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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 30 May 2017
One of my U2 favourites.
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on 28 August 2004
Now this is an album that takes me back it has some great memories for me...."Beautiful Day","Stuck in a Moment" and "Elevation" are here along with some fantastic new tracks.If you only listen to one track make it "The Ground Beneath Her feet" absolute brilliance from Bono."In A Little While"is pretty special I also like "kite" and "Wild Honey"
Incredible vocals from one of the ,in my opinion best bands of all time..theyr'e up there with Oasis and the Beatles!*Buy it***Sarah.C
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on 23 July 2003
There was really only one reason why I bought this CD album.
I heard U2 sing a particular song in concert on TV, and thought, "must have a copy of this".
For me, 'Walk On' is the greatest song that U2 have ever done. But I am sure that many would disagree.
It is not only a definitive trademark sound, but also simply demonstrates why U2 are such an untouchable
class act. Need I say anymore?
Probably U2 have produced some much better albums than this one. It took me a number of goes to get into.
The first two songs are worthy of furnishing a CD collection. And there are a number of other gems on it.
Check out tracks 5,7,9.
'New York' gets better with each listen. 'Grace' is a good final offering, but here I cannot help thinking
of another of their songs, 'The First Time'. The feel and sound of the two tracks are not dissimilar.
Why 5 stars? - Tracks 1,2 and especially 4 are worth it.
And besides, I do not think that the rest of the album will disappoint the listener either -
after all, this is U2.
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on 14 December 2000
When I first heard the new songs I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Many of the lyrics seemed contrived and the vocals were all over the place. However, I've been a U2 fan since their first release and had had similar feelings when I first heard "The Joshua Tree" - an album which I now recognise as the masterpiece that it is. Like The Joshua Tree I knew that ATYCLB would grow on me if I gave it a chance... and was I ever right. Bono has said that "Pop" was released in what they now consider to be an unfinished state and it's clear that they didn't want to make the same "mistake" with this one. The songs are crafted to perfection and although not as rocky as some would have hoped they are none the worse for it. It saddens me to see how badly (comparatively) this album has done in the UK charts as a lot of people are missing out on what will one day be viewed as a classic.
My personal favourites are "Elevation", "Kite", and "Walk On" but mention must also go to "Peace On Earth" as having some of the most poignant lyrics I've ever read.
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on 11 November 2000
With this album U2 in some respects have revisited themes and styles from previous albums, but throughout the maturity of the songwriting and the assurance of the music for me takes them onto another level and leaves any of their contemporaries for dead. I have played the album continuously now for 2 weeks during long journeys to and from work, and I can find no greater antidote to the stresses of modern living than listening to the lyrics of "Walk On", "Peace on Earth" and "When I look at the World". On this and all the other tracks, The Edge once again shows that simplicity and style completely outweigh any flashy guitar solos, and the band as a whole play with a synergy that few others can match. I personally do not see any of the tracks as being weak, but your choice of favourites can depend upon your mood. All in all the best album from anybody that I have heard in many years, and potentially the best and most mature U2 album ever.
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on 23 January 2001
In a little while U2 will be back to normal, everything over the top and larger than life. Sooooo!, make the most of this jewel of an album before Bono finds a 'New direction' with which to experiment. Don't get me wrong, I loved Achtung Baby, Zooropa, Pop, but this is pure U2 in control and picking the best recipes for the menu. Beautiful day throbs into the conscious mind to remind you who we're dealing with here. Stuck in a moment you can't get out of is philosophy that is best known to those that are stuck there. Elevation uplifts. In a little while is deep and disturbing but beautiful. New York is brash and spot-on! Grace makes you wish you knew someone like that, perhaps you are that lucky, I am! The ground beneath her feet is noisy but promises little.
Quite an enigmatic collection. HOW U2!
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on 1 December 2000
Almost 20 years after their debut, Dublin legends U2 are back. Never afraid to change direction, the band started out with stark, fervent rock, before taking in political statements, Black American influences and, in the 90s, a sound very much influenced by electronic and dance music. The U2 of 2000, however, is a pick 'n' mix affair, and sounding great for it.
