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  • The W
  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
The  W
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 26 November 2000
The Wu-Tang Clan have to be one of, or maybe, the best rap collective of the 90's, and with their 3rd album as a group, "The W", possibly the best rap group of this first decade of the 21st century as well. In attempt to get back to their original shaolin roots, the Wu have dramatically cut down the size of their album in comparison to the over-the-top Wu-Tang Forever (1997). This album is a great example of how the RZA leads the way for the clan, and how much he has developed and changed his style. Ghostface Killah has to be the most impressive MC of the clan. He has developed his style since Supreme Clientele, and that was only released this year! He is obviously out to change the game again. Ol' Dirty's weird, spontaneous, drunken, shaolin style is greatly missed from this album, as he is only on one track "Conditioner" (due to legal reasons). Cappadonna who was on nearly every track of the Wu's 2nd album is now an official member and replacement for the Ol' Dirty One. A great album, worth buying, with some great RZA production and some great new Wu-sounds, the commercialised "Gravel Pits", party track "Do you really (thang,thang)" and "Protect Ya Neck (the jump off)" which takes the shaolin masters back to the 80's. Whilst not as lyrically tight as their debut 36 chambers, it is still worth buying for any Wu fan or general hiphop/rap listeners.
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on 1 December 2000
Wu Tang have done it again, all their CD's have been a work of art. It's just some people annoy me because before The W was released all wu tang got from certain people was critiscm, saying things like "Wu Tang are crap and they can't rap" and now they are all rushing out buying The W. One minute they hate Wu and the next they love them. I'm sure all TRUE wu fans that have loved wu since the 36 Chambers days and have never doubted them agree with me. Well, all I can do is laugh, hearing them people thinking they like Wu Tang, peace to all the REAL wu fans, who know true hip hop, they know who. Looks like Cappadonna has become a main man with the Wu now and Careful (Click Click) is my favourite track at the moment, because of the way it is put together and mastered and the rap in it is unbelieveable. It features other good artists and is definately worth buying!!! Just like the other 2 albums. All the real Wu fans and people starting to like Wu Tang rush out and get it if you ain't got it yet, and research this album hard! The people that criticised The Wu don't bother buying it, you don't deserve this art! Stick to N Sync and Backstreet Boys!! Talking like you've liked Wu Tang for years, Wu Tang is the key to all doors in life, That W represents true and pure hip hop. Remember that.
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on 14 April 2012
This album was so bad I actually recently decided to sell it (for a pittance); and I rarely ever decide to sell old cds from my collection.
Actually I don't think it really has any good songs, it has some ok songs and some downright awful songs. Can't believe so many people rated it 5 stars, if you go to a place that sells cds, go into the Hip Hop section and just pick-up a cd at random chances are it will be better than this.
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on 23 February 2001
I am not a hardcore Wu Tang Clan fan, therefore it was quite surprising when I deceided to purchase this album. I was blown away at not only the great lyrical content but also the superb production mastered by The RZA. The tracks that stand out for me are Careful (Click, Click), Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off) and of course the fantastic cross-over hit Gravel Pit. With Wu Tang Clan being such a large group, I feel it's hard for all of its members to be fully appreciated. I believe Ghostface Killah to be the one who shines the most especially on the tear-jerking track I Can't Go To Sleep featuring the legend Isaac Hayes. This track really sees Ghostface rapping from his heart, which is a rarity within the hip hop industry. One disappointment is that Ol' Dirty Bastard (my favourite from the Wu camp) is hardly on this album. He however makes an impression by appearing on one of my favorite tracks- Conditioner featuring another of my favourite rappers Snoop Doggy Dogg. This album will no doubt enjoy the same deserved success if not more than The Wu Tang Clan's previous two albums. If you have never bought a Wu Tang Clan album before, make this your first. This is a masterpiece!!! Buy it NOW!!!!
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on 7 February 2001
I bought this CD because all the reviews I read here were excellent so I assumed the album would be fantastic. At first I hated it, but I listened to it and listened to it hoping it would grow on me. It has!
The variety of beats on this album is very good. The Clan have experimented with making soft, sad songs, 'I Can't Go To Sleep' features the voice of Isaac Hayes (voice of Chef in South Park) which uses violins and organs to create a very touching tune. The whole track works very well, but probably won't appeal to you first time around. 'Jah World' is a similar idea but features the vocals of an awful moaning reggae singer called Junior Reid, and RZA and Ghostface are windging rather than rapping, so the track is reduced to just miserable nonsense.
Other tracks like 'Careful (Click, Click)', 'Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)' and 'Gravel Pit' will instantly bring a smile to your face. But there are tracks like 'One Blood Under W' which certainly won't. It's still a good CD which all hip-hop fans must own. Buy it but give it time to grow on you.
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The Wu-Tang Clan have a distinct advantage over any other hip-hop group in the world.Not only are they lyrically blessed with some of raps finest mc's,(method man,GZA,inspectah deck etc),THERE ARE TEN OF THEM!!!This gives their innovative angle no boundaries in terms of both musical and vocal dexterity.Flows and beats are mixed for fun with effortless grace once again under the supreme production of Bobby "The RZA" Digital."Gravel Pit","Hollow Bones","let my niggas live" and "Redbull"feat.Redman,(Method man's cousin),are instant classics."The W" is another musical proggression for the Wu,harnessing elements from both "Forever" and "36 Chambers", Staten Island's finest have once again produced an album of real quality.Buy this album now and bring da ruckas whilst your at it.Their best yet.
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on 10 February 2005
This album has you in two minds. The first time I listened to it I thought it was o.k but nothing special. But after a few listens, it just gets to you. Its hard to explain but you will like it more on the 2nd or 3rd listen. Some of the beats are crazy and untouchable. R.I.P ODB.
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on 31 December 2000
there are only a few good tracks on this album, save your money, its just not worth buying. The good tracks like gravel pit and protect ya kneck have been released, and i doubt they will release any others from it.
Not the return i was hoping for :(
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on 15 December 2000
Wu-Tang are Nang! Alot of people dont realise the work they have done even before this album, with RZA producing most of the Ghost Dog soundtrack and also doing a mixtape with Big Cap, Wu-Tang have worked even harder and pushed out a 3rd album. Straight from the slums of Shaolin, my favourite track has to be MC Conditioner with ODB & Snoop. The D O double G seems to be getting around every where now days releasing albums left right & centre and contributes very well in this song, its nice to hear ODB again even if it is while hes rehabilitating. The W is a heavy album and has to be bought by any body who appreciates raw HipHop straight from the gutter, all the Wu-Tang members shine on this CD and prove that they are lyrical masters. WU-Tang Clan - Big Up and Nuff Respect.
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on 26 November 2000
This album is a classic, since Wu Tang came out i've been following them, all there material is well over average. I didn't know what to except after they released Supreme Clientele, as that was the BEST album, but when this album came out, i was like WUUUUUUUUUUUU. This album is likea new Wu-Style, you can't compare it with anything else they have done. The best track on this has to be the greatest hip hop track ever made, it's called "I can't go to Sleep". One problem with this album is that ODB is only on one track, "Conditioner", which features Snoop. RZA said there is going to another album soon called WW2 ( try to dicipher that) they will start on it when ODB is out of jail ( when he is caught)... I would advise anyone to buy this great album.
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