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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 May 2017
She is an astonishingly seductive singer.
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on 16 December 2000
I have seen both the play and the film Little Voice. A comment at that time was audiences didn't really believe that it was Jane singing. This record prooves that she was. As the artists never recorded these songs. How amiss of them!! The album is inspirational. What talent. I adored Hello Dolly and That Old Black Magic with Robbie Williams.
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on 8 December 2001
Jane Horrocks singing as Judy, Billie, Marlena, Marilyn, and Shirley on one CD...amazing!
When I saw Jane's guest spot on "Parkinson," I was so knocked out by her performance that I had to make this my first amazon.co.uk purchase. Kudos to the New York-based big band for their fine backing, and to Leo Green for his wonderful arrangements.
Jane is "Absolutely Fabulous" in my book, and I hope that she does another album in the near future!!!
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on 31 October 2000
Lay back close your eyes and marvel at Jane Horrocks incredible talent of mimicing the greats. Bassey, Garland and Holiday all come to life on this extrodianry album a must for any collection.
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on 14 October 2000
I just heard The Further Adventures of Little Voice an I'm absolutely blown away! On this CD Miss Horrocks proofs that she is anything but a little voice. Jane Horrocks performs songs as Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Shirley Bassey, Billie Holiday (wow!) and Marlene Dietrich (as a german listener I appreciate this very much - and that accent!). The same stars she does in the play/film. But letting Jane Horrocks perform songs that these stars never recorded makes this album unique. Like my predecessor I love the duet with the one and only Robin Williams. Robin and Marilyn! What an idea! But every song is an highlight for itself. The touching "It was a very good year", the five divas together on "Hello Dolly" and and and. Did I say five? Judy, Marilyn, Marlene, Billie, Shirley and Jane. SIX divas on one album - and don't forget Robin, Ewan and Dean. How lucky can you get? If you loved the play or the film you will love this record even more! Jane Horrocks: what a talent she is! Thank you, Miss Horrocks.
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on 15 January 2010
Terrific album - great band (top New York session men, and you don't get better than Bucky Pizzarelli), good arrangements (Leo Green, who's new to me, but does a great job), clever choice of songs, and then there's the superlative Ms Horrocks. I'm honestly not sure why I'm a bit uneasy about it - clearly the whole object of the CD is to provide a showcase for Jane's remarkable impressionist skills, in the guise of a spin-off from the original Little Voice film, and it succeeds completely. Beautifully done, and you would swear it was Shirley, or Judy, or whoever. But it isn't - I mean, that's the whole point. The fact that it is a series of take-offs, however consummately done, is what puts it into the 'novelty records' classification, and that's a bit of a shame - it might just stop it being taken seriously enough. It's great entertainment in its own right, so no complaints about that, but Jane Horrocks is such a collossal talent that it leaves me wishing that she'd do more as herself, in her own voice - whatever that is.

I've probably had a problem with impressionists as a species since childhood - the awful old days of Mike Yarwood on Saturday night British TV - that might be what it is. Who knows? Anyway - the point is this is a terrific album (which is where I started), the version of Just in Time for example is a real heart-stopper, and it can't be faulted musically. I just need to know more about what Jane can do when she's not being someone else!

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on 8 October 2000
I`m amazed how anyone can not be impressed with the unquestionable talents of Ms.Jane Horrocks! Here amazing ability to impersonate so many famous singers is astounding! Her first outing as Little Voice was in the filmof the same name. And although the film and songs where amazing the soundtrack unforetunatley only included a few of her versions of the songs the rest being the actual recordings! This cd portrays everything the soundtrack should of been and gives you songs that the original artists never sang, but still makes it sound real! The best track on the album is "That old Balck magic" a duet with the astounding Robbie Williams, Who was so impressed with the film "Little voice" he asked Jane to record a song with him on his album, only to be turned down due to her hectic schedule. Yet when she asked him if he would record on her album he jumped at the chance for a guest spot. Another guest apearance on the album is her co-star in "Little Voice and occasional singer Ewan McGregor! Ewan ofcourse was sampled for the hit "Choose life" from the Trainspotting soundtrack and sang like a rock angel in the cult hit film "Velvet Goldmine"! An altogether well rounded album for fans of nostalga(spelt wrong i think) and the big band sound! Hopefully you`ll enjoy and find the album as insperational and up-lifting as I did! Definatly an album to be payed again and again and again..............
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on 6 November 2000
Jane Horrocks has a lovely voice no matter who she sings as. All the tracks are wonderfully arranged. It took a few listens to get used to the Robbie Williams track, but it works. Ewan McGregor sings so smoothly, and is one of the highlights. Even though I don't like manipulating the dead by electronic means, the Dean Martin track was well-done. All in all, I think this CD is a success.
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on 3 August 2010
Reminded of a favourite expression of the son of a landed Berkshire farmer, whose friend I was fortunate enough to be, I wanted to title this review, "JANE HORROCKS...THE DOG'S BOLLOCKS" but thought I might offend against goodness knows how many puerile pieces of Labour legislation. However, Jane...Bubbles really is the best - 'the dog's bollocks' - this is not imitation, but rather she does become Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe and whoever else's songs she sings. She has a phenomenal gift but, as in the film, 'Little Voice', her talent is anything but little. There is a very touching fragility and ethereal vulnerability in so much of her singing that brings out a male desire to protect her, but, there again, from what? Really she should be sharing this voice or voices with a hugely larger audience. I suspect that few know what a talent lurks behind Bubbles...she is certainly effervescent but never ephemeral. Wonderful, superlative, extraordinary! Truly so.
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on 25 October 2000
Firstly, a explanation of my standpoint. I write this review as a fan of the genre known as the great American songbook, musical Standards written primarily in the first half of the century and reaching the culmination of vocal interpretation in the mid-late 1950's and early '60's. Leading exponents of the art include Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat "King" Cole et al.
The concept: Jane Horrocks impersonating several leading female vocalists of the golden era of pop and interpreting great songs that each vocalist never actually recorded.
Horrocks cannot be decribed as a good vocalist and- gimmicks aside - lacks in almost every area except sincerity. It is nice that someone is making this kind of music these days but second-rate impersonations are not the way to go. "Billie Holiday" is denuded of any emotional presence, "Bassey" lacks range and so on. Some of the impersonations go way off course - one of them (I'm not too sure of the subject) gets lost by way of Kenneth Williams. Some casual listeners may be duped though.
Monroe, for example, was a poor vocalist to start with, so perhaps "Dream a Little Dream of Me" is the best cut here. At least the arrangement is spirited.
Robbie William's contribution is mindless drivel. It is a sad time if we need a "big name" from contemporary pop on the front cover to push the sales, especially when the artist is completely unsuited to the genre and unwilling to adapt his style. Williams treats the lyric with contempt and gives "That Old Black Magic" a banal, knock-off rendition. Williams is popular and no doubt good at what he does, but his appearance here is misguided.
An artificial link-up with Dean Martin. Inexplicable.
The arrangements are a glossy mimicry of the great arrangements crafted in the 50's for Sinatra et al. but without the wit, substance or energy. They are nice but insubstantial - which is a good summary of the album, really.
Nothing here is unlistenable (except William's "contribution") but why buy this when you can buy any number of first-rate, well-recorded re-issues from the original legends of the genre at the same price?
If you want great music of this kind try Frank Sinatra's "Songs for Swingin' Lovers!" or Fitzgerald's "Ella Swings Brightly with Nelson". You won't regret it.
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