Bono always promised that the new album would take on a more traditional sound overall, perhaps in order to regain fans alienated by the gaudiness of 1997's "POP" (in my opinion their finest work). Indeed, the album title is perhaps alluding to this. The record is tremendously relaxing, and reminiscent of "The Unforgettable Fire" and critics' favourite, "The Joshua Tree", two albums from the mid 1980s. This is surely due to the return of producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, who presided over these two albums, their first albums with U2. As far as the band itself is concerned, the instruments are largely restrained, allowing Bono to do what he loves doing - take centre stage. His religious and, to a lesser extent, political fervour are certainly prominent in several songs. However, the overall tone of "All That You Can't Leave Behind" is one of optimism and gentle reflection.
Highlights for me include "Elevation", which sounds like a refugee from "Achtung Baby", with its distinctive drum sound and funky 80s-esque synths, the simultaneously melancholic and optimistic "Kite", and the anthemic "Walk On", a song of hope for persecuted Burmese politician Aung San Suu Kyi. A couple of songs, however, are let down by their lyrical content. Bono is not famed for his subtlety when dealing with the big issues, and "Peace on Earth" is no exception. His over-earnestness in bemoaning the state of our world becomes rather cloying. Sample lyric - "Tell the ones who hear no sound Whose sons are living in the ground Peace on Earth." This is followed by "When I Look At The World", a touching plea from Bono to join God in Heaven, which makes the following song, "New York", all the more nauseating. Basically, Bono is boasting about his new pad in the Big Apple. If it appeared on "POP", this would be fine. However, in the context of this record, it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. Having said all that, "Peace on Earth" and "New York" sound great and cannot be faulted musically.
"All That You Can't Leave Behind", for me, serves the dual purpose of welcoming old fans back to the fold, whilst attracting new ones with euphoric songs such as "Beautiful Day" and TOTP-endorsed, "Elevation". In my opinion, it does both well. And for those of us that never went away, Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam have served up another treat. Roll on the next one.
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on 3 November 2000
A return to their roots? I don't think it's as drastic as that. It's certainly not as bad as War but as a follow up to the hugely under rated Pop it is a disappointment.
What! You didn't like Pop? MOFO, Gone, Please, Staring at the Sun, to name but four easily wipe the floor with any track on ATYCLB.
I really, really wanted to love this album. The very fact that each (previous) album was something new and that they were pushing themselves musically is one of the reasons that I have listened to U2 for so long. This album is not a progression. It's not dangerous or exciting or risky - all the things that U2 had been during the nineties. Perhaps I'm too greedy in expecting it to continue?
Have they run out of ideas? Are they getting too old? Maybe this is their hangover after the extremes of the nineties - Achtung Baby, Zooropa, Pop and 3 huge tours? It was a hell of a party after all.
The only saving grace is that I felt the same way about Achtung Baby, Zooropa and Pop but they all got much better with time. Hence I give it 4 stars in the hope that it will be worthy of it in a few months time - at the moment it's struggling to reach 3 stars.
I was at the Point that fateful night - 31st December 1989 - when Bono said they were to "go away and ... dream it all up again". Maybe it's time to start dreaming again?
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on 12 November 2000
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but I cannot concur with any of the extreme views already expressed about ATYCLB; whether in gushing praise or disdainful slating. This is a perfectly competent piece of work without setting the world on fire, as if it really had to! Why does everything have to be new and exciting ? The experimentation seems to be over at last and now maybe we can look forward to JT finally being eclipsed. ATYCLB doesn't manage this, but with tracks like 'In a Little While', 'Kite' and 'Walk On' I don't see why this can't happen. Although it receives a lot of airplay, I like 'Beautiful Day' too..Jeez!..I can remember a time when it was devil's own luck to hear the like's of 'New Year's Day' on the radio. There's just no pleasing some folk <grin>.
As to the question of being a music lover or die-hard devotee, then I'd fall into the neither category as music has long since ceased being an important part of my life as it was when I stepped off a plane from Miami back in December '87. That ended a seven month on-off trek following the JT tour, which began at Wembley and took in places like Dublin, Paris and Cork along the way. The abiding memory from that journey home was how can they top that. Consequently their music peaking then as it did, coincided with my appreciation....until now.
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on 3 September 2001
An absolute star of a CD for any U2 fan, easy listening with superb lyrics which allows Bono's strong vocals to shine through. On first listening it would be easy to write off this CD after hearing the first three familiar, already released, tracks. But keep listening, the guitar work on 'ground beneath her feet' is chilling and quite something else. However, this version of 'Elevation' is disappointing and for any avid fan I would wholly recommend buying the CD single to appreciate this track fully. Truly their best since The Joshua Tree. Listening is pure bliss, a truly class act of all time.
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