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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 8 December 2013
Event Horizon is a shining example of sci-fi horror. An experimental ship dissapears and then mysteriously reappears so a search and rescue ship is sent to investigate, along with the crew the research scientist who invented the ship's drive for the Event Horizon is present. When they reach the ship they discover an unexpected horror.

For me the film works well as both a science fiction and a horror story. For the science fiction you get some wonderful scenes of the solar system and of micro gravity (in fairness the effects do look a little dated in this respect, but still do their job). It also works by not just being a horror set in space, the horror comes because it is space and the setting itself adds peril to the mission.

The horror is strong by blending a mix of personal, psychological horror with good visual and more visceral scenes. It works on an individual level for the characters drawing upon their fears and the degeneration into madness, particuarly in Sam Neil's character's case. The technology of the ship also enhances this brutal aspect, the drive itself looks more like a device of medieval torture rather than esoteric technology.

The pacing of the film is spot on, it doesn't take long to get going and keeps providing something new to keep you interested. The cast is small and allows you to get to know each of the cgharacters and the different aspects they feed into the story.

Overall this is an excellent watch and highly recommended.
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on 15 September 2011
From what I remember this is a great film..I say from what I remember as I've never actually had the courage to watch it again, such was the extent to which it scared me witless upon my first viewing. As I recall this film starts out as a exploratory sci-fi flic in the same vein of say '2001:A space odyssey', infact the opening 20 minutes I remember quite vividly as this is the only point of the film during which I had my eyes fully open. After that things get extremely nasty for all involved, there's something about demonic possession and the ship being the living embodiment of hell and then Sam Neil gauges out his eye sockets. If you value your sleep I personally wouldn't recommend this film but if you've seen the likes of freddy kruger/haloween/friday the 13th/scream etc and want to see something truly terrifying then Event Horizon is certainly for you!
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on 16 January 2014
had this film on dvd and as soon as it came out on blu ray it was a must get for me ,the quality is of high standard and im bound to say the film is brilliant ,picture much better and you can see more detail ,if you like the film get it on blu ray
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VINE VOICEon 16 July 2015
I have watched this on other streaming services who have copies with the 5.1 sound all mixed up with all dialogue coming out of front left.

The version on Amazon audio is correct, but you may have to pump up the volume.

Film is presented in its original aspect ratio and the HD picture quality is acceptable.

Maybe not the best Sci-Fi film going, but pretty good.

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VINE VOICEon 9 July 2006
The Shining meets Alien is probably the best way of describing Event Horizon. Methinks it's also infulenced a couple of recent episodes of Dr. Who (which were particularly good I hasten to add). Take one somewhat disturbed scientist with bright spark of an idea for a new space ship. Said ship vanishes, with suitably dodgy final message. Years later, it emerges again, albeit minus its crew. Salvage mission sets out to investigate. Cue all sorts of psycological horror moments as they realise just where its been for the last few years.

Direction is excellent. The pacing is taken relatively slowly, which helps build tension. Camera work is uniformly high quality; somewhat stylised, with abrupt cuts and cascading staged zooms, while sections set in zero gravity tend to have a more floating approach. Lighting is a masterclass in how it should be done. Best since Alien and / or Aliens for a major science fiction release. Filters, shadow, colour' all are used to help add atmosphere, but they never draw attention to themselves unless there is a specific purpose. Very slickly executed indeed, and with genuine flare. The sound is good; a little bit dark if you take my meaning, it supports the visuals well, with moody effects. I can only commend the set designers too -the Event Horizon in particular is a masterpiece, and I like some of the touches such as the coffin-shaped doors. Not spectacularly novel, but it didn't have to be, and it works. Ditto the effects. They don't take over as is so often the case, but support the story.

The script is crisp, positive, nicely paced, and concept-centred, and makes no attempt to drag things out, or to rush them. No complaints at all. This is a well-written film. A few of what John Carpenter calls 'cheap shocks', but they add, rather than detract from the overall effect.

It's also a well performed one. Fishburne and Neill in the lead roles obviously have to bear the brunt of the requirements, and achieve superbly. Both are believeable, and Neill in particular appears to be enjoying himself, particularly toward the end where he can really let rip. The support is excellent, and I have nothing but praise for the small cast who hold the viewer's attention so well. Reminds me of The Thing in that respect.

Do I like it then? Emphatically not. Event Horizon is not a film you can like in the least. It is one of the most evil films ever made. Do I admire it? Absolutely yes. If you have even a passing interest in horror or science fiction, then it's worth seeing. I would suggest ensuring that children can't get access to it though -this is the sort of film that can cause more than a few nightmares, or worse. It's really very good indeed.
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on 21 December 2011
I like the idea of making this a haunted house in space rather than having recognisable creatures doing their thing with the human space travellers. As the director says in the interview section of the extras disc.

The only complaint is that the film should have been twice as long, to give the stories events more time to develop. As it stands events appear rather rushed. But then budgets had to be worked to.

The sequences with the wife of Sam Neil's character are truly haunting.

Its also slightly reminiscent of Hellraiser 2 in that a main character fully embraces Hell.
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on 28 December 2012
I forgot all about this film until a work colleague reminded me of it.
The bargain price from Amazon meant I snapped it up straight away.
The recording quality is good too.
As for the film itself, I think it's great. Up there with the must see modern classics. Probably not for the faint hearted or people who get all faint on the sight of blood!
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on 20 April 2015
I unashamedly love this film, from its gothic spaceship architecture to it's crazy "Hellraiser in space" vibe, it has to be Paul WS Anderson's finest hour. He gets some stick but this is a masterpiece of chills and suspense. Great haunted house movie made all The more interesting by being set in space. Watch out for the gore clips in the message playback - utterly chilling.
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on 1 April 2012
yet another fantastic price from Amazon for a truly awesome blu-ray film.

this special collectors edition blu-ray disc contains an abundance of additional documentaries/features that will appeal to any fan of this wonderfully dark (and somewhat terrifying) sci-fi film!

the visual and sound quality are great and certainly add positively to the whole viewing experience.

for such an inexpensive investment, i cannot recommend this disc highly enough and thoroughly advise it be watched in a darkened room on a massive hd tv with the surround sound turned right up...

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 January 2016
This 1997 SF horror B-movie is a cautionary tale about space exploration which definitely deserves its status as a cult movie of its genre, where Alien meets 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Solaris meets Robin Hobb's Liveship Traders....(!) Set in the not-too-distant future, we follow the mission of a rescue vessel dispatched from Earth to find out what happened to the Event Horizon spaceship when it suddenly reappears in orbit around Neptune seven years after disappearing from our solar system. During the journey to Neptune the film plays like a standard space movie but as soon as contact is made with the derelict spaceship the narrative ups a gear and the tension never relents as the crew uncover a reality which should remain undiscovered in the dark recesses of space. This is a film full of dread with an uneasy moody atmosphere permeating every inch of the spaceship. The special effects do not appear too dated while some truly disturbing images are undoubtedly unsettling. The actors all put in sound performances and the crew include Sam Neill, Laurence Fishburne, Jason Isaacs, Sean Pertwee and Joely Richardson. This is certainly a film once watched, very hard to forget.
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