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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

on 19 August 2016
One of my favourite films from my misspent youth. Still hilariously funny.
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on 17 December 2012
The movie is a great study of the excesses of this time and place, but it's also a rather sympathetic and subtle portrait of a marriage that survives trying times. I ckkep wondering if it inspired Sam to use the frying pan technique of martial arts when fighting the goblins in LOTR1, but he probably didn't watch those sorts of movies.
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VINE VOICEon 15 October 2008
Paul and Mary Bland are a quiet couple who stumble upon a plan to get rich quick: They place a dominatrix ad in the paper to lure rich perverts to their apartment and then bop them on the head - hard - and steal their money. A petty crook named Raoul discovers their scam and wants in: He'll take the bodies, sell them to a dog food factory, and split the profit with them. Everything is going fine until Raoul decides he wants more than the bodies - he wants Mary.

This famous cult classic was made in 1982 on a shoestring budget; the sound is tinny, the sets are cheap, and all the actors, while experienced, act like amateurs. Director/Writer/Star Paul Bartel satirizes murder and sexual perversion and does it all with straight faces and matter-of-fact dialogue; Paul and Mary express neither shock nor shame at their new business venture. As the plot snowballs from the first accidental killing to 20 in one night, it gets wacky fast.

"Raoul" is not for everyone, but if you like over-the-top black comedy that goes way beyond the boundaries of good taste, you'll enjoy it.
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VINE VOICEon 26 October 2004
Paul and Mary Bland have a dream of one day owning their own restraint. Due to a series of accidents it looks like they have found a way to make money from picking up and disposing of deviants. They turn to a professional to get the finer points of deviation. With a stoke of luck, they run across Raoul, who expands their potential by disposing of the ex-deviants cars. The addition of a hot tub accelerates their income potential. Raoul is getting kind of familiar with Mary.
Will they make enough money for the restaurant?
Will thy get caught?
What is to be done with the growing Raoul problem?
This movie will Dominatrix the industry. You will be wiped into shape and learn many things about which wine goes with which meat, and the best way to plan for the future. This should be taught in economics classes where it would be electrifying. Produced by people with fertile minds and a limited budget this movie pans out and is not anything but FUNNY.
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on 23 July 2007
I last saw (and loved) this film 20 years ago and on a recent viewing it proved to be even better than I remembered. An hilarious deadpan satire on sexual fetishism and, to a certain extent, 80s ostentatious go-getting selfishness. The Blands are a middle class respectable couple, innocents (despite their serial killing spree) abroad in an unfair and wicked world.

This film is so stuffed full of visual and vocal gags I struggled to catch them all - it certainly more than bears watching again. As one of the other reviewers has said this film hasn't dated - for instance Curb Your Enthusiam seems to be highly influenced by Eating Raoul (in fact if you like the former you'll love the latter!)
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on 22 September 2008
A straight laced couple, surrounded by debauched swingers, dream of opening a restaurant. After a number of setbacks, they hit on a sinister and amusing way of raising cash.

This is a very off the wall movie, and it's well worth seeing.
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on 2 November 2000
A couple lacking money for the dream of their life. The husband who got kicked from the job for being too good a specialist. The wife who wasn't able to get a loan because of her devotion to her husband. A frying pan as a murderous weapon and dirty swingers full of money as victims: a perfect solution for the problem. But here comes Raoul and... To tell anything else will be a spoiler for one of the funniest black comedies ever made. You will laugh when you see this movie for the first time, for the second and so on ...
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on 4 January 2008
Having never seen this film before i was told of it by a friend. I found it very watchable and actually really funny. There are moments when i found myself laughing out loud. Its all rather silly with a far-fetched, slap-stick feel, but i enjoyed it and im sure many others will too. Even though the attitude of the film is fairly well dated.
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on 28 September 2011
Discovered this movie a few years ago (had it on VHS and played it to death) very very funny movie. A very dark comedy. well worth watching.
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on 17 May 2014
I bought this DVD mostly because Robert Beltran was in it, and have always liked his acting in Star Trek Voyager.

People may think from the reading its all about swingers and S*x but its not.
The storyline is that a married couple need money in order to open up their country kitchen that they have dreamed off, he lost his job in the opening and has to think of others ways to make money. The wife is a nurse. They both live in an apartment block with swingers and disprove of their behaviour. One night they accidently kill a man and realise they have a lot of money. Later on in the film they meet a man called Raoul who fixes locks, they decide to hire him to change them, when in fact he is a thief who copies the keys and steals the expensive possessions. One night they find him in their kitchen with a dead body they had not disposed of and he wants in. Near the end they realise he is making more money and wants to run away with his wife (they have been having s*x) they then kill him and as the title suggests, they eat him and serve him to his friend.

So recommend it for the laughs, its got the cheesy 1980s music for films but to me that's what makes it everything. 100% worth the money
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