd and Roger fans. It gives a change from the myriad of live recordings from Pink Floyd after Rogers departure. A sterling effort from Roger and I only hope he decides to tour the UK next :-)
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on 19 March 2008
For let me begin by saying that this is a very good double album. The sound quality is great, Roger's voice holds up pretty well and the backing vocalists chosen provide some beautiful harmonies.

Musically, the highlights for me are Dogs, Welcome to the Machine and Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun. Hardly ever heard live, all three are performed superbly. Dogs is at the top of the pile in that respect - I just love it. The stuff from Animals was never performed live by Waters' former associates and that was always a pity.

Unfortunately for the three musical highlights, we also have Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Comfortably Numb and Another Brick in the Wall dragging the CD back down to Earth. Don't get me wrong, the first two in particular are two of my all time favourite tracks but Waters absolutely butchers them here. Well I say he butchers them, what I really mean is that the guitarist isn't Gilmour - or even anywhere near the required standard. Shine On's intro got torn to shreds and Comfortably Numb's outro just as much. Brick 2 is just plain overrated. If it were 3 minutes long then it would be tolerable but it just goes on and on and on and...

The rest of the album is somewhere in the middle musically - all performed very well in the main. In some sense this album will demonstrate to Floyd fans everywhere that no matter what the writing credits might say, the music of Floyd belongs to Gilmour and Wright.

Waters is a legend for his contributions to Pink Floyd, but that's as far as it goes. And like others who read the inside sleeve, I agree that he does himself no favours there either.
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on 7 July 2015
what a class album thats been put together during a clever live set It has pink floyd written all over it its a must for live rock album collectors thankyou for sending me this splendid cd
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on 19 April 2015
This is a superb album. I have had the DVD since it was released, superb, so decided That this would make a great addition to the music in the car, it is!
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on 13 December 2000
I waited with anticipation for this album, namely because I couldn't stretch to a US trip to see any of the shows. Certainly the band line-up is impressive as always and the addition of PP Arnold is a bonus (IMHO). I would say, having listened to the album a few times, that I am slightly disappointed. Certainly the sound quality is excellent and Roger's voice seems to have got through it's "mid-life" crisis and his singing is so much better than alot of the Wall in Berlin, for example or the Guitar legends concert he did in Seville. The highlight for me is Dogs and Set the Controls. Fabulous. A disappointment for me was the use of the original recording for the "high bit" in Every Strangers eyes. It is noticeable and irritating. Couldn't one of the backing singers sung it live? I would personally have prefered more from The Final Cut (where's the title track??) and also had The Tide is Turning from KAOS. (In fact he could have ended the show with that and had Each Small Candle as the encore). Although I am being critical (something I never dreamt I would be with Roger's work) there is just too much here that has been done before. This has been partly caused by the fact that Pink Floyd only seem to bring out live albums these days, so all the blame can't be Roger's here, but it just doesn't seem to step out and grab you. I am thinking that perhaps the "soon to be released" DVD will be a more compelling experience. I still hold Roger in the highest regards, and will continue to buy, enjoy and be inspired by his work, and should he tour the UK I will definately go. I just think that this particular album falls short of his high values.
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