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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 April 2007
I was at this gig, they were the headline act at a punk all-dayer at Leeds Bierkellar 19.05.84. They caused a stir early in the evening when NIG HEIST, a band featuring Flag roadies plus drummer Bill Stevenson on guitar. It was total over the top outrageous sexist over the top patter and noise. Female-led anarcho-band Hagar the Womb and the Newtown Neurotics voiced their objections and big skin ranter, the recently deceased Seething Wells got on stage and grabbed the mic and slagged them off. By the time the Flag came on there was an air of menace in the air. After a couple of songs a lot of people started leaving...they had never really had the popularity that say the DKs had in the uk, i reckon it was due to their image...mohican knuckleheads couldnt get away with these Amercians dressed at oods with them. Anyhow the hardcore fans who stayed did get into it. They were thunderous like nothing i had ever seen. I remember feeling that it would be wise to keep a little distance form Rollins cos he was ferocious man. He walked out onto the tables and sang like all side two of My War the slooow stuff, and stood in only his shorts and a gallon of sweat. Ginn and Stevenson were also pretty fkn out there too. And they had this meek wee lass on bass. It was a strange but brilliant night out for Yorkshire...a great document of MyWar/Slip period Flag as is the Damaged 5 piece clips form Target video in 81 when Rollins had just joined. Not sure if that is out on vid. It is youtube and A MUST SEE!
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on 10 May 2006
Not to contradict the other review, but Rollins had been in the band for well over a year (3 in fact), recorded 3 studio and 1 live album and comes across as a prominent, active and dark frontman supporting the exceptionally talented Ginn on guitar.

I'm not that much of a fan of DVD music performances as half of the fun is being there and seeing things as they happen. However, for older 80s bands (when I was barely a nipper) I like to see how the stage presence comes across as with the Dead Kennedys - it makes a difference.

I did like this DVD and it's worth what I paid for it. It contains 16 songs (2 more than the track-listing recognises) right from "The First Four Years" up to "Slip It In." There are some stand-out performances of songs, notably "Slip It In", "Nothing Left Inside", "My War" and "Nervous Breakdown". I was a bit disappointed with fan-favourite "Six Pack" as you can't really hear the bass come through and by this stage in the performance, they all look a bit knackered and so doesn't live up to it's pace expectation. This aside, they give a solid performance with some shady-punk camera work but it's viewable and I have seen a lot, lot worse.

All in all, if you're a Black Flag fan and have never seen them live (most second generation punks) then I'd recommend getting it, or getting a mate to get it and watch it. As for those who lived the experience, I'd say you've seen it all before so don't bother but it's a good item showing the change in Black Flag from generic punk to something a bit more raw, powerful and slightly different.
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1984, the Flag captured by the Visionary Video team at the Bierkeller in Blackpool. One and only officially released video of this legendary californian HC band, and as such, a must have for all of their fans !! A short ( 55 ')but intense and frantic set of 14 songs with HRollins in maniacal mood. Superbly well shot and edited, you get to see a lot of everything all the time, with an emphasis on, of course, Hank. This is a tough one to review though so I'll split it into :

1- Video : It's a clean but direct transfer of the VHS that you can still obtain from the label. Resolution is OK only, not very sharp but picture is fine albeit colour is a little faded, just adjust your TV control. It has some very minor and sporadic video glitches like lines and dropouts that really don't detract from the excitment.

2- Audio : Almost an afterthought on this dvd, I'm afraid. 2.0 but you don't get but VERY little audio from the left channel, I had to switch the setup to mono, crank volume, bass and treble controls to the max to get barely decent sound and still the voice is excruciatingly high in the mix ( soundboard )

But.....the show is smashing, Hank interacting with the brit crowd is priceless and the overall result is a document I just had to own in spite of having read about all of these flaws BEFORE I bought the dvd.

If you love this band, you HAVE to get this, believe me.
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on 21 July 2010
When I got this I was real excited, couldn't wait to pop it into my playstation and see it.
When the first song came on I thought that the audio was a little low (on the whole gig) but then Henry started and the mic was turned way up, so all I heard was Henry singing, non off the instruments, non of the crowd. That was a bit disappointing, but either it got better or I got used to it, but the show was amazing a few songs in. The gig didn't feature all of my favourite Flag songs, but never the less a great DVD to own, altho video and audio quality is a bit so and so. There are better live clips of Flag online.
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on 5 September 2003
Black Flag truely captured in their *early days*, Henry Rollins has clearly just joined the band as he is off time and nervy. Yet this some how adds to the black Flag affect showing them in their true light, a fast, fun and non caring hardcore punk band playing what looks to be a college show. A must see for fans of the flag also for fans of Henry Rollins.
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on 28 February 2016
Wat can I say this band is not that good .sond quality Live or other wise is poor.
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