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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

on 25 October 2001
When I first heard No Sleep was being remastered I was uncertain whether it was a good idea or not, after all Motorhead have never really been a group for hi-fi snobs, but after a few bars of Ace of Spades I remembered how good the original had been, half a dozen or so decent bonus tracks and a Cd full of out takes later and I was grinning from ear to ear.
Loads of extra stuff and a bargain price. This is how re-issues should be, and if you're new to Motorhead it's probably an even better place to start than the various compilations.
If you're already a fan it's indispensable, even if you already own the original.
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on 3 January 2005
All the extra tracks are great things to have, but the core of the original album is all you need to hear, really. It was pretty much perfect. Tight, compact and bursting with the glorious sound of the classic Motorhead line up at their best. The old Castle release of this monster cd is pretty dodgy quality and doesn't do it justice so it's a no brainer that you should get the remastered one with all the trimmings, but switch it off after 'Motorhead'... It's also a testament to Vic Maile's amazing production of the original album that the out-takes and extra tracks (except the live B-sides) don't have the same hair on back of your neck raising rawness...
I've lived with this album in all it's formats for 23 years and I thank the Lord (and Lemmy) that it exists. (I still think it sounds better on vinyl though...)
THE greatest live album of all time? Without question! This was Motorhead at their absolute peak. It doesn't get any better. Buy it, and play it as loud as possible.
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on 8 October 2001
We all know that the original "No Sleep..." is one of the finest live metal albums ever recorded, capturing Motorhead at the peak of their powers on the Ace of Spades tour back in '81....no argument there. So a remastered version of this timeless classic is most welcome indeed (yes I know a remastered version with three bonus tracks appeared a few years back, but let's ignore that for the moment). What makes this new expanded "No Sleep..." so worthy of your attention and hard earned pennies are the new previously unrealeased bonus tracks and an entire CD of outtakes from the recorded gigs from which the original was compiled (Leeds & Newcastle).
First the bonus tracks: I don't need to name them as the track listing is above. They are well up to the standard of the original album in terms of performance and recorded quality. Prime live Motorhead and totally unmissable. Worth the price of purchase alone.
The full CD of outtakes throws another light on the live Motorhead experience of the era. Mistakes are evident and the the recordings are not quite as good as those found on the original album - which is why they were outtakes in the first instance. However, that taken, they are possessed of the same outrageously frenetic delivery and perfectly capture the chaotic on-stage beast that was and still is Motorhead live. It's like having a more unruly and obnoxious alternate version of the original (bar the substition of 'Iron Horse' with 'Bite the Bullet / The Chase is Better....'). Well worth the investment.
All in all this new expanded and improved "No Sleep..." is essential for fans of the original album. Buy it immediately.
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on 13 October 2004
Well, perhaps not. But I've been listening to this for nigh-on 20 years and it still hasn't palled. No filler, doesn't outstay its welcome, and the live versions pretty much beat all of their studio counterparts hands down. Even if you've already got this on CD, the bonus tracks alone - with some good sleeve notes and (adopts game show host voice) never before seen photos - makes this a MUST. Buy it now. That's *now*. You'll thank me for it...
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on 2 September 2015
Power. Just sheer power. Fast , noisy and cool. You cant get better than this as a live cd. Expanded means more . Great
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on 10 September 2015
Only the best band doing what they do best... need I say more... 'thank you very much... just in case.....'
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on 21 November 2003
If someone said to you that you were only allowed to buy three live rock albums and you wanted to know what they should be then think about these:
1. Strangers In The Night - UFO
2. The Eagle Has Landed - Saxon
3. No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith - Motorhead
All three, whilst different types of NWOBHM (Can I call UFO that?), catch each band at their peak and all three contain genuine classics. In the case of Motorhead it's take your pick time - 'Ace Of Spades', '(We Are The) Road Crew', 'Motorhead', 'Overkill'....rock 'n' roll heaven!
You will never please everyone and I personally am no big fan of Metropolis or Capricorn, though the former comes across great on this album, but overall the classics easily carry the not-so great songs. Lemmy is in fine voice (growl!) and it just sounds like the band are having FUN!
When this album came out I was 15. I saw them live at Norwich UEA (wow!) about a year or so later on their 'Another Perfect Day' tour with Brian Robertson too zonked to care and the band seemingly struggling to recapture the fun of No Sleep.
I can't remember who originally said this (might actually have been Lemmy himself) but...buy it, play it and watch your neighbour's lawn die!
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on 3 October 2003
This is the great motorhead live album, the first one recorded. A classic, for a fan or a first listener. I recomend this album, it contains classic tracks from the first albums e.g. Ace Of Spades, Bomber & Iron Fist. One of my first and favourite albums of all time. Great for a fan of the band or a rock fan in general!
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on 2 December 2002
In terms of songs this is a very good album, and being played live they're all sped up so they sound slightly better. But, as hype always ruins things for you, it did for me. I found myself being highly critical of this album. Mostly is because of the awful dubbing (the obviously edited cheering), and a complete lack of Lemmy saying anything apart from "this is called...and this is called...". I was expecting something really grand, but it sounds more like a Radio 1 Evening Session Live broadcast. Don't get me wrong, the music's great, but as a live album its' nothing special. The extra tracks here are nothing to write home about either.
If you want to hear a genuinely great live album, listen to:
Iron Maiden - Live After Death (1985)
Deep Purple - Made In Japan (1972)
Slayer - Decade Of Aggression (1991)
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